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Omega 3's?

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Anyone know if Omega 3 supplements are safe to take while pregnant?  I used to take them for mood, and I have an "Omega 3 Mom" version, so just wondering if anyone else takes Omega 3's?  I only ask because I know that Evening Primorose Oil in large doses taken in early pregnancy can be an abortifacient because it makes the uterine lining really slippery.  I definitely want sticky vibes not slippery vibes, and I'm feeling the effects of not having taken my Omega 3's for awhile. 


I also want to know about vitamin B supplements (I have one labeled for "stress").  Anyone know if it's ok to take now?



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DUH!  I just googled it and got this from pregnancy_info.net, or something like that.  (Pregnancy induced amnesia and airheaded-ness...)


"Taking Omega 3 during pregnancy has also been proven to help you and your baby out in the long run. Recent studies were performed on infants who were exposed to adequate levels of Omega 3 while in the womb. These babies showed advanced attention spans and greater visual acuity than non-exposed children. Their development was also two months ahead of non-exposed children. Other Omega 3 benefits include:


  • less chance of developmental or behavioral problems later on
  • less incidence of breast and prostate cancer"


So I guess it's all good.  :)

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I typically get all my omegas from eating wild caught salmon, so I can't help you with supplement info. But I will agree that O3s are great for development.  I've never heard of them causing m/c or anything. Right now I'm eating 5 or more servings of salmon a week


Okay, I looked up how much omega 3 is in a serving (3oz) of coho salmon. It says .923 grams. And the daily value For preggos I found says 300 mg. Soooo... One serving is triple that! Woah. Jeez, do you think I'm getting to much?


Oh, to answer you other question, about EPO, I'm under the impression that fish oil is the best way to get O3s, not flax or other sources, because of it being a different kind of oil (not DHA). I only know this factually about flaxseed, though, I don't know EPO at all. It may be that EPO is the abortifacients, not omegas...

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Fish oil/krill oil are the only ways to get the right balance of omega-3's. Plants just don't produce the type of lipoic acid we typically lack.


One caveat is to try to ensure your fish oil source is as free of mercury and other heavy metals as possible. Wild-caught salmon and antarctic krill are almost assuredly mercury-free.

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i think you should stay away from salmon and fish oil from the pacific, though, because of radiation. 

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