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Moving to Oswego County

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My husband and I just bought property in Williamstown (close to Camden) and will be moving up at some point next year.  is there anyone else in that area?  We're starting a homestead, and hopefully will eventually be living off our land as well as selling honey, eggs, grass fed meat, vegies, and whatever other products we have a surplus of.  I'm also finally going to be a stay at home mama!  I'm hoping I can get my doula work off the ground again after we move, so that I can bring some income in but still be home with my babies.


Any other mamas/doulas/homesteaders/anyone at all near our new home?

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Hi, we have just relocated to NY state but are renting and looking for property eventually. We have family in Oswego so, we've thought of looking there (it's probably more affordable than here in the Catskills). We usually take a trip there every summer and explore.

I'd love to hear about your progress and how you find the area as far as meeting community. I'll bet you do great and that you find lots of great people just waiting for a doula or a homesteadin' family to share with!

Keep in touch if you can!



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