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Jasper is loving his new daycare soooo much. They email a newsletter everyday with pictures and information on what they did. Hear are two recent pictures of Jasper from the letter:


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Aww he looks sooo happy, Amanda! That's great! So freakin' cute.
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Love the coloring picture!  He looks like such a big boy at school!

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Awww so cute of Jasper!




Nochy enjoys the new dress-up station I built for the kids this weekend. 



And one of my daughter just because she is beautiful and I love showing her off, lol.



And one of my kids at my oldest son's chess tournament today, where he won first place in the advanced category. Notice the banana Enoch has smooshing out of his mouth- he thought it was funny. 

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Kali, you got 3 kids to look and smile! Way to go!

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Cute pictures, Kali! I don't think I have any of everyone smiling.


There are very few pictures of dh as a child. We just got one from his sister last night. I have to post this with a pic of J... they are twins! Dh is the toddler. 



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The local museum has machines right now.

Amanda, he does look like him.
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Wow, Kali, that's awesome about your son winning the chess tournament!!  Congrats to you and him!!  And beautiful pictures as always!


Nicole- he's really concentrating!  I feel like Avery only gets engaged like that every couple of days.  I wish it happened more!


Amanda- total twins!  My dh thinks he and Austin are twins, but I don't see it.  LOL!


Sara- soooo cute!  Boys and machines!  Austin totally flips out from excitement when he sees any kind of non-car/truck vehicle machine- even a golf cart.

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Pointing to things while boating
Boating brothers
3 kiddos on Father's Day
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Jaimee, does that lifejacket keep him face up? We are about to get lifejackets for the boys, I was going to get the old orange kind because I had an incident with Ari not being able to keep her face out of the water in the vest style after we capsized when she was 2.

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Sara, we didn't throw him into the lake to find that out!  lol.gif  I sort of assumed it would keep him floating on his back or in a vertical position.  I'm not sure, though!  We were just borrowing those from the boating place.

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Haha, fair enough. It kept her at the surface of the water, but in her panic she didn't have the sense to tip her head back. Those bathing suits with floatation panels were even worse (different kid). There are comfortable looking vest shaped ones with a head rest and no back floaty material that I've never tried that say they may not keep all kids face up. :-(

Shay is also right at the weight limit for the infant size. Haha. I guess I can't win.
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Jaimee, love the boating pics!!

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A turnip bigger than Avery! 
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Shopping at hardware store today. Display showers provide endless entertainment for toddlers.


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Checking out his sister's room.

And I'm one if those kids that had hours of entertainment at hardware stores, LOL.
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Aww cute, Nicole. Love the wall color. It's similar to what we used for Sora's room!

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Conner will not let me put his clothes away while he's watching. He'll rip everything out of the dresser as soon as I put it in there. This was my way of distracting him. smile.gif My little OCD kid can't leave a mess so I dumped his blocks out. Hahahahahahaha.
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Picture of Eli and his cousin Neely hi-five-ing. Neely is 2months younger than Eli. Eli sure isn't shy, he is super sociable and it took no time for him to warm up to anyone. It took Neely almost all afternoon to get used to Eli.
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