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Need reassurance please!!! -Spotting early weeks-

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Hi all, I am 5 weeks 4 days pregnant with my second child.  Ever since I got my BFP, I have had spotting off and on.  It seems to be pink most of the time, but sometimes brown, and it is usually mixed in with creamy/eggwhite CM (and only when I wipe).  I'm just feeling very nervous.... with my first pregnancy, I had some spotting, but it wasn't as often as this time.  It seems to be either every day or every 2 days that I see the spotting.  I haven't had as many symptoms with this pregnancy either.  I have not had sex or had any contact with my cervix so that can't be the cause.


My appt. isn't until the 28th, but I'm thinking of trying to get in this Monday when I will be exactly 6 weeks pregnant.  Can they do an ultrasound this early?  This uncertainty is just making me crazy - I just want to know if everything is okay or not.


I'm desperate for some reassurance!  Thank you in advance!

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I had a lengthy reply written out, but I lost it.  Basically, I had a similar situation to you this pregnancy, only my spotting turned from pink mucous to brown to (bright) red.  I also had twingy/crampy feelings.  It ended up being nothing at all.


I understand wanting to know.  I would probably wait until I was 6-6.5 weeks to see if they can detect a heartbeat, but you have to do what is best for you.  hug2.gif

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Yes!! Spotting can be totally normal. I've had it this time (brown, pink, and even some really bright red) though now at 8w5d it's almost totally gone. But w/ DD, I thought I had gotten my period - was actually thinking I finally had a "normal" (which for me, meant heavy) period after going off BC a few months earlier. The only reason I tested that time was b/c I'd been temping. Otherwise, I never would have suspected I was pg.
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Thank you very much Mulvah and Okapi for your replies.  It is definitely scary... seems to be usually in the evenings and when I first wake up in the morning when I'm most likely to find the pink mucus.  I've read that when the uterus grows, it can break blood vessels in the cervix to cause this, but it just seems crazy that I see it everyday.  I will be 6 weeks on Monday and am thinking of trying to get in to the ob/gyn because I just don't think I can wait 2 more weeks till my appt.  I just worry that 6 weeks will be too early and they will only want to do bloodwork instead of trying an ultrasound.


Do you know if I should be resting as much as I can because of the spotting?  Do you think more activity can cause more spotting?


I'm sorry to hear you both have experienced this scary symptom too, but glad that all is okay with your babes.

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