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Safety of baby monitors

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What about baby monitors ? Is there any data or research re: babies sleeping in close proximity to them. I realize the benefit of co sleeping, but seeing family/ friends using monitors and can't imagine they are safe. Any info?
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I was thinking about this today. My husband bought these "intercoms" that can also be used as monitors. There are four units...I guess the one in the kitchen is the main unit, and there are three more upstairs. I get a lot of interference. Freaks me out a little. They can't be 100% safe. I wonder about our invisible dog fence as well. 


Another area of concern I had with baby monitors was the wires. With an older baby/toddler, they might be able to get a hold of it eventually and get caught in a cord.


Lastly, I have heard stories of privacy issues. A friend of mine had a monitor with a visual screen on it. She checked on the baby one time and realized it was not her baby. The neighbor's monitor was on the same band and the signals got crossed. Same thing happened to me with a monitor I had for years. One day my neighbor said..."I heard you talking to your daughter this morning. Clear as day. I thought I was dreaming. Then I realized you were coming through my monitor!!" She told me my exact conversation...word for word!



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Privacy concerns have been addressed with many newer models.  The cord has never been a concern to me, any more than any other cord that's around the house.  Keep it out of reach when feasible, and supervise when not. 


As for the safety of them - what's safe?  The cordless telephone?  The cell phone?  The wi-fi signal going to all the computer equipment?  The electrical conduit running right under the floorboards?  The monitor honestly doesn't even land on my radar of concerns.  But also, our monitor has never been all that close to the "baby" (now toddler).  I keep it on the dresser, and it's sensitive enough to pick up his sounds from across the room. 


As for the static and popping, that's more an annoyance than a concern.  A big annoyance around here.  I've actually been searching for a static free monitor, but they all have some trade-off of feature.  The newer technology makes it possible, if you want to pay for it.  Same as privacy. 

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Cristeen, we found that running a fan in our room is enough white noise to block out the static. We bought the Sony digital one that clicks on when there is noise and no static when baby is quiet. However, it clicks on with every little noise like rolling over, etc.. So this was the best compromise.

As far as safety, there is always that thought in the back of my head. You're not supposed to put your alarm clock too close to your bed and all the wifi. But I could drive myself crazy trying to make everything perfectly safe. I hide my cord behind the dresser and set it loud enough that if she is up, I hear her and I go to her. We sit with ehr while she falls asleep, so she really isn't in there unsupervised and awake very much at all.
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