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just another thought, we have a local crisis pregnancy help center, where they help moms out with stuff for pregnancy and baby, and even some counseling.  They have emergency supplies of diapers and formula, they have cribs/pack n plays sometimes, but they also have maternity clothes on a loan system, and they usually have plenty of clothes donated to help get baby through the first year, so if you are having a boy, there may be a similar resource in your area.  you could also contact a church to see if their children's ministry could be of any help.  i just found out that i am having a boy and i intend to donate my dd's clothes through our church.  if the director let me know there was a mom in need, it would be so simple to help out with hand-me-downs... just a thought.  

Oh and if you do have a boy... maybe you could find another second-time mom on craigslist who is having a girl after a boy, and you could swap all your baby clothes.