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We use Jason's and Badger and my sensitive skinned kiddos have been fine.  But they do contain more ingredients than your home made version.   What about titanium dioxide vs. zinc oxide?

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I make my own sunscreen bars and they work pretty good.  You need to reapply it if you're going to be out in the hottest part of the day.  I learned that the hard way with a pretty nasty sunburn.  I got the recipe here http://wellnessmama.com/4844/homemade-sunscreen-bars/ and I got the zinc oxide powder on amazon.  There is also a great recipe on the same site for diaper cream and baby wipes that we can't live without.   

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Fed him on the couch and he was asleep. After I got up, this is how he ended up.


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Avery's two toofers: 7 months
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Avery is gorgeous!

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love.gif  Thanks Kali! 

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Speaking of sensory play on the other thread, the boys and I made muffins yesterday morning and Shay really enjoyed the flour.




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I love how Soren is just laying on the counter amongst baking supplies!  lol.gif

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Shay is too rough, I can't leave Soren in his reach. Soren kicked the ingredients off several times.

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He didn't pull up himself, but he cruised the side of the pack'n'play by himself! :)


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South Haven, MI beach vacation!






Telling Ken doll who's boss

Dd watching the sun set on Lake Michigan
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Jaime: LOVE the pix!

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Great pictures.

Recently Shay picked up a Barbie doll, swung it around a few times, looked, saw the breasts and tried to nurse on the doll (she was wearing a pretty low cut shirt).
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Sara that's too funny!  I remember buying my DS a barbie when he was 2 because he had asked for one.  He promptly ripped its head off and drank out of it like a cup. 

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Hahaha, yikes!
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Sara, that is hilarious!!

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On the way to camping! 


Walking to the lake at the campsite. 5:30AM



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How was camping, Becky?



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It was awesome! Except we need more blankets and an eggshell mattress for bedding. lol Mine and hubby's hips are bruised.

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