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hi there!

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Just found out I'm about 5-6 weeks with my first. It's a complete surprise and I am still processing it, but hola.gif

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congrats! I found out yesterday and after sitting round thinking about it last night... I'm about as far along as you are :D


Did you just realize you didn't get your period or what clued you in to test?

Personally, I'm nursing so no period wasn't a huge surprise... but two weeks of being nauseous was!

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It was kind of a weird series of events -- I had no idea when my period was due (that's why I'm not sure if it's 5 or 6 weeks -- heck, if I've been spacey enough, maybe it's more! I don't think so, though.), because I used a phone app to keep track of them and my phone died a few weeks ago! I really hadn't been paying attention and then I got really sick one day, left work early sick, and by the next day was totally fine -- then woke up the next day vomiting (that was yesterday.) I was like, whoa, could I be pregnant? That's not normal! And sure enough...

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- funny orngbiggrin.gif - this kind of surprise is special, isn´t it?


I was waiting for the first possible day to test AGES!!! And 6 times was negative (too early) - so, your way learning to be pregnant is the easier...


Welcome here! And Congrats to your pregnancy!

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Thank you for sharing I love hearing how people find out when they aren't expecting it... I seriously never thought I'd have a story like that myself but alas I do!


I'm usually like you Schneckennudel, with DD2 I started testing at 9dpo and went through quite a few by 12dpo when I got my first barely even there positive (which a lot of people were telling me was still negative) at 14dpo finally got a positive FRER (which many people still thought was negative, ugh!) and by 15dpo finally had a positive digital test!



I'm just amazed going over all my stats now that I'm likely nearly 6 weeks along and didn't even realize it until I was in bed last night and realized I'd been sick much longer than I thought I had.

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This one was a surprise too. Actually more like an "oops....well, I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks...."

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We'd been trying for 18 months, but this was a surprise because allllll the other months had been negative, yk? We'd kind of gotten used to just never getting pg again. 


With my first, I was *exhausted* more than usual--as in, sleeping 14 hours/day and not being able to function when awake (and working 3/4 time and going to full time grad school!). After about a week of that, my bbs started to hurt a little, and I tested. We weren't trying yet--that was a year ahead of us in our "master plan," but it ended up being perfect. :)

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Surprise here. Both my other pregnancies have been planned, so this is weird for me (not knowing exactly how far along I am, or when I'm due!) We were "careful" but we weren't ready to do anything permanent. We were pretty sure we were "done"- unless we had an "oops". And here we are...

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Look at all the sweet surprise babies over here!!!  thumb.gif  Ours was planned...  Well, sort of.  We've been TTC for a few months, but in October we weren't really trying because we had a lot going on.  And there you go... That's the month we got preggers.  Sweet irony, ha ha ha!  No ovulation sticks needed!!!  I was shocked by that!

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Originally Posted by DecemberSun View Post

We were pretty sure we were "done"- unless we had an "oops". And here we are...

I have a feeling this is what our sentiment will be after baby #3. After my BFP, DH was like this doesn't have to be the last one, does it? Craziness. He is way more enthusiastic about this one than the first 2 and #3 was up for debate for a while.


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This baby was sort of an oops surprise here too. We weren't planning on getting pregnant til we moved in a couple years. But life had other plans for us...
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