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Introducing myself

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Hi all,


I finally just found this place!  I kept looking and looking in the Forums and couldn't figure out why they hadn't created any new DDCs!

I'm growing baby #2, due at the very tail end of May.  If he/she is anything like the last baby, I should probably be in the June DDC. orngbiggrin.gif

DS is 18 months, born at the hospital after his posterior position proved too much for whatever nerve he was pushing on.  We're hoping for a home waterbirth this time for realz!  wink1.gif


Looking forward to meeting and hanging out with you all!

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Hi mama, and welcome! I had a hard time too at first finding this DDC with the new set up. Looks like we're in a similar situation - my son is about the same age as yours, and the new bean is due end of May (although if this one is like my first, we'll have a new baby mid-May).


I'm a little jealous of your potential home water birth! I had my heart set on a home birth this time (though I had a very peaceful, stress free, no intervention, midwife assisted birth in the hospital), but the home birth quotes I got were so prohibitively expensive ($6-8000 vs free in hospital), I couldn't justify it. But I'm looking forward to reading about everyone else's hbs...living vicariously through you all!

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It's terrible that we have to make these decisions based on stupid money, but thats the way of the world I guess.  


I was so disappointed about having to transfer last time, I'm really really hopeful that won't happen again.


Nice to meet you!

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Welcome!  I'm glad you found us.  Jump right in!

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Hi Triony -- welcome to the DDC :) The new set up is way confusing, but at least you made it here. I had a posterior baby with #2 - ow, ow, ow. That is one birth I can say would have been better at the hosp. with some pain relief. good lord I pray I never experience that again...*woooo* anywho, welcome :)

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