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Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post

Haha so true Becky!


We have SO MANY toys here, and B prefers the remote control and shoes.

Same! He wants the remote and the house phone. rolleyes.gif

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Ya know, for being a moody toddler, she sure is CUTE!

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Put her to work, Joanie.

My middles, she catches and carries him every chance she gets.
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Seraf, that's adorable!  And Shay has so much hair! 

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That's so cute! I love sibling love. love.gif

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I little late, but here is our Christmas family photo.  We're super cool, huh??


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I know she's not a Nov. 11 baby, but I just had to share! Casey's hair was getting intolerable, with how much of a rat's nest it would turn into, so I cut it. I think I did a fairly good job. orngbiggrin.gif







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Looks great!  My hair is prone to rats nets during the winter. I recently discovered that using coconut oil as a conditioner, leaving it in, and washing it out later, has helped a great deal.  :)

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Aww I think you did a good job too, Becky! I hope I can gain some haircutting skills. Sora's first haircut by me was pretty brutal looking. lol

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Thanks, ladies! I just did a straight cut and I didn't take into consideration how much shorter it'd be when it dried, but it was still okay. :)

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Eli needs a trim/cut but something is holding me back lol... I need a hair cut too, last cut was 2 days before Eli was born.
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Levi's hair needs a trim too, but I'm weird about cutting boys' hair. I used to buzz Michael's hair. But I can't bring myself to cut Levi's hair for some reason. lol

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I've been cutting Austin's hair for about a year now and I have trimmed Avery's a few times around the ears.  But now he needs a full on trim.  There isn't much curl to it so it pretty much just sticks out and he looks ridiculous.  I'll have to try and get it when he's sleeping b/c he will not let those scissors near his head without turning.

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I cut R's hair in the bathtub... he was just playing with his bath toys as normal. I don't know if you guys to group bath time, might not work in that case! ;)


R needs another hair cut already... I cut his hair about five weeks ago. Pretty short! Already in his eyes. It's grown a little over an inch! jaw2.gif

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No hair cuts for Conner. He was pretty bald until about 10 months old. It's touching his ears but it's nowhere close to his eyes.
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Levi's hair is in his eyes. It bugs me so bad. I almost wish he was a girl so I could throw a clip in his hair. haha

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Becky, you can make a 'hair gel' with some aloe vera and a little water and then use it to comb Levi's hair to the side. Or rock a plain colored clip! I tried clipping R's hair to the side and he kept pulling them out.

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