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Safe, semi-healthy play make-up?

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So I don't wear make-up, ever, but my MIL has been threatening to make-over dd, now I'm not against my dd wearing make-up, but I suspect that MIL will end up getting your classic made in China play  make-up set, does anyone know a healthy version... sorry clueless about make-up..... :(

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I'd be inclined to make my own set (it's actually pretty easy). You can reuse empty makeup containers and fill them with your own nontoxic stuff. I've yet to find any play makeup sets on the market that I'd be comfortable with. 


For eye shadow, you need a mortar & pestle, colored mica, jojoba oil, and a container to put it in. You basically just mix and grind the colored mica until you get the shade you want, add a few drops of jojoba, grind until it's well distributed, and then press it into a container. You should be able to do blush the same way.


I make lip balm from melting beeswax and mixing with coconut oil, then piping it into a lip balm pot. You can use mica to color it. 


And here's a neat, mess free alternative that would be pretty easy:


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even though i was not into makeup at all - put it on v. v. rarely just for myself till dd was 5 she was very into makeup.


i didnt see the point in children's make up.


i passed on some of mine and bought good quality adult makeup. 

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I'm with you - the kids makeup grosses me out. 


DD is still just in "play" phase (too young to wear everyday) but I have gotten her a few things from Aveda and Burt's Bees.  Whole Foods has skincare and makeup lines, including water-based nail polish.  (Warning - it doesn't last long and comes off in the bath tub.)  We also have a local health food store that carries skincare and makeup products.  I did find some "chemical free" polishes at Ulta.  It's more expensive than Barbie play makeup, but I feel better about it. 


I love the idea of making the "play" makeup kits but DD wants to see the sparkles on her face!



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I'd suggest nailpolish from Piggy Paint and lip gloss from Burts Bees.


And depending on age, made the makeup/face pencils from Lyra. Made in Germany under EU supervision and the only ones I'd buy for my own kids. Basic and "sparkle"


I'd also try and smelly natural lotions.


(Ahem, and you need ammunition http://visitindigo.com/2010/10/is-your-face-paint-kid-safe-this-halloween/ )

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Pure Poppet!  It is 100% natural and totally fun.  It is available at www.FamilyBedrock.com for North America.  They have mineral powders, lip balms, makeup crayons, etc.

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