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Pictures of our Babies! - Page 4

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Thanks, Becky wink1.gif

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5 days old





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17 days old FINALLY got my charger for my good camera. :)


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Dylan, 8 days old.



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I didn't realize how hairy he is until I took this one. lol


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Becky - I've got a super hairy babe, too!  I love it, it makes her skin SO soft.


J - shut UP Dylan is so gorgeous.  Can we betroth our babies, please?


Abra, Luna, everyone I'm missing - PLEASE keep the baby pics coming!

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I honestly wanna see more pics of Krystal's baby and I wanna see Jaimee's baby toooooo! Everybody's babies are gorgeous! We made some adorable little turkeys!

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Katie, consider it done.  love.gif

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DSC_0130 copy.JPG

This one's for the christmas card love.gif

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1 week old




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Avery: 1 day old
3 days old


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My lil Griz fan. Born on gameday, against a major rivalry team. Griz won. orngbiggrin.gif


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ho-ho-ho.  the effect isn't as awesome when baby is huge already....  but I guess that is our attempt at trying to see how he fit in my belly. Ha. 


And, my two babies.  Love these boys.




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haha J I was gonna do that, but I think he's getting too big to TRULY see how on earth he fit inside. lol

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J, I love the pic of your two boys!  So precious!!  And are those regular jeans you're wearing?????

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Thanks Becky and Jaimee.  I wanted to do the belly photo with Dylan earlier but, well, I rarely wear anything but pajamas haha.

Jaimee..... yeah those are regular jeans.     

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I'm in my pre-preggo jeans too. orngtongue.gifIt's nice, cuz I did not wanna wear my maternity pants anymore. lol

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God I'm so jealous of you ladies in your pre-baby jeans. My maternity jeans are falling apart and I'm starting to feel pretty frumpy and fat and gross. VERY cute pics, everyone!

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Katie, go shopping and get yourself some good in-between jeans and a few cute tops!  Retail therapy is an amazing thing, and you'll look cute while you're at it.  I'm SURE you don't look frumpy and gross.  

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I was just going to say the same thing. I'm getting some nursing tops for myself for Christmas so I don't have to wear a large shirt, instead of a medium because of my huge milk boobs. lol

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