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Mind if I join you?

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Hey all - maybe some of you remember me from the I'm Pregnant thread about a DDC. I'm in the June DDC, and I just had my check up confirming that I o'd when my period was due - so two weeks later than normal. Which puts my EDD at June 30, much later than I thought.


Anyway, I'm kinda the slow kid in the June DDC, and I'm still gonna hang out there, but realistically I'm likely to deliver in July, and they are all kind of "ahead" of me right now (erm, for the whole pregnancy - suppose it's impossible to "catch up" eh? lol.gif)


Anyway, mind if I hang out here as well as there? I feel like I'm kinda stuck in the middle of 2 DDCs. What do you all think? 


Congrats to everyone here!

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DD2 was due Sept 14th and nearly born in October... so there's no issue straddling two Due Date Clubs (plenty of women do)

Though really, when it gets to the base of it all, most things are irregular in pregnancy, only a few of the milestones tend to happen around the same point for all women. So you will find for the most part that you fit in in both DDCs just fine :)

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of course we don't mind, mama!


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Welcome!  I was a due date club straddler with my first - she was due July 30th, but didn't come until mid-August!

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I was a straddler with #1.  I spent my first two trimesters with October (and felt like every post was 2 weeks ahead of me) and then realized that November mamas were all taking about what I was dealing with! so in third trimester i switched.  Turns out DD#1 came Nov. 1!





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Absolutely, come on in :) 

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Welcome to the July club, MovnMama!  orngbiggrin.gif  Seems like a great bunch in here!

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