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Please contact QueenOfTheMeadow if you have something for this family.




What is your family situation?

we are a family of 8 that is really struggling. My husband has been self employed and business is slow. we are thankful to God that he has accepted a job offer, but that does not start until after the holidays. So while our situation is greatly improving at the beginning of the year, we are in trouble before that we have had a rough time lately with accidents and sickness that has brought unexpected expenses.

Any allergies or sensi can be provided that you can conveniently use.)


Of the items requested below, please prioritize the top 3 overall needs of your family (this can not include direct financial help such as bills paid):
*this sounds so silly, but our toaster died we would love a toaster oven. we are missing toast!
Mom needs clothes
*wooden bread box


short sleeve button down dress casual shirts

new electric razor



jean skirts size 16-18 (long)

 L/XL Nursing shirts

shirts size XL

Child #1:
14 female
Items requested:

1.christian rock cd's

2.justin beiber anything


Child #2:
9 female
Items requested:


2. size 8 or 9 bamboo knitting needles with some yarn


Child #3

7 female

1.heart 4 heart doll from india



Child #4

5 female

1) she loves fairies (not disney)



Child #5

2 Male

1. He loves tractors

2.he loves to jump and bounce


Child #6

under 6 months male

1. wooden toys

2.clothes size 6-12 months

baby carrier

These are from "QuirkyBaby"




--Soft Pirate Ship toy

--Soft Rattle (appropriate for newborns)

--3 Plastic Rattles

-- Soft flower pot and flower toys (exactly like this: with an extra flower that we got separately)

-- Soft clown clutch (kind of like this: in style and shape, but colors and head are different)

-- The First Years ring with 5 plastic keys

--Lamaze Giraffe Take Along Toy (similar to this: but colors are different)

--Vulli Sophie la girafe (exactly like this:



--Winnie-the-Pooh 3 CD set (similar to this:

--When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six 2 CD set (similar to this: but also includes a CD with When We Were Very Young)

KnowledgeUnltd will send educational Materials for homeschoolers, such as games. smile.gif


--Folkmans Mice in a Box Puppet (exactly like this:

--Folkmans Rabbit in a Hat Puppet (exactly like this:

--Haba Trix Clutching toy for 6 months or older (exactly like this:


--LL Bean hooded fleece jacket, size 6-12 months, navy blue (similar to this: but is all one color and does NOT have pockets)

--soft Moccasins, they say Size 4 but I would guess they would be best for a child 6 months or less, rarely worn

--soft black ballet shoes/slippers, Toddler Size 8, worn once

--LL Bean slippers, Toddler Size 7-8, Brown Bear style, worn only a few times and then we determined they were too small (exactly like this: Please note there is a very small amount of cat hair on the bottoms that I couldn’t get off.

-- LL Bean toddler fleece hat, Size 6-12 months (similar to this: but is a frog design (navy and green) and only the hat; there are no mittens). The Velcro has a little gunk in it, but works fine.



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