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This is Avery last week: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jaimeeandbrian/8314812943/in/photostream  Now he can go about twice as far!  Yesterday he was in full snow gear and decided to try walking across the snowy and icy deck.  He made it pretty far and then slipped on ice before I got to him.  I love the early walking... how wobbly they are, holding up their arms and how proud they are of themselves.

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Very cute, Jaimee.
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Yay, Avery!!

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Yay Avery! Levi is walking almost all the time now (unless toys are on the floor, in his way) I love watching him toddle along. It's so cute!

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Hi ladies!


No walking here yet, but lots of standing!

I still wear KJ almost all the time (hours every day, we go for lots of walks etc) and I still wear her in front.  She's ok with being worn on my back but I like o be able to see her, snuggle with her, talk to her, etc.


Here's my girl on her first bday:




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She's so beautiful, Katie! <3

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Thanks, Becky!

And another one... 




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haha I love this! "What? I was just seeing if there was anything else in there!"

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Katie, so cute!!  One of Avery's favorite past times is climbing on top of objects as well.  He'll try and get on top of the smallest boxes!  It's so funny!


Fun in the snow!  I couldn't believe how much fun Avery had!  Avalon and Austin both just cried when I put them in the snow at his age.

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Wore Levi to the store and back this morning and this is how he stayed for an hour after we got back. He loves being in the Boba!





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Cute, cute, cute! KJ is adorable. I love the snow pics, Jaimee. I'm a little jealous... only a little, because I like being warm. Becky, Jasper does the same thing. Here is a picture of him asleep when I took him off my back. Also, a cute one dsd took one Christmas Eve. 
















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haha He's crashed. OUT! Just goes to show they're most at peace having gone to sleep with mama snuggly close to them.

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Shay loves climbing, too. He loves to squat on the lid of the tarantula tank. Last night he climbed off it and told me he had peed. Yup, in the spider cage.
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Here's a pic of my girls wearing their matching party dresses that the got for Christmas. It's darn near impossible to get a good photo of them together
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Coralie loves the puppies!
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So cute. Are they wearing collars already?
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Thanks! They are wearing colored paper colors to help identify them. We keep track of how they are growing and such and it's hard when they all look the same. They will get real collars in a few weeks.
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I see. My grandma was a dog breeder most of her dogs had small enough litters that we could usually tell them apart. Collars are a neat idea.
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Children could have all the toys in the world, but as soon as they figure out they can fit in a box, their toys no longer exist.


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Haha so true Becky!


We have SO MANY toys here, and B prefers the remote control and shoes.

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