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Originally Posted by 3surfboys View Post

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to chime in on the new winter thread.  For an update to the first page - I am 41 and will be 9 weeks preg tomorrow with an edd of June 30.love.gif


I do have some more comments/questions but will have to come back later. 


Congratulations! joy.gif


Sending you lots of baby dust and sticky dust! dust.gif


Keep us posted on how you are doing!

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Hello all. It's been awhile since I posted but I thought I'd say hi and check in. I am so glad to see some familiar names here and also glad to see some babies and BFP's!


I went to see an RE who did some labs. Low (but not awful) AMH and unclear numbers with the FSH and E2. I am hopeful that when we get back on the TTC wagon we will get pregnant again (despite my age...45). I am also scheduled to have an Saline Infused Sonogram soon.


I thought I'd share my supplements/treatment based on early posts

CoQ10 - 400 mg/day

Fish Oil Caps

Vit D

Folic Acid

Chinese Meds (vary during cycle)

Weekly Acupuncture

**going to add l-arginine and myo-inositol



++ Thoughts to All ++


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nice to see you again music...



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I have to have a place to SCREAM about First response digital OPK.  IT SUCKS.

The first time I got the "?" = error, I thought OK, maybe I did not do it right.   Now 5 stickes later.  THIS IS A DAMAGED TESTING KIT! 

(or I am a moron)  Either way, I am pretending I got an OPK + sign & going to dtd again tonight.  (we are on an everyother day)  Sorry, tmi.


I really was depending on the kit because my temps have been screwed up by having to get up way too early & totally jacked schedule.


Thanks for the vent.



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Music mama, I am from Battle ground near you! If you are still from PDX

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Good to see you musicmama! Wishing you really well on your journey blowkiss.gif.


hug2.gif Hug, skeemama. Have you tried and are you able to read your cervical fluid?

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Skeemama, I use test strips I buy in bulk off Amazon.  I got 40 OPK and 10 pregnancy strips for like $10, and they are individually packaged so they don't expire like the drugstore strips in the canister do.


You can actually see the lines themselves rather than counting on the smiley face or question mark.


Here's the link for the batch I bought, they come in different numbers of strips packaged together depending on how many you want:




AFM, the meeting with the RE went pretty well.  He seems to be pretty optimistic that we can be successful because I got pregnant easily in the past and still have regular cycles.  I am doing a "diagnostic cycle" where they do ultrasounds & bloodwork throughout my cycle to monitor follicle development and hormone levels.  I had 13 follicles on CD 2, and as of Tuesday morning, the right side seemed to be getting ready to ovulate.  My OPK yesterday & today were negative, though, so I have to go back in tomorrow for another u/s.  A week after we think I ovulate, I have to do more bloodwork to see where my progesterone levels are.


Then I have an appointment again with him on 12/13 to review the results and determine the next steps.  


Between now & then I have to get DH in for his analysis.  


It seems so clinical, but I just want to make sure things are working the way they should.

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I think I'm 17 dpo and no blood. My temps were a little confusing this month. If I'm not 17 dpo, I'm probably 12 dpo. Either way is positive because if I'm 12 dpo, my symptoms got very strong early. I've had plenty of achy/senso-boobs and nausea the past few days. I've been laying low because I've been down this road so many times before now. I'm trying to resist getting so many steps ahead. I'm not sure that that would save me any disappointment, but I am a bit superstitious at this moment.


I am curious, what folks add to their regimen when they think they might be pg and hope to sustain it. The only thing I have added is baby aspirin. I am continuing my red raspberry leaf/oatstraw/nettle infusion, prenatal vitamins, fish oil.

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WaturMama...   I would consider adding Natural Progesterone Cream... And there are many supplements I take now that I would wean off of.

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Waturmama, one thing I remember that was important, was to stay hydrated.


I also bought welcome womb herbs for when/if I get a bfp. Here is a link: http://www.chapteroneherbs.com/index.php/vmchk/Tinctures/Welcome-Womb.html


I hope you are pregnant! When will you test?


I'm 7 DPO and have a steady rise in my temps, but I have no symptoms, so I'm not feeling positive about a positive.I'll probably test later next week.

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Thanks Stevi and gumblossom.


gumblossom, at 7 dpo implantation might not have happened yet, so I think there's still a lot of hope. I didn't have a lot of symptoms last week and really posting here that I didn't have a lot of hope, but I sure have had a lot of symptoms the last few days. At this moment I'm having the radical thought of not testing at all unless I am fortunate enough to get to the point where I am quite sure it would be positive. I am feeling kind of tender about the whole thing, and just really tired of bfns and disappointments. I may feel differently in a few days, though! :)

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Originally Posted by WaturMama View Post

Good to see you musicmama! Wishing you really well on your journey blowkiss.gif.


hug2.gif Hug, skeemama. Have you tried and are you able to read your cervical fluid?

Usually, I can check & know with the cervical mucous.  Not with my crazy schedule this week.  :-(

Finally, my week is done! Hopefully we have DtD enough!!


It feels so good to unwind & hang out with my family listening to music and chatting tonight.


Gr8fulmama, thanks for the amazon tip! Boy have I been burning $!!!!



Just fyi for future notice the digital OPK  is CRAP.  Never again. 

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AF today. Sigh. I have an appt with a new (to me) RE that was recommended by another patient of my TCM person. So hopefully some illumination will come.

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I am 8 dpo today, and have highest temps I have had in 6 months. I know this doesn't mean much, but I'm happy about it.. Not sure if I am going to conceive or not, but glad my temps are a bit better since that means my progesterone is higher! 


Waturmama, sorry the witch got you!! 

gunblossom hope your cycle goes well and you get a positive this month!

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oh shucks, waturmama, I was catching up on a couple weeks worth of posts and hoping to see a bfp for you at the end. 


fingers crossed for you amommyTTC and gumblossom!


I had my first prenatal last Monday at 9 weeks, 2 days.  We could hear a heartbeat with doppler heartbeat.gif thankfully!  I had a bunch of blood drawn and will have the nuchal screen in 2 weeks (just a few days before christmas) 

I have been feeling okay - but with a weird hunger/nausea combo that I don't recall having before, and I'm pretty exhausted in the evenings.  Hoping for some renewed energy in a few weeks.  We've decided to tell only a select few people including our oldest 2 boys, and maybe after the nuchal we will feel better about sharing with everyone.       

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Sending some Christmas Santa baby vibes to all my 40+ girls ;)



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Great picture!  Yummy baby!!


Keep your fingers crossed that all the stars are in alignment for me tonight!!  


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Crossing my crossables..
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Just wanted to pass this along -- so cool. About the beneficial effect of fetal cells on mom. Even if you've had a miscarriage, the fetal cells are still in your body -- and can still help you.  I found that really touching.



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Hi everyone, just dropping in to say a quick hello. Had my NT scan 6 days ago and it went very well (just waiting on B/W results now), little one was dancing around and posing like crazy and the measurements looked good. Feeling more hopeful now that all will be fine this time. Here is our U/S photo:




fuller2- Interesting, will have to read more about that.


saoirse- Simply beautiful!!


skeemama- Best of luck!


3surfboys- That is wonderful, such an amazing and reassurung sound. Best of luck with your upcoming scan, they look so amazing by that point!


waturmama- So sorry about AF...hope the RE can help!


Best of luck to all of you that are in the TWW and those gearing up for another cycle.

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