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Litmama, my TCM person says that she considers fermented dairy as a separate food to dairy. Which makes me very happy as I love my daily fix of Yoghurt. I make it myself, so I know it is full of good cultures.


I still eat a little butter (cultured and pasture fed), and have a little milk in tea. But it isn't much.


AFM -so much for my approach to relaxed ttc this month. I've slipped and started temping eyesroll.gif- I just don't like not knowing what to expect with AF, and now I'm glad I did, because I'm ovulating late, and without temping might have got excited about late AF.


So I also dug out some opks and had a positive yesterday and this morning. I also had O pain yesterday. I wonder if today's + opk is the tail end? Would I have ovulated last night, as I had the O pain in the evening? I still have a low temp this morning.To be honest I don't think I can be bothered with bd-ing again today, so I might just have to be content with hoping that the swimmers in there from yesterday morning are going to be alive and well when the egg arrives/ed.


So, now, I'll try to go back to my non-chalant approach and try not to symptom spot.


Litmama, it took my body quite a while to get sorted after my last miscarriage. Maybe you'll get a sweet surprise in a couple of weeks? Wouldn't that be nice?


I'm not getting updates anymore from Mothering, but I come and check from time to time. I hope everyone is okay. grouphug.gif

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Well ladies, I cannot believe it, but I got a BFP today.  I'm sort of in shock, as  I just assumed it would take so much longer than this.  I suspected I "may" be pregnant this week, when AF never arrived.  But this was my frist cycle taking B6, so for quite some time I just thought that was working wonderfully at extending my luteal phase and was very happy about that.  But Fertility Friend was telling me I could test yesterday, and my temps had stayed above cover line, so I figured I would test Saturday or maybe early next week.  I wasn't totally convinced, as started having some cramps on Wed. and by Friday, I was having at least one really really BAD cramp a day.  I figured AF was on the way.  But last night I had two episodes of cramps so bad that it almost made me feel sick and I started to freak out.  I felt very sweaty and nauseated.  No blood at all though, and it's not concentrated on one side, so I'm praying this is not something bad.  Anyway, last night i made DH drive me over to the store to get a kit, and I tested this morning.  I'm very happy, of course, but also kind of scared right now.  I know one can experience menstrual-like cramps at this point, but this was pretty darned painful.  I'm going to call my midwife tomorrow when the office opens and let them know I'm pregnant, and see if I need to come in right away due to these cramps.  So far no cramps today.


Congrats to Miss Sonja!!

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siddal...   Congratulations! I hope those cramps mean that your lil one is digging in deep for a long 9 month stay!

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Siddal, congrats!!! That's so exciting--glad you went and got a test.


Positive thoughts to you gumblossom!



AFM, gosh this is tough. Every twinge makes me wonder. Had some spotting yesterday and that just did a number on my brain. Haven't tested again, and won't until I talk to DH. I'm a little worried he's going to freak out--this was more my idea than his. 


So glad you ladies are here--this isn't something I can talk about with anyone else. Huge thanks for the safe place to share!

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SIDDAL: jumpers.gif YAAAAY!!! Congrat's How super exciting!!!


Sonja : Spotting is so scary, I spotted with both my girls!! and so sorry to hear about DH , Hopefully it will alll work out smile.gif


Litmama: thank you,yes I have heard of the ticking clock thing, but he sleeps with me all cuddled in my bed smile.gif hee hee ( its getting better)


Good Luch GumBlossom I hope you caught the O ... that would be a wonderful surprize!! smile.gif


AFM: I am still hanging in there, My temps seem to be up and down, I felt really naseated the other night when me and DH were uhhh well in the middle of romantic time.. I had to tell him to hurry up cause I was going to be sick LOL ( not very romantic on my part)  But he laughed and said yaaay maybe that means there is a baby in the belly!! I still cant help but think I am not at this point and I dont want DH to get discouraged.. I sure am!! and My face is breaking out so bad!! UGH I feel so ugly ... I wonder if this break out is because of the SI I was on.. hmmm . I made a doctors appointment with my regular Doctor for the 27th so I can get a refferall for a dermotologist, and HOPEFULLY I can tell her I got a BFP :-) I am waiting till Friday to test that will be CD28 and 13 DPO . I am so up and down with thinking I am and thinking AF is coming UGH the 2 WW is the worst!!.. OH I have a question for those of you on FF.Com..... On the graph chart they have little bulletin marks (dark blue circles) but 3 days on my graph they are just circles not colored in... so does anyone know what that means?

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Shell77...   The empty cirlces usually mean that you temped at a different time than usual. Oh! And the Soy Isoflavones gave me increased facial acne this last cycle, and a 14 day LP. I hope you get even better results!

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Looks like I am out greensad.gif Started having a pink mucus this morning and my temp dropped. when Dh woke up and asked me how my temp was today I burst into tears... He feels so bad, he just held me and said he hates seeing me so sad, and that we will have a baby , we are not punching a time clock... but I feel like I am ... I am super depressed!! I really thought this was my month.

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Sorry shell. That sounds like a short lp. My 12 dpo frer was bfn. Sooooo im just waiting for af.
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Yeah it was really short !  I am sorry about yur BFN ... I feel really sad... I am going to give up "trying" if I want to go have cocktails with the girls.. I am going to  go ... If I want to work out at the gym till I can barley walk ... I will.... I am tired of putting everything on hold!! I will continue to temp everymorning (so the doctor can see my charts) and of course ML to my DH A LOT.... but other than that I give up... All this has stressed me out so bad I am depressed and dont want to even get out of bed... maybe it will get better when I just let it go greensad.gif

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(((hug))) Shell. That did sound so promising, I can sure understand why you are disappointed. Part of the cruelty of all this is it happens when hormones set our emotions on high--but there may be gifts in that too. It can reveal some of our deep feelings and thoughts about it. Wishing you opportunities to be extra dear to yourself in these next days and that they help set you on a path you like.

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Congratulations, Siddal!! joy.gifjoy.gifI have most definitely had cramps in early pregnancy. What did the midwife say about them? Sending good wishes for a happy, healthy pregnancy and a sweet babe in about 9 months. goodvibes.gif



(((hug))) Miss Sonja, yes you can get so crazy with those twinges, etc. One phrase that really was helpful to me and others here in that time is: "Right now, I am pregnant." You are!!! That is so wonderful. love.gif


AFM, I ovulated early for me this time. My temp shifted on CD14. It has happened before CD15 maybe 2 times in the 10+ years I've been charting. As a result we had bad timing. Oddly though (for me) I have found myself thinking a lot about adoption again. As my ds is getting older I feel like my family could handle the uncertainty of it better. It would be strange not to be ttc! And I would sure miss you all. I'm in a contemplative time.

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Congratulations to Miss Sonja and Siddal. Exciting times.


Waturmama, you are sounding okay with everything. I think that adoption would be amazing. Such a gift to the child and to your family. I would love to see you with another child, whether through adoption, conception or other means, because I know you have a heartful of love to give.


Sorry you had bad timing, but it doesn't necessarily mean you are completely out, does it? I'm pretty sure sperm can survive 5 - 7 days.


I had really good timing this month, more than usual, but who knows what will happen. Maybe my egg shells are too hard? Maybe the sperm are sluggish? I guess I'll never know. I'm buoyed by the fact that I'm sure I'm ovulating.


I really, really don't want to symptom spot and drive myself crazy with hope and disappointment, but I will say I have't had temps this high in the luteal phase since I had the last miscarriage. So that is a positive - even if I'm not pregnant, it means things are normalizing.


Another weird thing, is that lately I have been feeling "lighter", due to the paleo diet, and having lost some weight. My clothes have felt better, and I didn't have many tummy bloating. I noticed yesterday that I felt my tummy wasn't as flat. I have been eating the same way, so I wondered if it was a sign. I'm only 4 dpo, so it's unlikely...? I've also been having a few cramps and twinges down there...but I am NOT symptom spotting, right?


Is anyone else missing out on the emails Mothering sends to tell you the thread has been updated? I'm not getting them anymore.

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Aw, thank you gumblossom. love.gif


Sounds like you might have a really active corpus luteum this month, getting those hormones up and maybe some bloating right a way. I hope they are there making an extra happy environment for a little one. Sounds healthy to me.


I'm not sure what you mean by symptom spotting.


I haven't been receiving those email either, now that you mention it.

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Oh, I just meant looking for symptoms, and noting changes (not "spotting" in terms of bleeding). I know I shouldn't keep holding onto hope that these symptoms mean something, but, oh my, it is difficult!


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I need some help, ladies!


As some of you know, I don't chart, but I generally O on CD 14 (based on CM and ovarian twinges.)  I have a 26-28 day cycle.


DH & I BD'd on CD 9 & 12. 


Unusually for me, I've had mild (painless) uterine cramps since 7 dpo, so on 12 dpo, I started using Pro-gest cream twice a day to lengthen my luteal phase.  I am still cramping off and on and have very scant & light brownish spotting when I wipe a couple times each day for the last 3 days. 


I am now 15 dpo (I think!) and got a BFN this morning when I tested for the first time.


Can the progesterone cream stop AF from coming if I am NOT pregnant?  It has never done so before, when I've used it to lengthen my luteal phase...


How long should I wait before stopping the cream, if AF doesn't come?  I know that some women don't get a positive test until they have been pregnant for quite some time.



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My period has always been able to break through the progesterone, though it did sometimes come a day later than usual. Personally, I like to err on the side of caution and keep using the Progesterone cream until AF has definitely arrived... You are only a day late now... I'd give it another day or so and then rethink it.

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Thanks, Stevi!  That's really helpful. stillheart.gif

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Thank You Waturmama, I was having a super emotional day, I had a discussion with DH and he agrees that I need to start doing stuff for me and stop obcessing over getting Pregnant. We are never going to give up though , So I am looking so forward to my Sono in March ... and if that looks good I am going to beg for a hsg test!! It also looks like I am having a short LP ... I am taking vitamin B-complex , Is there anything else that can lengthen it?

This is another horrible AF bad cramps and heavy bleeding UGH


Waturmama : I think adoption is wonderful and wish you all the best of luck!


Gumblossom: baby dust to you on your 2 ww ... Twinges sound hopefull, and I dont think its too early... I mean out bodies are changing and going through so much everyday.


Lovestolearn: that sounds promising ... sticky baby thoughts, sticky baby thoughts !!


I wonder if Progesterone Cream would make my LP longer... hmmmmm

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Shell, do you take Vitex (Chaste tree berry)? I have been taking it since August along with B vits and it definitely lengthened my luteal phase. I use a tincture and put the drops in water. 


I agree with your DH--have a cocktail, do your normal things. Focusing too much on TTC is exhausting--I was feeling like that in December. Just too much stress. Peaceful thoughts to you.



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