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Choosing an LMC/midwife?/ob?

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I am in New Zealand so we call the person who cares for you during pregnancy and birth a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC.) In New Zealand midwives are free and you can see a public obstetrician if you need to. Otherwise you pay for a private obstetrician.


Who are you using and why? What questions did you ask them? Did you have a list of requirements etc?


I had a midwife last time who wasn't that helpful during the birth, which ended in a csection. She then turned into a horrible midwife postnatally. Completely missed my severe depression and anxiety, wanted to weigh my daughter daily, insisted she be back in bed within an hour of waking and missed her severe reflux. As a result I am really nervous about my choice this time. It can make such a difference to have a good person.


Anyone have any thoughts or experience to share?

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Last time we had a homebirth with an awesome midwife pair (I saw both at most appointments, but because it was a busy week only one attended my birth with a helper... but that was a-ok for me, I liked them both equally) and we plan on going with her again. 


In any case, even if I had to go do another hospital birth (my first two were hospital) I would definitely try finding someone who would be willing to stick to some pretty strict rules I have... which would be difficult I'm sure... no IV unless medically necessary, allowed to eat and drink during labor as long as I can, no pushing drugs on me, allow me up and walking around when I want... but yeah... I don't think that would be terribly easy to find.

I got lucky to have that with my first two, but that was also the doctor who talked me into doing a homebirth with my third anyway.

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