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Jaimee - They look blue to me, but a different shade than Coralie (who's guaranteed blue eyes). 

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Oh, I definitely think that's a blue eye. Those are a similar shade to Greta's, a blue-gray. Owyn has more of a bright blue like my DH's eyes, but Greta gets hers from me. Either way, all of my kids will have some shade of blue eyes.

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Shay is finally really laughing.





And he is trying to make the trilling sound made in the video (I wasn't home when he laughed and they tried to show me) and he has been trying to blow raspberries, which is one of the cue sounds I use when I take him potty.


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Thanks ladies!  I'm excited that it's looking more and more likely that they're blue!  I'm just tickled that I may have finally gotten one kid with my eyes!  When I first found out I was pregnant and was having a really hard time with it, one thing that got me a little excited was that maybe, just maybe this one would look like me. 


Sarah... his laugh is hilarious.  I love baby laughs!  Avery has made attempts to laugh, but we haven't been able to catch it on video b/c he gets so distracted by the camera.

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Conner has blue eyes, too. When I was pregnant, DH and I always joked that we'd know it wasn't his (There's no way he wasn't, LOL) if Conner came out with eyes other than blue, because we both have blue eyes. lol.gif

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It's Bumboo time!  Well, at least in 3 minute stretches...  She's 10 weeks old already!



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9 weeks
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He DOES look like you Jaimee!  Don't you think??

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I do!  Finally!  I guess third time's the charm!  lol.gif

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You mean there might be hope for me?  We just have to have one more baby.....

Originally Posted by Jaimee View Post

I do!  Finally!  I guess third time's the charm!  lol.gif


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13 weeks old!!! Man, time flies.



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He DOES look like you Jaimee!  Don't you think??

Yeah, for sure!

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OMG Nicole they match!  So cute!

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I haven't posted pics in forever! Got a new outfit from Piddle Poddles (hyena cart store, LOVE their dipes too btw!) today so we had a massive pic taking session and got some cuteness!





Have to let dd be in some pics too! Its the only way to keep her from photobombing ;) (goodness, she darn near needs restraints when we try and get solo pics of her brothers!) but she's pretty darn cute too. I made her that dress/legging set for her bday last week. 



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Oh, yay!! I was just asking about you last week!!

What gorgeous girls! love.gif

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Yay Julie!!  Welcome back!  It's so great to see you here again and see your gorgeous babies!!  So adorable!   Now we need a pic of Nicole's babies, too!!  Nicole, where are you?


Christina, what a great pic of you!  And I love the breastfeeding shot; very artistic!

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Me? LOL Or another Nicole?

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I meant the Nicole with twins!  LOL!  But, hey, you changed her username!

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