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My dh has an appointment with a urologist who specializes in fertility on Tues. We're trying to find out how his one low testosterone number might be effecting things. All the other testosterone numbers were nice and average. He suggested I go with him. On one hand that seems like a really good idea--I am hoping this will help me make peace with what has happened. On the other hand somehow I think it might be good for him to be able to talk about it all without me there. I guess I need to talk to him about that. I sure hope the appointment helps somehow.

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Hi Waturmama. How did your DH's appointment go with the urologist?

I hope you got some answers.


This thread has been really quiet lately. I haven't been around as much as I'm trying to take a "low key" approach. We've had good timing this month.I think I Oed today (had O pain and + opk yesterday), and we BD last night. Should probably bd again tonight,but That remains to be seen - whether DH is up to it after an extra long day in work - i hope we've got sperm and egg action happening right now! That would be nice. The ovulation pain has been really strong and prolonged today.I hope that means an extra healthy plump ripe egg!


I'd love to hear updates on everyone else.

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WaturMama, I'm wondering the same thing... how did the appointment go?


Gumblossom, good to see you! I have my fingers crossed for you, your timing sounds perfect!


Yes, it is quiet here lately. I'm taking a similarly low-key approach, really focusing on other things right now. I've also been super duper busy and just haven't had time to log on. I'm on cd16 and still waiting for O... although it could be happening today. I've had EWCF yesterday and today and strong O pains today (OPKs are wonky and unreadable this month). I think my O was delayed by a UTI and some antibiotics I had to take (or perhaps the chemical pg I had last cycle), it usually happens cd12-14. Alas, DH is on the other side of the planet right now so is missing my O time. Do you think we have a chance if we BD'd Friday morning (just before he caught his plane)? That's a 3-4 day stretch. I hope those little guys are hanging in there...

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Absolutely, Litmama, I've heard of women falling pregnant when they BD 5-6 days before O. I'm pretty sure my first pregnancy was from BDing the week after AF. Those sperm must have been super strong because I used to have a long cycle when I was young - 32 days, which means I probably ovulated about day 15, 16. But that doesn't really make sense, so maybe I Oed earlier. Anyway, I was very surprised to find myself pregnant!


Yes, we had great timing. We also BD last night. So That means we did the day of +opk,and the day of O (I had very strong O pain yesterday). So, as much as I want to take a low key approach, I'm hopeful. Should I keep taking the vitex in the tww? I have been lazy with supplements this last few days, so should probably get back on track.

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We're considering a 4th.  My youngest just turned one.  While we're not really TTC, we're not preventing.  I thought I might have had a chance last cycle with the timing but AF came right on time.  My cycles haven't been as regular as usual since giving birth last year either.  And I'm still breastfeeding.  Even though I bf exclusively...as in no formula to this day...I still started my cycles at five months pp.  I thought maybe they were off because I was eating soy (I don't eat any dairy) so I laid off the soy and started B6 and the last cycle seemed more regular.  I'm also wondering if it's my age...I turned 42 in December.  I think another babe would be so nice :)  We have a lot going on though...a major move out of state coming up...still...I just don't feel "done."  Sigh. 

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Hello all, it's been a while since I posted but I've been reading and lurking and keeping everyone in my thoughts.  I was reading this thread yesterday and thinking about how I should say hello to everyone, but didn't want to go into the details of our lack of success.  We had completed all 4 IUI cycles last month, with no luck, despite my responding really well to the egg-stimulating drugs.  


We decided to take a break from trying, and I didn't pay any attention this cycle to my cervical mucous or OV pains or when we DTD.  My period was due on Friday or Saturday and on Monday I started to get hopeful so I took a test and it was a BFN.  So that was my frame of mind when I didn't want to bring the thread down.


So, lo & behold, last night my husband asked if I'd gotten AF yet and when I said no, he asked when I was going to test again so I took another one this morning and it is a clear BFP!!!  I even stopped at home on my way between work errands just to test again, and it's positive again!  So everyone, please keep the faith and keep thinking good thoughts about your efforts.  I want so badly for all of you to get your BFP's, too.


So next steps are to head back to the fertility doctor - I left them a message already - and I think they turn me back over to my regular doctor after 10 or 12 weeks.

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Gr8fulMama, Congratulations! What a lovely thing to hear this morning. I'm so happy for you. Can you please remind me of a couple of things, how long have you been ttc?How old are you?Do you have other children?


Sneezykids, , I know exactly what you mean about not feeling "done", that's exactly how I feel. I had my last LO at 41years and 9 months, and wanted to have a sibling for him soon afterwards. However I was fully breast-feeding and my ppaf didn't come til he was about 17 months, despite trying vitex and other things.My DS is now 3yrs 8months and I'm still hoping for a sibling for him. I've had two miscarriages since starting ttc,and now it has been 10 cycles of trying since the last one.


I've got my fingers crossed for a BFP this month as I have had great timing and a huge temperature jump today...

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Thanks, Gumblossom - I'm 41, we have a 4-year-old son and have been trying for a sibling for about 18 months.  In December we were able to get into a medical study that qualified us for 4 free IUI cycles.  None of them worked, and our last one ended in early April.  


We decided to take a few months off over the summer and then figure out if we want to go to IVF, which was strongly recommended by our fertility doctor.


I went to the office this morning for a blood draw to confirm and measure progesterone and one of the phlebotomists got all teary when I told her we'd gotten the BFP.  It was so nice to realize they really care about us.

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Gumblossom, lots of baby dust and prayers that you get your BFP!!  Sounds promising for sure!!  17 months is soo long for AF to return!  This is my 3rd and I fully breastfed (still, around the clock...zzzzzz) and AF insists on returning around 5 months pp.  With ALL 3!   Crazy!


Gr8fulmama...Congrats to you!!  I was 41 and 5 months when my LO was born!   What is IUI??


I'm about to O soon.  I'm not sure how dh feels.  Our little lady is BUSY, into everything and has been waking every hour of the night crying.  Certainly puts TTC in a different light :( Though I still feel in the back of my mind, "This too shall pass...this time is so short"  And I know this deep in my heart because my first baby just turned 15 last week!  And it feels like not that long ago I was nursing her, chasing her, washing her diapers, getting all those yummy baby snuggles in daily :)

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Are your other kids older too?  There is 9 years between my middle and my baby.  It's one of the reasons I wanted another.  We'd have the "older" kids and the littles wink1.gif  If we don't have another, eventually we'll just have our last in the house, kind of like an only child.  I keep thinking what that will be like.  And the other scenario if we did have another next year (hopefully)? 

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Sneezy, I love to hear about older moms.  How is the relationship between your middle one & your baby?  I'm a little worried about having 5 years between mine - my sibs and I are all 3 years apart, I hope 5 isn't too long to create a strong bond.


IUI is intrauterine insemination - they stimulated my ovaries to produce several eggs and then placed my husband's sperm directly in my uterus.  He has some issues with his swimmers (normally 14% of a sample is the correct shape, but with him, only 3% was, which makes them less likely to be able to swim well).

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Originally Posted by Gr8fulMama View Post

Sneezy, I love to hear about older moms.  How is the relationship between your middle one & your baby?  I'm a little worried about having 5 years between mine - my sibs and I are all 3 years apart, I hope 5 isn't too long to create a strong bond.


IUI is intrauterine insemination - they stimulated my ovaries to produce several eggs and then placed my husband's sperm directly in my uterus.  He has some issues with his swimmers (normally 14% of a sample is the correct shape, but with him, only 3% was, which makes them less likely to be able to swim well).


My middle is a boy and he *adores* his baby sis!  He's so thrilled now that she's sturdy enough that he can carry her around.  He's always telling me, "Mom, I'm glad you had a baby!" love.gif 


Now my first dd and him are just over 4 years apart.  I tell people my experience with that age span was very positive!  They have a close bond, even if he annoys her (don't all little brothers??) much of the time.  I didn't really want my babies so far apart, but in hindsight it was probably the best thing (as it usually is!).  Yours will find a groove and get along great, even if it's uniquely so. 

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My first two (aged 21 and 19) are 2 years and two weeks apart, and they are like chalk and cheese and not at all close.But when they were little they did play together a lot. Then I had about three years til my first daughter was born (she's 15),and three and half years between her and her younger sister(just turned 12).They too are quite different,but they get along nicely. Then we had our "afterthought" baby. It took three years to convince my DH to have a vasectomy reversal! By the time DS came along, his big sister was 8.


I have loved having that big age gap - because it's been so easy for me - the older kids all adore the baby and are so helpful with him. But I know time is running out and I also don't want him to be like any only child when the older ones have all left. I always think it would be nice for him to have an "ally" when dealing with older parents! I know his older siblings will be there for him, but if they aren't under the same roof, it won't be the same.


Although I'm often tired, like you, Sneezy, I know it will pass, and they are little for such a short time.


If I could have one more baby, I know I'd feel I was done (apart from the fact that I wouldn't have a return of fertility -if at all- until I'm 47/48!). I have felt strongly that there's a spirit baby out there,that couldn't complete the journey twice before (miscarriages) and she is just waiting for the right time.


I got pregnant the last two times right after big family gatherings on my DH's side. We have just had a big family gathering on the weekend for DH's sister's 50th. Maybe the timing is right.joy.gif

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Hi all,


Yes it has been quiet.


Congratulations Gr8ful Mama!! Sending sticky babe good wishes!!  goodvibes.gif


Good wishes SneezyKids!


Gumblossom, I've found the strong O sensation to be a good sign. I hope that proves true for you.


Litmama, I agree 3-4 days is definitely possible.


My husband's appointment was weirdly disappointing in that the doctor didn't think his one low number was a problem--so there's nothing new to do. The only reason it would be a problem is if the sperm quality was low. Dh's last semen analysis was 2 years ago, so the doctor suggested taking another, but I don't think we're going to do it. There's really no reason to think anything has changed in the last 2 years. If anything dh seems in better health. I didn't go to the appointment with him, so I made a sheet with a record of all my pregnancies so they could discuss. It was very, very sad to look at all together. I'm feeling pretty discouraged. I still feel like someone else belongs in our family, but I don't know how she or he will get here. I've had a lot of sinus-related health issues this year and I'm a bit scared of being pregnant and having my sinuses swell. I'm not really sure where I am with this. Right now I need to get better.


I did have AF this month and she was back to her normal heavy-ish self, which was weirdly good to see after that strange light AF when I took the progesterone.

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*Waturmama*,I'm sorry to hear your health hasn't been great and that you are feeling discouraged.I know how painful sinus problems can be.I hope you can sort them out soon. Does the condition worsen when you're pregnant? I used to get awful sinus headaches when I was pregnant. I've never tried a neti pot,and wonder if that would help.Have you tried one? I think I recall that you see a TCM person? Can they help you with it?


It's understandable that you would feel discouraged when you have looked at your losses on paper. I can't remember if you had tests to see if you had antibody issues? Sorry, I can't remember exactly what it is called.I have heard of some women needing intralipid treatment. I'm sure you've thought of everything. I'm on another forum of over 40's ttc,and one lady there had several miscarriages,but then went on to have a baby.She had all the tests,it was inconclusive,then she said she did  some hypno therapy.She also had acupuncture.She doesn't know what helped in the end,if anything,but she does now have a baby. I think if you still feel there's a little one waiting to join your family, keep ttc.


I'm glad your AF is back on track.How strange that progesterone would make it a light flow?


I was looking at old charts last night and noticed that both of my pregnancies that miscarried had ovulation at day 16. I have been ovulating on day 13/14 since and before my son it was 14/15 mostly. I wonder if the eggs were a bit slow and not fresh when I had the miscarriages. I hope that means this latest egg is a good one.


I'm having a few symptoms,and I don't want to get my hopes up.If the symptoms stick around after about 9 DPO then I'll feel hopeful.At least they are more obvious that last month when I had none.I sometimes think it is all psychosomatic -last month I knew there was no hope,so didn't even think about it and had no symptoms. I've felt a little bit sick,temperatures are reasonably high and I have very tender breasts and some nipple tingles.


I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Incidentally, if I am pregnant this time,the baby will be due exactly 1 year after my due date with Louis(miscarriage). I hope that's a positive thing...

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Those symptoms sound really good, gumblossom. I'm crossing my fingers for you too. 1 year after your due date with Louis seems like a sweet thing.


I found out light flow when taking progesterone is typical. It is very strange. My TCM person doesn't know why either. I haven't asked my RE. I did have sinus issues when I was pregnant. My TCM person doesn't think that is a reason to stop ttc. She thinks conditions often move when pg. I've done tons for the sinus stuff. I think it is just going to take some time now. Also did lots of fertility related tests. My RE thought they looked so good it didn't make sense for me to try fertility treatment. I thought that was a pretty striking statement. I like the story about the women on your other forum.


So I'm on CD 9, and I'm still spotting a little. I have blood tinged creamy cervical fluid. That doesn't seem good. Has that happened to anyone before? Any idea what it could be? I suppose I better see an ob/gyn. Sigh. We did not ttc last month so it has nothing to do with a pg.

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Waturmama, the blood could be simply an irritated cervix, or it may have something to do with ovulation coming up. Although it is probably just left over from AF. I had some spotting around a week after AF finished (which is about CD9 or 10), in the last two months. I put it down to getting older,but haven't let it worry me.


I'm starting to feel less hopeful about being pregnant this month. My temp is okay,but not climbing. This morning I woke up and my breast tenderness seems less.But yesterday,on and off all day I had this weird cramping in my lower left abdomen (ovaries?).I wondered if it is a corpus luteum in the ovary that sent out the egg,or perhaps something to do with implantation? Or maybe it's just gas!


It is really hard to feel hopeful only to have your hopes dashed.I ought to be used to it,I feel like I've been doing this forever. But I still believe I'm fertile.I just don't know if I have the stamina for doing this for much longer.

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I'm not one that posts often and it's been ages since I've posted here, but my journey is so full of hope that I thought I'd share it.


DH and I have 3 children, ages 10,7 and 2.  I had one miscarriage between DD1 and DS1, 4 consecutive miscarriages between DS1 and DS2 and 3 consecutive miscarriages after DS2.  After tons of testing at various points in time, we had no clear answers.  DH was not enthusiastic about adding a 4th child to our family, and after 8 miscarriages, I really let go of the idea of another child and embraced my family just as it was.  So much, that when I got a BFP, DH and I couldn't figure out how it had happened!!blush.gif  But here I am, 15 weeks pregnant!!!  joy.gifEverything is looking great so far, and the worry and fear (of another mc) are slowly being replaced with a peaceful and joyful spirit! 


Oh, and I'm 42, so I'm well into the 'advanced maternal age' set (as my midwives so kindly call it).


Sending lots of good baby dust your way...dust.gif

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Oh,wow,Lovetolaugh, Congratulations! That is such heartening news.Thankyou for coming on and letting us know.


I'm catching some of that babydust!

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Congratulations LovetoLaugh! That's  lovely news! I'm 44...hear you about AMA!


I'm 17 weeks now. Finally told the kids the weekend before Mother's Day. They've asked when they can tell their friends and I'm just waiting a bit more. I'm a little worried about reactions from my friends--I'm guessing about half will be happy for us, a quarter will be totally confused and the rest will think we're crazy! I'm Catholic and active in church & school so I expect a mostly positive, though surprised reaction. 


Baby dust to everyone!

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