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Originally Posted by miss_sonja View Post

Shell, do you take Vitex (Chaste tree berry)? I have been taking it since August along with B vits and it definitely lengthened my luteal phase. I use a tincture and put the drops in water. 


I agree with your DH--have a cocktail, do your normal things. Focusing too much on TTC is exhausting--I was feeling like that in December. Just too much stress. Peaceful thoughts to you.



No I have never heard of it... I will go buy some smile.gif Thank you . on my way to join a Gym now LOL maybe I can lose some weight before I get Pregnant


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Originally Posted by gumblossom View Post

Waturmama, I think that adoption would be amazing. Such a gift to the child and to your family. I would love to see you with another child, whether through adoption, conception or other means, because I know you have a heartful of love to give.

Waturmama, I just want to second Gumblossom's comment!truedat.gif  Contemplative sounds good... going inside is so important for clarity and discovery.


Siddal, congratulations, mama!!! joy.gifAs others have said, cramping in early pg is so common and normal. I hope you're finding ways to feel peaceful and joyous. I know it's hard. I found meditation to be the key for me.


Shell, sorry you're feeling low about the TTC thing... sometimes it does feel like a full time job and not a particularly rewarding one. Everyone finds their own balance in this eventually. I have to give myself a freebie every now and then. In the past few days, I've played a lot of no-no sports with DD and found it quite freeing and joyful! Now, that's got to be a good thing.


Gumblossom, glad you're feeling good about so many things! I have a whole new perspective on symptom spotting now, since my latest and stickiest pg arrived with no symptoms! It's all so mysterious.


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Thanks, Shell!  I hope you can relax with your hubby!

AFM, The progesterone cream seems to be keeping AF at bay, so far.  I will test again in 2 days, if AF hasn't arrived.  It feels imminent, though...

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lovestolearn, for me whether progesterone keeps AF away depends on the type and the dosage. Natural progesterone cream that I rub on my skin never kept AF away, whether I was using 50mg or 100mg. But the Rx suppositories at 100mg and 200mg definitely kept AF away for a few days. I think I had one cycle where I finally had to pull the plug when AF was a week late (and it was creating pg-like symptoms, too!). But it sounds like you're using natural progesterone cream? That sounds positive. Sending you good vibes for a bfp! goodvibes.gif

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Gumblossom, thanks for the thoughts on dairy. How interesting that your practitioner actually considers cultured dairy to be a different food altogether! It makes sense to me. Do you make the yogurt yourself? I'd like to try that. My mom used to make it when I was growing up... I was the weird kid bringing homemade yogurt in a little ceramic cup in my lunch bag... I would love to be able to do that for my DD.

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Thanks, LitMama--good to hear different experiences!  I appreciate the babydust!


My spotting is turning to a light flow, so I think I'm probably out this month.  I will ease off the cream tonight if it continues. 


Spoke to another mama who is considering adoption, so I will be pondering that possibility and talking it over with my husband soon. 

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All of this adoption talk has me wanting to jump ahead and start the process to foster right now! But I can't do it until I finish school. That is the only reason I'm still trying for a bio child. It keeps me working towards parenthood in the only way that I can right now.

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Interesting about the dairy, because before this cow-milk free time I was eating almost entirely cultured dairy (yoghurt and cheese). If I had straight up milk I'd have raw and feel a burst of energy. I also had the sense that unhomogenized, whole pasteurized milk was better for my body than homogenized, lowfat or skim--which used to seem so healthy in an intellectual way. It has been eye-opening to me in the past year or so realizing that even a lot of our basic foods are highly processed.


It's sweet to know I'm not alone in the adoption thoughts. Stevi, is there a rule against fostering while in school or is it something that you think would be difficult to handle?


lovestolearn, sorry to hear about the flow. I'm still holding onto some hope for you though. (((hug)))


Litmama, I used to make yoghurt in a yoghurt maker with 5 spaces for medium sized cups--maybe what your mom had. My dh and I got tired of gadgets at one point and gave it away. Now what is stopping me is figuring out how to make the culturing milk the right temperature. Maybe we can inspire each other. I'd like to get away from the plastic containers.

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Thanks so much for the well wishes, everyone.  I'm still cramping, but have had no spotting.  Sometimes the cramps are painful, but not as painful as I experienced last Saturday.  My midwife said that as long as I don't have any spotting along with it, I should be fine.  But to call them or go to the emergency room if I have the severe pain with red spotting.  It sucks when it comes over me at work, but I just try to deep breathe and it usually passes within 5 min. It is very reassuring to know that it is normal. I was really scared last weekend. I just entered my 5th week.


I am still not sure if the reality of all of this has sunk in!  It's so weird (but wonderful) to think of this teeny little bean inside me, and so much going on with it when it is so very tiny.  Just two days after getting my BFP, I came down with the WORST cold. So of course I freaked out, wondering what on earth I could do or take.  I tried to mostly rely on raw honey, steaming water/towel over the head, saline spray and neti pot, and cool rags for my head.  I did break down and take one Tylenol on the worst day, as I had a low-grade fever that hung around overnight.  The midwife's office had said it was ok to take Tylenol for my cramps (although I have not so far), so I went ahead with that, not wanting the fever to linger.  Starting to feel better now, thank Goddess!  Litmama I appreciate the thought to remain peaceful and joyous.  I think that will be so important.  I tend to OD on information online at times and trying to hard to do the right thing.  But i want this to be a happy time :-)


Love and hugs and good baby vibes to all, Robin

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WaturMama...   Fostering requires an income, and I'm currently going to school on Grants and Loans. I just don't think they will count that as income. So, I collect toddler and baby stuff for Fostering down the road, and TTC because I can. LOL

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Thanks, WaturMama!  ((hugs back atcha!))

I'm out this month, flow started this morning.  Am taking another FSH test series this week (home test) to see where I'm at.  DH & I had a good talk & we are doing another sperm analysis, too.  If it looks like either one of us is not fertile, then we'll have another talk. 


I spoke to a younger friend who used donor sperm & I am open to that, but I'm just not a high-intervention kind of gal, so it's unlikely that we would do donor eggs.  In that case, probably adoption would be preferred.


Stevi~ You sound really ready!  Hopefully your babe will choose to land soon!

My sister fostered-to-adopt and it worked out well for her, though it was very stressful.  She ended up with 3 children in 3 years, lol! 


I think I would not want to foster, but I have not looked into any options, yet.

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So, I took another test last Thursday. Still PG! DH was working from home on Friday so we went out for lunch together and after a nice opening chat, I told him I had some news and handed him the test in its envelope. He, well, freaked out is too strong a reaction. He was very nervous and hesitant, although he was quite affectionate later in the day. He was nervous and not fully on board at first with #2 (who is now 8), so we'll see. 


I've got an appointment with my regular doctor tomorrow for a well-woman check. I booked it before I knew I was PG. I plan to ask her the general first midwife/ob type of questions. Both my girls were born at home, with midwives, so that's the route I would plan. It just feels too early to book a midwife. 


Tons of symptoms--sore breasts, tired all the time, hungry for stuff I'm not usually that into (Mexican! Chinese!). 


thanks for all the support here---baby dust to all! Will update when there's something new.

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miss_sonja, yay to still pregnant!! joy.gifbellyhair.gifjoy.gif


And to all those symptoms!! I also like that your dh was very affectionate later in the day. That seems like a good sign. Stickybeanhappy wishes to you goodvibes.gif

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That is great news, miss_sonja! 

Many blessings to you!

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Hi!  I am totally new to this thread.  I am 39 (so not quite 40) but would be 40 by delivery time if we have another child.  We have one DS who is 4.5 yrs old.  When he was born we had always planned on having at least 2 children.  Then he had lots of health and developmental issues and for a long time we waited and then had pretty much decided not to have another (because it would be too stressful for us and hard on DS).  THEN just recently things have been getting so much better and I realized I really want DS to have a sibing.


SO, we just decided to start trying. And I am a little terrifed and excited.  If that makes sense. 


I AM worried being older.  It was ridiculously easy to get pregnant with DS but we did have an early mc (at 5 weeks) 2 months before I was pregnant with DS.  I wound up being really nervous throughout DS's pregnancy that something would go wrong.  And I can feel myself already getting into that mindset and we haven't even started trying yet.  Blah. I really want to be happy and calm and centered throughoutand I know worrying is irrational and pointless but I cannot seem to stop my brain from doing it!  I guess I am also a little worried about all the statistics out there about being older and pregnant. Can you tell I am a worrier! :P


ANYWAY, I guess I just wanted to share with people.  We are not telling family and only a few close friends that we are even considering trying so I don't have too many people to talk to about this.  I am just at the end of a period and should be ovulating this coming weekend. EEK!

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Welcome, Beingmommy! I think you'll find this is a nice place to find reassurance about all of those worries. Blessings to you as you start this journey!


Siddal, sorry you had to suffer through a cold, but so glad you're getting reassurance from your midwife about the cramps. 


MissSonja, it sounds like maybe a little bit of freaking out is just part of your DH's process? Knowing it worked out with #2 must be reassuring. And the affectionate part sounds good, too!


Waturmama, yes, I could use some yogurt-making inspiration! I'm flummoxed by the temperature part, too. I've heard you can make yogurt in a slow cooker, and I'm intrigued by that. I too would love to get away from the plastic. St. Benoit sells yogurt in glass mason jars (here in the Bay Area anyway), which I love, but it's ridiculously expensive for something I know I can easily make at home.


AFM, I had a birthday with much love and celebration, and am 44 now. I went through a day or two of feeling older (in a bad way) but got through it and feel pretty young and vibrant again. I had so many celebrations with friends and family, it became impossible to be grumpy about it. And DH and DD discovered they can bake a delicious gluten-free chocolate birthday cake! We're TTA this month, and a good thing... we have a lot going on. Trying to decide which school to send DD to next year, and where to live, contemplating a big move that I don't really want to make. We also have an amazing opportunity to take the whole family on a really unique international trip this spring that we could never afford were it not for the special circumstances attached to this particular trip. But it's complicated because of difficulties with DD's father (I suspect he won't allow her to come with us, and I can't bear to leave her behind, and DH doesn't want to leave either of us behind, etc.). It also might not be the best time to travel, while we're TTC or possibly pg. Just trying to figure all of this stuff out.

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YAY Sonja !! I am Glad Dh took it well joy.gif Sending you many Blessing to your new little baby !!


Litmama a vacation sounds wonderful!! I really hope your DD father lets her go, it would be such a shame for her not to be able to see the world.


Welcome Beingmommy I am 39 also ... But I find this is the best forum I fit into consider I will be 40 in September.


AFM : AF Stopped yesterday FINALLY , and I went to the doctor yesterday (I have only been to this doctor 1 other time) and I went so I could get a referall to a dermotologist... BUT all she did was focus on my weight gain.... 6 lbs in the last 2 months ... She told me I need to see a dietitian and was so rude about it... I left there in tears , I knjow I have gained some weight latley but she was just down right rude... I am 5'3 and weight 140 ... The most I have ever weighed greensad.gif So I am working out 2 hours in the am and 45 min of yoga after that... and eating smaller portions of everything and cutting out snacks.I always eat healthy foods ... baked chicken , steamed veggies so I dont think that is my problem. I guess i have just been getting sadder and sadder with each cycle that I am not PG so I just dont exercise. So I started my hard workouts today and I sweated A LOT lol and I feel much better allready. DH needs to lose some weight also so he is going to start walking with me every night after dinner... now I am just waiting to O I am not going to get my hopes up this month like I did last month!! I also have a sono scheduled for next thursday The 8th ( I am very excited for that) Hopefully that will be able to see everything is ok... I am also going to ask for a hsg test! I hope she gives me one!!  Yesterday was also my oldest DD birthday she turned 20 years old!! I wish I aould have got to spend the day with her , but she is in the navy so we just chatted on the phone ( I cry every year on her bday) lol She is my very bestfriend.... I know I am all over the place with this post. haha sorry I feel scattered brained latley ..Baby Dust to everyone goodvibes.gif

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Thanks for the welcomes!


Shell77, that IS so rude that she would focus on weight and honestly, why is she focusing so much?  I am 5'2" and 143 last time I checked (I don't have a scale but last time I was at the docs) and no one has ever even mentioned my weight being bad.  I am  a size 10-12 depending on the clothes.  I am healthy.  I am not all skinny and what not, but no one has ever thought my weight was a health issue at all.  I am the same weight I was when I got pregnant with my DS and I had a really healthy pregnancy with him, gained 30 lbs (which I think is around the ideal amount), lost it all within a couple of months after he was born and have stayed at 143ish since then.  That's just strange to me that she making such a big deal.  I would look for a new doc!

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Originally Posted by beingmommy View Post

Thanks for the welcomes!


Shell77, that IS so rude that she would focus on weight and honestly, why is she focusing so much?  I am 5'2" and 143 last time I checked (I don't have a scale but last time I was at the docs) and no one has ever even mentioned my weight being bad.  I am  a size 10-12 depending on the clothes.  I am healthy.  I am not all skinny and what not, but no one has ever thought my weight was a health issue at all.  I am the same weight I was when I got pregnant with my DS and I had a really healthy pregnancy with him, gained 30 lbs (which I think is around the ideal amount), lost it all within a couple of months after he was born and have stayed at 143ish since then.  That's just strange to me that she making such a big deal.  I would look for a new doc!

That's what I thought!! I was like ummmm I just need a refferral to the dermotologist!! I felt just horrible , my poor mom, I called her and I could barley talk from crying so hard lol ... I definatley wont be going back to her!!! I wish I could go to my OB/GYN for everything she is amazing.



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Shell, that really was rude of your doctor.Obviously, you are in a healthy weight range. Why on earth would she say that to you?

Welcome beingmommy, you will a great deal of support here.

Litmama, happy birthday. It sounds like you were showered with love, with is so nice. And yes, a gluten free chocolate cake can be really delicious.

I felt a little sad at first when I turned 45 last November, but now it just feels like it is a number. I still hold out some hope for a healthy egg, and ultimately a healthy baby.


We've had a really tough week, mainly with illnesses. Last week my eldest daughter had the flu, and my DS and DD also had a cold. I had a really sore throat for a couple of days, but kept working, and felt so tired.Then my DH got a terrible toothache, was in pain all weekend, and now is on antibiotics and strong painkillers. I feel like I've been keeping everything going at home, as well as nursing everyone, and am starting to run out of sympathy! Meanwhile, I keep hoping I am pregnant(and feeling very hormonal, tired and cranky), but this morning's test (at 10 dpo) looks to be negative. I think I can see the slightest faint line - but I have had that happen month after month, so until it is a blarringly obvious line, I say it's negative.


I have very tender breasts, had a funny taste in my mouth yesterday (which could only be cured by a hot chocolate!), but my temps aren't very high (though still above cover line), and I feel the hope seeping away.


It's really hard to stay positive about ttc month after month. Sorry to be a downer.I kind of feel if this month is a bust, then it's time to stop trying.


Now I'm worried about DH's sperm after taking codeine for days and antibiotics - does that mean his swimmers will be affected?And for how long?


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