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Look at this fat baby!
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Check Bettie out! Way to fill out!

So many cute babies.

Shay's in love with bike riding.

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Beautiful pictures!!!

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Kid loves to paint his toenails.
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Spring Blizzard...

That's my stick teepee waiting for peas to be planted on it... it'll be another week before that can happen!
Tiny snowflake on tiny eyelashes
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So cute!!!

It's finally nice enough to start playing outside again.

Fork. smile.gif

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Jaimee!  That middle pic is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

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Nicole, we played outside the other day too. Levi was very intrigued by everything out there. lol

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Thanks, Ash!

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Blowing a kiss.



Saying "Hi!"


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Kali, his hair is beautiful.
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Thank you! We love it.

Originally Posted by seraf View Post

Kali, his hair is beautiful.


Another two, just because.



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Great pics Kali!

This is the best pic I could get of all my kids dressed up for a Easter egg hunt.
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.. Being able to freely run through Beacon Hill Park, joyfully pointing out beautiful (fl)owers to Mama! Sunshine and blue skies... Yay for spring!
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Aw, such cute pictures!  I love little kids and flowers and J, that hay bale full of kiddos is adorable.  Kali, you take such beautiful pics!  Abra, that's a great picture of all three.... my Easter pic was not nearly as good.  Nicole, I love it when these little ones eat with utensils... so cute!


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 Here are some recent pictures of Harlan 


 He was so proud that he climbed up on the 24" kitchen chair himself


and another  him testing out a real fork  with meatloaf for dinner 

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Avery "helps" me garden...

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Awww, cute! lol

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