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Just an update for future mothers who go through this. I took my Daughter to the doctor last Friday, she was complaining it hurt down there. She was red and irritated looking so I had her soak in a vinegar bath and called the doctor the next morning. The Candelula cream just wasn't doing the trick for her. mHe prescribed the Premarin again and told me I'd just have to keep checking it after we get it back open. After her bath he said to gently pull the skin apart so its not against each other all the time. He said in his 30 years of practice only one time did he have to do a surgical procedure on a girl. And that was only because it was left untreated for years. I'm not real comfortable with having to keep looking at my daughters girl parts, but she's use to and it doesn't bother her. I don't know what affect the estrogen cream is going to have on her in the future, her Ped says he's seen girls start puberty at age 10 now, and when I asked him if other girls had underarm body Oder at age five now like my daughter has just started, he said yes. His excuse for early puberty was all the hormones and steroids in the chicken we eat these days. Ugh...... We eat as organic as we can, but it's hard to find around these small out of the way towns. Anyway, thanks for all the advice and support. I suppose I will repost in a few years and give an update about how things worked out with the Premarin. Hopefully she won't hit puberty at age eight or anything.