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hahaha That's awesome! lol.gif Happy, then scared/shocked. lol

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I love how much Billy loves Levi!!! He was rocking side to side in this picture, putting him to sleep.



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Enoch is such a pretty baby.

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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

Enoch is such a pretty baby.

Thank you!! :)


Two more.





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He really is soooo darling :)

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It's true, he's pretty darn cute.

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Yay! He really is walking now. :) He prefers crawling, but he seems to be recreationally walking. lol

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Go Levi!

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Are you able to see the video? It's not working now, for some reason. ?????

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Worked for me. Very cute.
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Awww! Joanie she's so adorable! I love love love her big blue eyes!

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Joanie, she's a cutie.

Here's one of the babies napping.

My sister gave them a box. Inside appeared to be dog poop. Knowing her, no one was brave enough to figure out if it was real for several minutes.
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I saw a commercial(or movie?) a while ago about a man thinking about what it would be like to be senile and he said to himself that he'd be able to do horrible things and blame them on being senile. He pooped in a box, wrapped it in a present and gave it as a birthday gift. LOL

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I LOVE my attachment parenting group here! I got this Boba Organic for $45, only used for a year. Such a lifesaver! I hated my wrap after Levi got heavier!


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Aww Becky, that is so cute!


You reminded me how I haven't babyworn in a while. I miss it. greensad.gif I'm going to have to try the back carry again and see how Sora likes it. I stopped front carrying when she kept trying to escape and was driving me nuts lifting her arms up where they shouldn't be. How heavy is Levi? Did he feel pretty weightless on your back at this age?

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I still wear Coralie a lot, mostly on the front. She's 22+lbs. I'm totally used to wearing her, but she she feel heavy if I didn't do it a lot.
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Eli is pretty heavy 25+ lbs. I still front carry him in my Boba, mostly because when I am out alone, it is almost impossible to back carry. I do want to start back carrying more - BUT I would miss the constant chattering and pointing Eli does...
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Sonja, why is it impossible to back carry?

We do loads of baby wearing still. We get out of the house less in this weather, but sometimes I get 45 pounds of baby going. Either one is light by comparison, but Shay's 27 pounds is still pretty heavy.
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