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Food Rants and Raves

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Rave: Fage nonfat greek yogurt. Mixed with honey and bananas - delicious. Would never guess it is fat free. Bought at Costco


Rant: I'll let you know when I find a food I don't like, LOL

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that sounds so yummy too. i would eat greek yogurt with honey every day if it wasnt a dollar a container. i have been making homemade caprese salad every week and it is so awesome. i just not have been to hungry. i am still getting sick every few days and i am already 16 weeks.

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Originally Posted by Onemoreontheway View Post
Rant: I'll let you know when I find a food I don't like, LOL

UGH!  NOT FAIR!!  I have a hard time finding a food I DO like these days... and pre-pregnancy I was the least picky eater you could find!!


Rave: Quiznos is something I never get sick of...


Rant: as mentioned above, nearly everything else...

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Here are some vids on how to make greek yogurt at home? $3-$4 for a gallon of greek yogurt sounds good to me!!

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Rave: fresh food, at room temperature, prepared by someone else.  think summer bbq appetizers.  and things that are really plain.  things you eat when you are getting over the stomach flu...cinnamon toast, pasta with butter and a light sprinkle of cheese, chicken noodle soup.


Rant: well, yogurt is gross, pg or not, sweet foods aren't a good idea, breads, eggs. 

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I love Greek yogurt, too.


Rave: Tamales! I made a huge batch of corn tamales on Saturday, and have been eating them ever since... there are two left!  Oh, and peanut butter & honey sandwiches. 


Rant: We used to have a broccoli/tofu thing about once week,  but I just threw away an expired package of tofu and some broccoli crowns... We should just stop buying it until it becomes a craving, I hate tossing out food. The last broccoli crown we had I turned into soup stock when I realized we weren't going to be eating it. I also used to like apple cider (in lieu of coffee) in the mornings ('used to' as in the last few weeks) but now I don't want it anymore, only cranberry juice and red raspberry leaf tea.

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Rave: Really really into salad rolls these days. Cheese in all varieties, especially when topped with Red Pepper Jelly. Or just red pepper jelly. Fish is lovely these days, beef with thick brown gravy, bacon is fabulous. I love tea in all flavors and varieties. Still not really into cooked veggies, and fruits and sweets I don't care about all that much. It's weird, because this is the total opposite of my other two pregnancies. Everything I've listed are the things I couldn't even LOOK at throughout my other two pregnancies.


Rant: umm... um.... casseroles? Oh, no, super-cheesy dishes. Like quesadillas with chopped chicken and sour cream rolled up and baked. Or mac and cheese with gooey cheese sauce. Gross. Anything with cream cheese in it. Yuck yuck yuck. It's weird because I am LOVING cheese, and some something like baked brie sounds AWESOME but alfredo sauce or canneloni with ricotta is disgusting.

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Rave: breakfast! I loved it before but it's like this baby has just kicked my love of breakfast into overdrive. Eggs, chicken or turkey breakfast sausage, pancakes (Ive been making pu
Pumpkin pancakes lately, scones and coffee, and oranges...I don't eat all those things on the same morning but probably would if someone else was cooking for me (and doing the clean up!). smile.gif
Every other meal holds little meaning to me...I have very few cravings that past beyond a few minutes...we stopped eating out months ago so I do fantasize about food cooked by peope other than me. :-)

Rants: corn tortillas and quinoa. I hate the smell of both. And I normally love quinoa, but these days it makes me want to barf.
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oooo....cream cheese and cherry tomatoes on crackers.  Yum.


I found this blt dip the other day (mayo, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomatoes) and I LOVE it.  Actually, except for a few bites of oatmeal, that's all I've eaten today.

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Raves:  I can eat most things now, but these are things I can't get enough of:  Caesar salad, feta, olives, salami, bologna sandwiches (normally GROSS!), toast with butter and blackberry jam, onion rings from Ted's Montana Grill (dipped in ranch dressing).


Rants:  Water, pasta with cheese (macaroni, fettucini alfredo, tortellini, etc.) apples.

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Rave:  Milk and Medium Rare steaks

Rant:  Cheddar cheese and Chocolate (I used to be a chocoholic.)

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rave: oven roasted cauliflower with butter melted on top.

rant: marshmallows.  I have always hated them but for some reason I crave them while being nauseated by them at the same time now.  Avocado and tomatoes.  They used to be my favorites!  What happened?????

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Rave: fresh fruit of any kind (winter's going to be tough), grainy cereal, ginger-glazed walnuts, spirulina smoothies prepared by DH.


Rant: broccoli (which is usually a staple for me), anything complicated before I actually start eating it (once I'm eating, it's usually okay).

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Rave: hard boiled eggs with Adobo seasoning; fried eggs with Adobo seasoning; water with limes/oranges/grapefruit; anything reeeeeally spicy

Rant: scrambled eggs; anything oily; anything with mayonnaise; alfredo sauce

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