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Hi ladies, I could use more ideas. My 4 1/2 year old is having immense trouble potty training, and seems often surprised that he has wet his pants. He has recently complained that it "hurts" when he pees and that it feels better when he wets his pants. However, he never cries out that he's in pain. I've taken him to 2 doctors to have a cursory check for a bladder infection, with negative results (though the Urgent Care doctor did say he has "trace" amounts of blood in his urine, which she said was normal. However she also said she recommended circumcision to cure his problem, so I take her expertise with a grain of salt.)


My son has a history of yeast overgrowth, can anyone help me with other avenues to pursue? The Urgent Care doctor also said he may be irritated from soap, fiddling, etc. Perhaps my son has a little roughly retracted himself recently?


Any help would be appreciated.