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Sara! mischievous.gif LOL I've done it before but felt too bad to keep the pics. lol

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I love tantruming pics! I always feel bad because tantrums usually make me laugh and that really pisses off the 3.5 year old!

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You meanie, Mal! lol.gif

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Ride-on toys are the coolest.

For the record, I haven't seen a tantrum since we got home from Thanksgiving. I've been at work for half of each day, but he seems happy to get back to our routine.
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He's still my little baby boy! luxlove.gif


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Becky, what a sweetheart he is!  And what long eyelashes!

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Originally Posted by glassesgirlnj View Post

Becky, what a sweetheart he is!  And what long eyelashes!

Thank you! biggrinbounce.gif

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He has such pretty hair. And adorable all curled up.

Here's a holiday picture right before he destroyed the train.
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8245753820_d7297d9882.jpg   We left the bottom of the tree bare as well.  Turned out, though, it was Austin who took and smashed 4 ornaments.  Avery was chewing on shards when I ran into the room to the sound of smashing glass.  Awesome.
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Sara, I love the matching shirts! 


Jaimee, that's a great picture!  Avery wasn't hurt by chewing on the glass, right?  (We are not doing a tree this year, but I'm already getting anxious about next year...)

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Fortunately, he was unhurt, though very mad when I took them away.  Yesterday he was chewing on charcoal from the fire place (he managed to move the grate just enough to reach his little hand in there) and that was actually more difficult to deal with. Sigh...  never a dull moment.

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I love his hair too. So straight and soft!

Shay kinda looks like he was feeling like Godzilla ... or Hulk. "Shay SMASH!" lol.gif


I'm so glad Avery was unhurt!

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Jaimee, Shay chewed the head off a glass Santa ornament and got mad that I kept sweeping and rinsing his mouth. Totally fine.
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Last night was the first night of Hanukkah and Shay really wanted to blow out the candles.

The little guys opened a gift and took turns wacking the balls. Neither of them could hit hard enough to knock them through, but they enjoyed it.
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I gave Rhyko is first haircut last week! It was getting in his eyes and he almost always had dreads in the back that were nearing impossible to comb out. I really loved his long golden locks, but his new shorter hair is so much more manageable! 


Before and after!

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Awww!  And a little boy emerges!  No more baby!  Nice job on the hair cut by the way!  I can barely trim Avery's hair without fearing I'll poke him in his eye.  I'm used to Austin and Avalon, who sit still.

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Jaimee, if we hand Shay food, he will sit still for anything.

Christina, he looks big!
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I cut his hair in the bath. He just played with his cups and bowls as usual! He was curious what I was doing and he didn't hold still, but it didn't take me very long. :)

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8264710822_23a3d29754.jpg    Clapping for the Hannukah candles
8263642071_7cbde11d2b.jpg  He grabbed the candle and actually put the flame out with his hand.  Dh looks shocked.  LOL!
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Jaimee, I love your DH's expression in the last picture!! ROTFLMAO.gif

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