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Missed miscarriage :(

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Hi ladies, 


Just popping in to let you know that it looks like I've had a missed miscarriage. After my scan didn't show anything on Friday I went for a blood test over the weekend and has come back negative. I've taken the day off to try and process it all, I still haven't bled or anything so I'm not sure what will happen next. 


Thanks so much to everyone for all the support, I might have to check in on here over the next few months to see how you're all doing.


Wishing happy and healthy pregnancies to you all heartbeat.gif

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Oh, rebekah, I'm sorry it didn't stick. Hopefully the perfect bean will stick for you soon, though! I hope everything resolves smoothly for you. ((Hugs)) and ~healing~ to you.

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I'm really sorry to hear that. Lots of hugs and good luck.

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So sorry to hear this Rebekah. Take some time and rest. hug2.gif

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I'm sorry Rebekah - thinking of you...

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:(  Hugs, Mama...

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I'm sorry to hear that.  :-(

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I am so sorry, Rebekah.  Please don't wait too long for the bleeding; my first pg was a missed miscarriage but it grew into a hydatiform mole.  I had to have an emergency d+c and because i waited so long and the mole was so big, i had to wait a year before trying again.  Not to scare you, but to let you know that could happen if you just wait and wait.  Again, I am so sorry for you, and I wish you good luck in the future.

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i'm so sorry to hear it, rebekah. hug2.gif

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Thank you all for your kind messages, it's so nice to have the support on here from you ladies! I spoke to my dr yesterday evening and after reading the ultrasound report she believes it was a chemical pregnancy and I'd probably miscarried awhile ago. I'd started on some pretty heavy dury iron supplements, which I now read can cause nausea so that is likely why I thought pg symptoms were continuing. So frustrating!


ms.shell - my doctor has said that because there was nothing showing in my uterus, I don't have to worry about bleeding and/or having a d&c but that we can start trying again as soon as we want to. Thank goodness! 

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So sorry mama! Good luck to you in ttc! I hope it happens quickly for you! Take care of yourself!

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doulaRebekah - I'm so sorry.  There are really no words.  Hugs.  

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I'm so sorry. I wish healing and peace for you

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I'm so sorry. :( I had a chemical a few months before this pregnancy, and honestly at the time the pregnancy was not a happy surprise, but was what pushed us towards welcoming #4. May you have excellent fertility, and a sticky bean in the months to come! 

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That's so good to hear, Ivymae - thank you!

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Sorry to hear that, Doularebekah.

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