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Any Ergo users?

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Hello Mamas!


I've just started using the Ergo with LO and am wondering about leg position.  Right now baby is not yet able to spread his legs so his feet come out the sides.  Instead he sort of bends his little legs up behind him.  It's sort of like he's kneeling and his feet are bent up behind him.  He seems comfy but I just worry it's not good to bend his legs up like that.   Anyone else using the Ergo and how do you arrange your LO's legs / feet?  

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We are using it, babes' legs and feet were like you said til up to about 2 weeks ago (born 8/1). He seemed comfy with his legs out so thus the long journey into babywearing is now in full effect! I think it's rec'd that their legs are at a 90 degree level to their hips to avoid hip issues. There was a good link to this in the babywearing forum, I will see if I can find cause I didn't know there could be such severe consequences of bad positioning and think it's worth passing in...I will go have alook for that~

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are you using it with or without the infant insert? We were using the infant insert, and I haven't used the Ergo recently, but I just figured we'd use the infant insert until his legs could fit comfortable otherwise

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