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Weekly chat Nov 14-21

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A new week! Congrats to all of the mamas that are halfway or close to halfway!  I will be in another week and for some reason that is really big in my head.


Starting to really want some maternity clothes. No consignment shops that have them around here that I can find, I have searched a lot! I am going to look on craigslist but DH said I could go buy some this weekend if I needed to,  either way, it will be nice to be comfortable in clothes. I am fine in the morning but by the evening I am so bloated and my abs so tired that I look twice as big!


As far as the saga of getting homebirth approved....I have sent in the next step of paperwork and we are waiting to hear back to send in a comprehensive packet of the economic and health benefits of homebirth.  I have a back up plan of using the birthing center and feel pretty good about that but I so want to be at home!  Hope it works out soon!


My baby is going to be made up of cheese, eggs, bacon and apples because that is what I love these days!

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I was excited to celebrate the half way point yesterday, and today we celebrate DH's birthday...what a wonderful week for us!


I've been feeling movement from the outside for about a week now. I was really surprised, because this baby doesn't move as frequently as my others, and almost never rolls, etc. Just the kicks I do get are much more forceful...and this is WITH an anterior placenta!!! This baby must be amazingly strong.


Measuring 27cm today, no getting sick in 3 weeks, and even though I still can't sleep my energy level is improving. All around very happy with the way the pregnancy is progressing!!!

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Thanks for the new thread!


I hope all of you dealing with sickness feel better soon. I gave my cold to DS and he has now given it to DH. Hopefully DH doesn't give it back to anyone else!


As to moving babies, this one first kicked me at 14 weeks. DH felt it then too. I didn't feel anything with DS until around week 19 so it is nice to feel movement this early. However, DS was a nonstop, action baby. By 32 weeks I just wanted him out so that I could get some rest without being kicked nonstop. My doctor recommended kick counts at 30 weeks because of the preeclampsia and said I should feel at least 5 movements a day. I told him there was no need to do kick counts because I could reach over 20 in a minute most days. Hoping this one isn't quite so mobile.


On another note, I turned 27 on Wednesday and it was a great birthday. I got to spend some quality time alone with DH, which we only get to do about once every two or three months, and we had a nice dinner out. Now I am really looking forward to Wednesday and Thursday this week. Wednesday we have the anatomy u/s and I am excited to see the baby again. We are going to have the u/s tech write the baby's gender on paper and seal it in an envelope to be revealed some time in January at the gender reveal party. That means we will have the information sitting in the house for almost 2 months before we find out but I think I can last. On Thursday I have my midwife appointment. Really hoping things continue on well since I am really getting excited about a homebirth!

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bela, Wednesday was my birthday too!  30.  Feels good to be "officially" out of my 20's since I've felt 30 since I was about 15. redface.gif


prettyisa and flavorful1, the 22nd is my u/s too.  Should be a big news day!



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I've been off the grid for a bit. This weekend was way too long and busy. I'm excited for all the ladies who already know if they are having boys are girls! I'm very unhappy that my 20 weeks falls on Thanksgiving week, which means November 30th will be the day we find out. 


I gave up and bought two pairs of maternity jeans on Saturday. I love them tho! I can at least tell myself that I waited until I was almost 5 months pregnant before they were purchased. I bought a great new winter coat which I am even happier about. ;)


Anyone been craving broccoli? I can't seem to get enough of that and craisins. It's such great munching food while I am on the go at school! And lately school is taking it's toll. I have six weeks left of class and it is crunch time. I'm a ceramicist and I have to make 4 vases, 4 pitchers, and at least 6 mugs before the end of November. I'm a little stressed and the fatigue this week has been all encompassing. I can't seem to get enough sleep. 


Happy Birthday, bela and kate!


Zuzu- My baby seems to do more rolling than kicking lately. The first week that I noticed movement it seemed like it didn't stop. Now the baby seems more chill or perhaps things have just moved around a bit. Sounds like you have a little Hulk in your belly. orngbiggrin.gif


flavorful- Thanks for the new thread and I hope you get some good news about the home birth. I say get some maternity pants. I couldn't take one more week of a button jabbing my belly while I sat at my potter's wheel. 


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hey ladies! I hope you all had a good Monday.  I was wondering if you guys could answer a question.  I am finally up to exercising again YAY!! so every monday and wed morning i take a challenging but appropriate extend barre class (a ballet style class).  the class is great, the problem, however, is that I haven't stopped eating since I finished the class.  I mean literally... oatmeal/ cheesestick/ orange AND cookies and milk, FOR LUNCH... half a bag (yep, 5 whole servings) of trail mix, another cheese stick, and yogurt and granola while at work, and the grand finale... oriental chicken salad and a brownie from applebees... 


SERIOUSLY... HELP!!!! I can't go on like this.  I can't believe how much food I consumed in one day.  I'm exhausted just from eating.  Anyone else dealing with the same thing?  any advice??

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sorry for the double post... but in other exciting news I think we have a name... Collin Graham... yay!  That's been helping me bond with baby a little more easily, and his stroller and carseat arrived today, so everything is starting to feel a little more real! YAY!!!

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18+5 here.


Still not feeling certain about movement, and am excited for that to start. The only 100% for-sure movement I've felt was when listening to baby with the fetoscope - my uterus, the scope and my hand all wobbled as the baby rolled past. Not sure if I would have noticed it if I hadn't been compressing my belly when it happened. I keep noticing little bumps and flicks in various places across my belly but most of the time I have to fart right afterwards which makes me assume it was just gas ... unless baby bumps the gas along?! Jealous of and amazed by you mamas who feel lots and lots of definite movements!


Ultrasound coming up on the 25th. We won't be finding out the sex, though it is tempting!


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This baby is dancing all over the place. It is so strange that in only a week's time I went from "is that baby I feel?" thinking it would be a few weeks before I'd be sure, to "holy moly child, this is not a discoteca!" I can feel it on the outside too, but it's not yet strong enough, frequently enough, that DH has the patience to wait for it. But I have little doubt he'll have to wait much longer.


I got 2 pair of maternity pants on Saturday too. I don't need them yet, as my regular jeans fit fine, but I got them on sale. They're cozy though. I might never go back to regular jeans, these new jeans feel like wearing yoga pants all day. winky.gif


Chiromama, I'm pretty sure that even after a day of sitting idle on my tookus I'd eat all that and more. I have always eaten nearly constantly during my waking hours, though. Still sounds tasty.

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chiromama--I don't think that's ridiculous if you're adding in exercise...some days you might want less, some more.  You need lots more protein (IMO) when pregnant anyway and if you're exercising, that need will only go up.  You may feel fuller longer if you stick with high protein and high fat (good healthy fats not snacky/processed food fats) and keep the carbs lower (though don't discount them for picking your blood sugar up quickly if you overdo it).


20+5 here and just got back from a lovely vacation.  I actually felt normal for a few days and went snorkeling for a couple hours, twice!!  I haven't exactly been exercising much (or at all, ahem) during or right before this pregnancy, but I sure felt great to get more movement in on vacation!  I did feel completely wiped out the following day each time but good to go afterward.  I thought it would be so difficult finding things to eat (gluten free while traveling is so hard) but managed to get a good amount of protein/veg in (which I otherwise have NOT been craving).  We were joking about how much it would cost for me to stay on vacation until the baby is born since she apparently likes it so much!!!


Just before vacation I was able to hear the heartbeat with our fetalscope for the first time and I got a good count with it while on vacation--yay!  We were traveling with my parents and my mom was SO excited to hear the baby's heartbeat, I was glad to be able to share that with her.  Lalazap--I also notice movement when I use my fetalscope--I don't even think I'm pressing in so much but it's funny how many times I feel her roll by or kick/poke me at the exact spot I press into.  Other than that, I'm not feeling any outside movement but there are times I do feel pretty pronounced movement from inside...a particularly memorable ?foot in my bladder while descending in an airplane wasn't so pleasant.  Nothing like the sudden urge that something is forcing urine out without my consent while I can't do anything about it--eek!


flavorful--hope you get good news about your homebirth coverage soon!  We haven't even started that process but need to because I think our insurance will cover our homebirth (well, I guess I expect them to say no just for fun but the way I read the policy, it should be covered and hopefully we'll get it on appeal).


Since it's been cool here, I made sure to try on all my warm-weather vacation clothes RIGHT before we left and select things that still fit and felt good.  No need for maternity stuff yet.  Three days later, I couldn't fit into the capris I had brought with me and ended up re-wearing my 1 skirt and 1 dress 3 times each...not sure how that happened!  Now it feels SOOOO good to just relax into some maternity pants here at home.  Hoping to hit my favorite consignment store this week cause I only saved 3 pairs of warmer pants from last pg and I doubt any will last the whole time.  I have GOT to get a profile pic soon--arg!!



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Good morning to all! I'm quickly popping on before I have to get my kiddos up for school. I have been having irrational fears that something isn't quite right with this baby. I just haven't been feeling the "normal" amount of movement. By now I am feeling so much more. So I keep telling myself that the placenta is in the front or there really is something wrong. If I nudge the baby I don't even get a reflex movement. Not that that means anytihng but it would make me feel better. My ultrasound is next week Wednesday. I can only pray that there will be only tears of joy when seeing that little image.

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Adoremybabe, have you been able to hear the placenta through doppler? Or maybe when you look down at your belly while laying on your back do you see a lop-sided spot (for me there is a little bump to the right of my belly button). Perhaps if you can confirm the location of the placenta it would put your mind at ease. I really think at this point movement isn't such a definite thing though and you shouldn't worry too much. Not only are some women not feeling anything yet, showing that the movements can be pretty light, but they can also be pointed in the wrong direction. At this stage, a kick up, or toward your back, and you don't feel anything. So maybe baby has just done a position change on you! Sorry I can't offer more advice to help calm you, but I hope you feel better soon...we all have these moments of panic, I think it's just part of the package :(

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Right now why I lay down everything looks even. When I wake up I am lop sided but I assume that is from laying on my side over night. Eh. What do I know. Worrying is par for the course I suppose. The movements that I do feel on occasion are always pointed toward my pelvis. So that would make sense. I'll just keep doing what I've been doing and pray that baby is growing healthy! Thanks for your support zuzu!

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Hi all!  Now that I'm 20 weeks along with our first little one, I'm finally getting around to joining the weekly chat.  Better late than never, I suppose.  I'm starting to feel the second trimester burst of energy that I hear so much about after a very sleepy first trimester, and I'm starting to want to NEST.  I spent the last week obsessing about getting  furniture for the nursery (despite the fact that we'll be co-sleeping for a while), and now I want to leave work, go home, and wash the baseboards.  Never in my life have I had the urge to wash a baseboard before now!


I also had an appointment with my midwife today, and all seems well.  I'm measuring right on track, and baby's heart rate was 142.  Baby kicks whenever the doppler gets close to my belly, which is fun, and s/he rolls around in my belly all day long.  I'm also loving comfy maternity pants since my higher-waisted work pants have been uncomfortable for some time.  


Is anyone else having cravings you can't or won't indulge?  Before this week, all of my cravings have been pretty mundane (egg salad sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, Skittles), but I've had insatiable cravings for a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from a certain fast food restaurant this week.  I don't think I've ever had that sandwich from that restaurant, but I don't even eat meat or pasteurized cheese product, and I definitely don't give money to that particular restaurant.  Here's hoping that strange craving goes away quickly!

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Southernfried, I typically find that cravings don't go away because in some way it's your body's way of saying you need something in your diet. I've had cravings last weeks. One thing you could do is to make a homemade version. Just put eggs, a cheese you will eat, and maybe a bacon substitute (if those exist) on a biscuit and try that.

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Cravings are driving me crazy! I just got back from the grocery store and realized I bought a bunch of crazy things. Someone mentioned cole slaw and I had to have that. I also bout corn beef and fish sticks. I don't know if I have ever bought fish sticks before but when I saw them I had to have them. Lol!  I have also been craving fried foods like egg rolls and fried cheese curds. My husband is no help. He is willing to to indulge all my cravings even when I tell him I don't need it. I am trying to gain only 30lbs but if this keeps up I will gain 100lbs! At least I am not craving sweets too. smile.gif

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Yum. What a mistake to read this idea (breakfast biscuits), now I'll be craving one all night too. I love making them at home, though, especially on Sundays when DH and I tend to lounge about until noon. Biscuits are easy peasy to make so you could maybe even satisfy the craving without leaving home.

http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/biscuit-breakfast-sandwiches/detail.aspx The biscuit "recipe" I use is something like this one, except I use butter instead of shortening and I use a cup (plastic or glass) to cut those biscuits. They're certainly not good for you but they're so tasty once in a while, with some egg and (real) shredded or sliced cheese and some kind of meat if that's your thing. As zuzu mentioned, turkey bacon could be a substitute. I find turkey bacon to be too salty, but I have a low tolerance to salt flavor. Maybe add some fresh or sauteed green peppers or onion or other veggies to change it up a little bit. I've seen people bake the eggs in a muffin tin in the oven, which would make adding extra veggies and shredded cheese extra easy since it would come out like a compact omelet instead of falling apart in a mess when you try to eat it.

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AnnaB - I haven't eaten fish sticks since some time in my elementary school years and I had a really random desire to get fish sticks too! It's weird because I normally find the idea of processed fish patty stuff to be icky. Fish OK, but sticks/patties have sounded like a bad idea for all of my adult life. Did you eat any of them yet? So far I look at them in the freezer section and keep walking, but I figure one of these days I'll be going home with a box of fish patty in tow.

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I bought a bunch of local organic smoked Canadian bacon from our farmer's market before it ended. We use it to make amazing egg sandwiches. It is a lot less salty than regular bacon or turkey bacon and has a lot more flavor!!


autumngrey- Lol!!  I am glad I am not the only one. I would not usually ever buy them but I have also been staring at them longingly for the last few weeks and I finally broke down and bought them. I will probably eat them tomorrow for lunch. I will let you know how it goes. I think it is really strange how many of us crave the same weird things.



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Southernfried- I giggled reading your post just now. Today was my DSS's first day at daycare. After dropping him off I kinda lost it. I drowned my sorrows in two bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits from Hardee's and a large milk. I admit it. I did and it was delicious. DSS did great btw!

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