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Chicken pox!

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I'll be taking my son to the doctor tomorrow to confirm that he's got the chicken pox.  We live near Andrews for anyone interested in exposing their kids. 

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Yes please!  When you have confirmation, please let me know!

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I will, my daughter woke up with a spot today on her face, I haven't checked the rest of her out yet.  She has a dry cough & was warm yesterday, so I'm hopeful!  Hopefully they can be seen today for confirmation, though I'm positive it's what my son has, he's covered in spots that are only big/puss-y looking for about 24hrs.  He was exposed last Sunday, but apparently it's going around the base and I suspect he'd been exposed before Sunday since his fever started on Thursday and Friday he had a spot, that's not long enough of an incubation time I don't think. 

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PM'ed you! 

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