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Herbs in the 3rd Trimester

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Hi Ladies! Has anyone's provider recommended that you start taking any kind of herbs/ supplements to help with labor and delivery? I'm specifically looking for recommendations on Red Raspberry Leaf and Evening Primrose Oil. There seems to be a lot of mixed research out there so I'd love to hear your experiences w/ amount, type, and when to start. Thanks so much! 

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I think the tea falls into may help, won't harm.  Drink it if you want to.  EPO I do not touch as it has been associated with premature rupture of membranes and other complications.






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I've been drinking RRL "sweet" tea this whole pregnancy - the same as my second pregnancy.  As it falls into the "may help, won't hurt" category I use it as my sweet treat every day, plus I really do believe it helped with my last labor.


I just make a gallon jug and drink at will.

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i drink RRL tea once i hit term, and i start taking EPO as i near 40 weeks.  i have gone quite late with all of my kiddos, so i have no hesitation to use either of these things, and i do think they help.

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My midwife said I could drink RRL tea throughout the pregnancy with no issues, so I've been having 3-4 cups a day of Mother-to-be tea... Don't know about any other supplements, though.

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I had RRL tea last time, 2 cups a day for 2nd trimester and 3 cups a day for the third trimester. That may have played a part in my 7 hour labor.


This time, I have sometimes had RRL, but I've been getting such strong BHs that I've stopped doing that. I think maybe my body knows what it's doing this time around. I may have a strong, hot RRL when I'm in labor and all my ducks are lined up.

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Thanks for all the replies :) 

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I've heard that Nettle is recommended during the last trimester. Tea interferes with the absorption of iron though so I avoid drinking with meals/vitamins. 

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I'll start drinking RRL at 37 wks. It caused contractions for me with ds3 & I've had quite enough issues that way this time around so I'm not taking chances. I need to get some alfalfa & start drinking nettle/alfalfa tea for the nutrients, esp Vit K.

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I am waiting until week 36 to start RRLT (3 weeks from now).  I am, however, drinking Nettle Leaf, Alfalfa, Oatstraw Rosehips and Spearmint. 3-4 cups a day.

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I have been drinking RRL since 24 weeks. Currently I am 32 weeks and I just stepped up the amount I drink to 3 cups I day. I mix in some Nettle too. I want to start alfalfa as well. Not sure when I will do EPO.


I was told by my midwife to use tea tree oil suppositories for a week before my GBS test so I will be started those in a few weeks.

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Tea tree oil suppositories!? I wouldn't use TTO internally. Everything I've seen for GBS is either hibiclens or garlic.

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