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Great picture, Sonja!
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Sonja, that's adorable and the pics you posted on FB are so beautiful! 

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Zoo trip with Sora's BFF





Mommy/daughter lunch date



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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

Great picture, Sonja!

Originally Posted by Jaimee View Post

Sonja, that's adorable and the pics you posted on FB are so beautiful! 

Thanks *blushes*. I have always had a love for photography...

Lovely pictures Joanie!
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Aw, Joanie, she's so cute!  And sweaters already?

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Joanie, she looks so big! 


I forgot to post camping pictures.


There's no such thing as packing light with four kids.


Everyone asleep, no room for me.

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Sara, you are awesome for taking 4 kids, 2 of which are toddlers, camping!  I bow down to you!!

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They were really good. I was the whiny one with all the rain.
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LOL I love those camping photos! Too cute! Shay looks so much like you now, Sara, minus the eye and hair color. But similar features. smile.gif
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Joanie, I can't post pictures, but he looks almost exactly like a little girl in Europe! Like, it's disturbing. And I have back to back pictures in my camera of DD and her donor making the same face and it's amazing. And another little girl in Europe looks shockingly like my oldest. I thought they all looked like me until I saw those others.
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This is what Coralie does when I ignore her for 5 minutes.  She dumped the dog food and water into a bowl and then was transferring it from the bowl to a cup to a basket.  


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LOL, Abra! That's so funny. Sara, I can totally imagine Shay looking like a European girl... I'm part Swedish and Norwegian. He'd fit in nicely with the blond crowd there. Haha.
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Abra, the transfer game is very popular here, too.

Joanie, I meant he looks like another kid who was conceived by his donor. Their coloring is the biggest difference. I think he has my mouth and eye color, but the donor has blue eyes, too and all the kids have different shades of blue.
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Oh, oops!
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Transfer games are better with approved materials and generally it's best outside.  

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Well, at our house today it was, lets dip all the water out if the turtle tank and pour it on the hallway floor and dance in it. Grumble grumble.
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I'm basically People of Walmart. Teddy snuggled these for an hour--refused to put them back in the cart.
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Joanie, I love Sora's hair and I am jealous of sweater weather. So cute!


Sara, love the camping pics. 


Abra, I love the look on her face.


Becca, his eyelashes are amazing.

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Becca, that's hilarious.
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I don't think I ever put up a picture from the beach. Here's J in June:







And yesterday:




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