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Thanks so much Sherryvhkb!

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LROM: Amazing story!! very inspiring and sad also! 

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Thank you Shell, it is helpful to share it here. 


Got the latest update today, had another blood draw and my first internal ultrasound... definitely miscarrying (or about to) because HCG numbers went down today for the first time.  The "at least there's that" news was that the ultrasound showed more than they expected - a good looking gestational sac, thickening of the lining, they could tell which ovary the egg came from... which all added up to NOT an ectopic pregnancy, which was important for figuring out the urgency of next steps.


Of course still sooooo difficult... but when the U/S tech asked "Do you want pictures of this scan or the next one?" to which I said "Better get this one, don't know if there will be a next one..." and she gave me the pics of the g-sac, it brought a level of peace to me. 


How the m/c goes will most likely affect how DH and I each feel about anymore trying - he's taking this as badly as I am.


Thanks for your kind words y'all.  I'm back to lurking.... :)

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So sorry to hear that you are miscarrying LROM. Sending healing thoughts.

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LROM, I mostly lurk too but I wanted to say thank you for sharing your story.  I hope all goes well as can be. 



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I had my Hsg today... from the looks of it... My Left tube is blocked! I find out the final results on the 30th ... so with DH low motility, my blocked tube and age.. I am starting to lose hope... Very sad today!!

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Oh, Shell, I'm sorry to hear you are feeling sad. Please don't give up hope. You are not very old(compared to me!You are positively young and fresh).


Is there anything that can be done about the blocked tube? I do know of many women who have still gotten pregnant with a blocked tube.


As for your DH's low motility,Is he taking supplements?Have you heard of Menevit? It is supposed to be quite good for sperm problems: http://www.menevit.com.au/


My DH had a vasectomy reversal before we had our son,and I had him taking: high doses of vit C,Vit E,Coq10,zinc and fish oil.He also took a chinese herbal medicine to help too. His motility was 40% I think (it was a long time ago) and since then we've had three pregnancies (and one baby).


Perhaps IUI would help with the sperm issues.


It's not impossible, keep up the great work you are doing with your diet, and keep hoping.

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Shell, I'm sorry about the blocked tube. ((( hugs ))) After my ectopic, I was investigating tubal health and discovered a physical therapy for blocked tubes called Clear Passage, which might interest you. Of course, many women do get pregnant with a blocked tube. I'll echo what Gumblossom said, and tell you that you are quite young. Think of all the women who can and do get pregnant in their mid- and late-40s... you have more time than you think. If you need help overcoming those mental constructs, I highly recommend meditation and fertility-focused hypnotherapy. This book explains more about hypnofertility.


For meditation, I've tried both fertility-focused and not, and find both useful. I love Jack Kornfield, who has nothing to do with fertility, but is a wise and compassionate soul and a gifted meditation teacher. If you have a smartphone, you can also download meditation apps. I was meditating daily, anywhere from 10 minutes (in my office or parked car) up to an hour per day (as my schedule permitted) for about a month before I got pregnant. (I've since slacked off and really need to get back to that practice).


As for your DH's issues, here's the supplement protocol my nutritionist recommended for my DH (his numbers were normal, but some were on the low side, including motility):

1. High quality multivitamin (she recommended Metagenics Multigenics without Iron and said if he was taking a less comprehensive multi, he should also take a B complex with folate)
2. 300 mg CoQ10 per day
3. 1500 mg Acetyl-L-carnitine per day
4. 1500 mg EPA + DHA (she recommended Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega)
6. 40 mg Zinc per day


She also recommended he have his Vitamin D levels tested and supplement if needed (he was low, so he started supplementing... he took a time-released 10,000 IU capsule once per week for a while until his levels tested normal and is now taking 1,000 IU per day). She also stressed that our money would be well spent on high quality supplements, as they are better absorbed by the body. If you go to a reputable natural foods store with a knowledgeable supplements buyer, they should be able to recommend brands to you. I've had good luck at both Whole Foods and my local cooperative natural foods stores.


For a motility boost, I'd agree with Gumblossom that an IUI would help, as it deposits the sperm in your uterus, so they don't have as far to swim. You could also try using a menstrual cup like the Instead Cup after BD, so you're holding the sperm close to your cervix for up to 12 hours. We use those and I do think they give us a boost.

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Checking in...


Well, so far everything seems to be going just fine. I picked a midwife (same as with #2; we're both just 8 years older!). Had appointment #2 this morning...and finally got to hear the heartbeat! It wasn't feeling real, even with 3 positive HPTs, and lots of symptoms. Hearing that just made it hit home-we're having a baby! 


This is week 13; edd is 10/20/2012. And, that means I'll be 45 when this one is born.


DH is still not interested or excited. He rarely brings it up (so I don't, so as not to stress him out) and when he does, he's not happy. I have no doubts that when there's actually a little person to hold, he'll fall in love, just as he did with #2, but right now, yeah, not so great.


Baby dust to all!!

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LROM ((( hugs ))), I hope you're taking good care of yourself.



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Nice to hear your update, Miss Sonja! How wonderful that you got to hear that beautiful heartbeat.gif And how cool that you have the same midwife! I'm hoping that your DH will come to the embracing part of his process sooner than later!



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MissSonja, I'm glad that the baby is doing the right thing - so nice to hear a heart beat. Sorry about your DH.I'm pretty sure mine will be the same if I ever get another bfp. But I also see how much he loves his kids and family life,and like you,know he'll fall in love as soon as he meets the baby.So, I do sympathise.


I hope your pregnancy goes well.


Litmama,how's everything going for you?

I know there's no chance this month after completely missing the fertile window, which has brought me a sense of peace, not thinking too much about am I/aren't I? But in another way I worry that I've missed an opportunity.I just have to hope there's still another healthy baby-making egg in there somewhere.

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Good luck Miss Sonja! I turned 45 10days after my lo was born. Congratulations on hitting the 13 week mark.


Fyi, i got pregnant on my 2nd iui after trying for 12mths withan at home insemination.  So the sperm/or sperm motility may have been the issue, ill never know...



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Gumblossom, sorry you missed your fertile window this month! Dang, I hate it when that happens. My DH is leaving the country for 2 weeks on what will be cd14 for me this cycle... just praying I can manage to O on that day or earlier so I don't miss the window.


I'm doing okay, thanks for asking. I'm on cd1 after a definite chemical pg this cycle. I tested and had 3 BFPs... today and for the 2 days prior (so, 13, 14 and 15dpo). Bummer. I had lots of symptoms, too... bloating, gas, nausea, fatigue, weepiness, peeing every 5 minutes. I had to remind myself, though, that this poor little egg had been through the wringer... when it started growing back in January, I subjected it to chemotherapy, general anaesthesia, and lots of stress during my ectopic treatments and surgery. Plus, I had stopped taking my supplements and TCM herbs and also missed a bunch of acupuncture. I did get back on track with that stuff in February, so maybe the next egg will be healthier. With all of those assaults, perhaps it's for the best... Other than that, I'm busy with other big life projects such as an impending move to a nearby but very different geographic area (so there are logistics as well as mental and emotional gymnastics involved).

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Yes, I got pregnant right after an HSG after 18 months of nothing. My doctor & midwife both said they see this happen all the time, even (as in my case) when your tubes are not blocked.


I also recommend getting checked for uterine polyps -- this is a fairly new thing that they look for and having them apparently definitely affects fertility because they affect biochemical signaling in the uterus and prevent implantation. I also had a very small one removed in the same surgery when I had the HSG.  (Surgery was to remove a dermoid ovarian cyst which they say probably has no effect on fertility.)

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My cervical mucus has seemed to change.n Last month it seems to last only part of a day and I think it is the same this month. Last month I thought it was because I was sick. I have always had plenty of CM. Anyone know what might cause such an abrupt change. Could it really be age? How can I get it back? I have been taking evening primrose oil (not 100% regularly)




I should add that over the past months my period has been less than 31 days between. I almost always have been that way.

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Hello, it's me after a long break, for vacation and then catching up at home.


While I was gone I had my first AF after the progesterone. It was very strange. My flow was unusually light. I had no really heavy days. Then right after the spotting ended I have ewcf and several days of slipper/wet cf and ew after that. I spoke to my TCM person today and she said those light periods after progesterone are typical, she doesn't know why. It is so strange, you'd think it would be the opposite and the prog would have your lining really build up. Does anyone have any theories?


I was really discouraged about my childbearing journey on the trip. Seeing my 7 yo ds, the only child present at family gatherings or with my cousin's 3 much older "children" (one is a young adult), was just so not what I'd envisioned for us. Not only no siblings there, but no cousins to play with either. It hit me that this really is his childhood. (Duh, I know.) Before there was this other child that might appear in the future. Now even if one does it truly won't be like the two of them growing up together. I am really grieving that. I was feeling so sad for him not getting to experience a sibling relationship, but it is starting to sink in that that is more my projection of how I feel about it. He seems to be okay with it, really. He told me this morning that when he grows up he wants to have 1 boy.


Now I'm going to go catch up on you all.

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kfillmore, good to see you here! I don't know what would cause such an abrupt change, but I think TCM is really good for getting all aspects of cycles more regular.


LROM, good to see you here, too! I am so sorry for your loss, but happy for you that you got pg naturally and also glad it is not ectopic. I hope you are healing well in all ways and the next one will be soon and sticky.


Shell, sorry to hear about the disappointing HSG results. Will you still get that HSG boost on the right tube? Have you asked your doctor how a blocked tube would affect your chances of getting pg? I actually think as long as you have one tube working your chances are good, but I really don't know. I hope that's right.


miss-sonja, thank you for stopping by. It is lovely to hear about your hearing a heartbeat. Lots of good wishes to you.


gumblossom, interesting that you feel peace about missing your fertile window. I hope that is because your little one is coming a little later. (just a little!)


Litmama, (((hug))), wow what a roller coaster to go through that. I am so sorry it is another chem, but glad to hear you are still conceiving like a champ! And even with that little egg that went through so much.

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Waturmama, It's nice to see you back.I've missed you. I know you would have loved to have your children closer together. I'd also hoped my youngest would have an Ally close in age. However,my daughter is 8 years older than my son and they have a lovely relationship and play really well together.


I'm a little surprised about the progesterone making AF lighter.It's puzzling.Hopefully someone else will come along with a theory.


I just wanted to add some feel good stories:


I was talking to a friend on the weekend - she recently had an ovarian cyst and was talking to her doctor about having her marina coil removed. He suggested she keep it in until she's 47.Which got us talking about pregnancy in the over 40's.She told me that when she was 28,her friend (also 28) became a big sister!Her mother was in her late 40's (possibly even 50) and didn't find out til she was 6 months pregnant because she thought it was menopause. There was also another woman that she knew who had a baby at 47. So, that's good news.

I know not everyone in their mid to late 40's is fertile, but not everyone is pin-pointing ovulation and ttc either...well that's my theory.I still haven't totally given up the idea that my DS (3years old) will have a younger playmate in the near future - in 2013 hopefully.


AF arrived last night, which was good actually, because the tww felt quite short (it was my regular 13 days), and soon I'll be ovulating again :) This tww has had very few symptoms. I had tender breasts for a few days after O,but nothing much else, which really does make me wonder if we are fertilizing eggs,which either don't develop,or perhaps not implanting (because other tww's have so many symptoms). I don't want to dwell on it, I just want to take a relaxed approach if I can.

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Thank You for all of your help with the supplements... So far he is on acetyl L carnitine , vitamin c , a multi vitamin for men and blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds... those are also supposed to increase motility :-) ( well that is what google says anyway) lol  so i looked at Walgreens and Albertsons and I cannot find those menstrual cups anywhere.. That sounded like a really good Idea... I guess its too late this month... So I am on CD 16 and i finally Ovulated yesterday on CD15 ... I had a positive opk yesterday morning and lots of ovulation cramping during the day... me and DH bd and at night and we used pre seed for a little swimmers help.. then i elevated my pelvis for a hour before I used the restroom.. then this morning my temp was up ... So I opk and ovulated and bd the same DAY and I felt my ovulation in my right side so that is good because that is the tube that looked open winky.gif  so now on to the 2 week wait UGH I am going to try and try to stay busy... I really do not want to obsess over this one... I have a dr. appt on the 30 to find out my results for the hsg and then getting a referral to a RE ... I'm still doing my accupuncture also!


Sonja: Ohhhh I cant help but be jealous!! I cant wait to hear my little ones heartbeat... So Happ for you , I am sure DH will come around! ((Hugs))


Gumblossom: Sorry you missed that window ... here is too a new start and a new egg :-)


Litmama: your moving? how exciting.. a fresh new start! I love moving into a new house... I get bored with the same one after 3 years.. lol


Fuller: That is good news... did they see your polyps during the hsg? they saw something else on mine.. but not sure what is was.. UGH I cant wait to talk to the doctor on the 30th.


kfillmore : I take vitamin b6 for my cm and it has helped a lot... but I dont have cm all day everyday either... but I do have it and I think that is all that matters... also I use Pre-seed and that helps a lot!


waturmama: Your DS sounds like a sweet little boy... I wish I knew what to tell you about progesterone... I am google queen though!! lol

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