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Before we knew the sex, DS was critter, DD1 was Junebug (due in June) and DD2 was Tribble.

NO clue what our little mystery baby is going to be, but then we've only known a couple hours. We won't be finding out sex until birth, so we're going to have to come up with something suitable for the entire pregnancy.

Do any of you have nicknames for the little one in your tummy yet?



Thinking gummybear for now.

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No, but my dh has already named "her" with a 1st and middle name and is calling "her" that already!

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We already have our actual names picked, Alexander Dale and Riley Kathleen... but we can't start calling baby by an actual name yet or it would confuse the heck out of the older kids who don't fully understand yet how we don't know if it's a boy or girl.

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Yes, we always have nicknames for our babies. This one is called, "chicken"

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I've been calling "it" Nelly which is a play off of our last name.  Sometimes I'll change it to Baby Nels.  I predict that like my pets, this child will have many many nicknames starting now.  shy.gif

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We have just been calling it "baby." I should think of a cute little nickname, though...

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We go through nicknames like we go through gallons of milk, too.

Today baby is "Rocket" because it sounds like it's trying to take off (because of the insane amount of gas I have today HAHAHA)

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Hubby and I have been calling ours "Bean."  We both love the book Ender's Game, and Bean is a character in it, so it works.  :)  I really like Rocket, though - that's hilarious!!! ROTFLMAO.gif

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I mostly use Baby so far.  Sometimes Little Bean. 

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Since  we got this baby the first time we tried, DH calls himself the Shooter of the Golden BB.  Therefore, this baby is "the beeblet" 

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I just call it/they whatever it/they is/are supposed to be the size of, so at 6 weeks and a few days, i have the little lentil/lentils.

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Originally Posted by GoofyInOK View Post

Hubby and I have been calling ours "Bean."  We both love the book Ender's Game, and Bean is a character in it, so it works. 

We called our first "Bean," too.


But I hadn't read Ender's Game yet at the time. I liked Bean! :D

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last child was known as "pukey," for obvious reasons. (full name= Ralph Pukeforth.)

This one is EBob. As in, if he were named Eustace Robert, that would have to be his nickname. If it's a girl then I guess it will have to be Eustacia Roberta. (NOt names we would actually use.)
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Hubby and I discussed this last night... He wants to call baby "parasprite" from a show we watch. We have to come up with SOMETHING for sure, Mae was tribble before we found out who she was.
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The night I got my BFP we started calling the baby Pickles and it's really stuck.

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I just re-read "To Kill a Mockingbird" this weekend so I'm thinking "Boo."  Or "Scout."  But it feels like I'm kind of forcing it, too.


Honestly, I'm pretty much in denial about this whole thing, so maybe I'll let the idea of a nickname rest a bit.

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With my first it was baby cakes, my second was stinker & this one we've started calling jellybean...
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My 2.5yr old daughter says that the baby in my tummy is a boy and that she's naming him Gorilla.  This cracks me up since my hubby's last name is Wolfe.  Oh, what a name Gorilla Wolfe would be! It will have to be the nickname...hopefully it won't stick after birth, particularly if it's a girl!

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Chicken Little :) When i was pregnant with DD she was Baby Bird. Clearly we have a thing with feathered friends :)

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We don't have an actually nickname, but it gets called "our baby" or "your child" depending on the context.  For example: "What do you think of the name X for our baby?" vs. "I'm not being a picky eater - your child is."

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