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Aria Rain - Birth Story

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Aria Rain's birth story: 

Saturday morning started out normal. Cramping and BH were normal in that they were always there. We went out for breakfast and I usually get something light like eggs Benedict but for some reason I chose to get the oven baked apple pancake. It was huge and I ate a ton of it. I joked with my husband that maybe I was instinctively carb loading for a reason. When we got home we took our 4 year old on a walk to the park. I walked around the park while they played. I speed walked up & down hills and stairs. I went a total of 2 miles - nothing major.

Around 4:30 pm on Saturday night, I felt a real contraction while I was laying down. I had forgotten what those felt like. Sorta like, I'm about to rip your cervix open. I was feeling them about every 10 min or so. I wasn't convinced yet because I had been cramping for almost 2 weeks but I knew these felt different. When I got out of bed around 6 pm, it seemed like my water broke. Water came running down my legs, not a gush or anything. And when I used the bathroom and wiped, it was a huge dangling glob of bloody mucous. I got excited.

Contractions sorta died down after my water broke though, which was really unexpected. I would have short  30 second ones every 10+ minutes, then 5 then 15, they were just really inconsistent which I also wasn't expecting. But this was to be a night of the unexpected. 

My MIL came to pick up DD for the night, my hubby & I already had a date night planned for the evening but we decided to stay in since I was still leaking water. DH and I watched Meet the Parents (I wanted something funny) and had some Lou Malnati's pizza. After that he decided to get some rest. At 8:30 my niece came over. I was still having inconsistent, not really strong cntx. So I decided to go to my sisters house. She lives at the top of a 3 floor loft apartment so I had about 5 flights of stairs to climb to get up there. I hoped they would make things pick up. We watched FastFive & just hung out. By midnight, I figured I should try to rest. I still wasn't having regular or strong cntx. As soon as I laid down in my sisters room they became more consistent. Every 4-5 min lasting about 1 min and getting strong. By 12:30 I wanted to go back home. I was still talkative and happy in between which I figured meant I wasn't that far along. My niece dropped me back off at home. I got my red raspberry leaf tea strained and put into bottles so I could bring with to the hospital which I imagined we might be going around 5/6 am at this rate. I went upstairs to put some last minute things into my bag. Contractions were still very easy and manageable.

Around 1 am, I suddenly started having much longer, stronger & closer cntx and found myself not wanting to leave the bathroom. I started feeling very hot, nauseous and lots of pressure. I was also shaking a little during cntx. Some cntx started double peaking and I had one that lasted over 2 minutes. The cntx were still weird though. They varied between 3-4 min apart lasting 30-40 sec  and then there would be super long ones that would double peak thrown in there - I was very confused. I had planned on laboring most of the time at home and didn't want to go to the hospital too early but I was also concerned with how nauseous I was feeling & the strong desire I had to keep sitting on the toilet though nothing was happening on there. I decided I'd rather go to the hospital while I could still talk between cntx since I knew I'd have to be answering some questions when I got there. I woke DH up around 1:30 and said I wanted to get going soon. 

We went in ER and I felt cntx happening every 3 min or so. We got upstairs to L&D around 2 am. The nurse checked me around 2:15 and said I was 6 cm. This discouraged me a little because I had hoped/thought I was further along. No matter, I figured I had a good few hours of work ahead of me. I started needing darkness and was keeping my eyes closed. Then I started needing silence as well. I had planned on moving around and walking while there but then I found myself dozing off between cntx. My head would literally droop & I would be almost snoring. I chose to labor sitting upright on the bed with the back totally lifted behind me. I was sitting cross legged and would just rock from side to side. At one point I'm pretty sure I had a Ray Charles sway going on because I was moving my head and neck side to side with my body. The cntx were unbelievably intense at this point. I started thinking "I don't want to do this anymore, let's just pause this so I can sleep, I don't WANT to do this!!!" but I quickly forced myself to think "You ARE doing this, keep going, you got this." I was hot and sweaty and asked for cold rags. I was so thirsty too. For a while now I had been humming through the cntx. I started getting louder & lower in the noises I was making. I also started feeling like I needed to poop. I mentioned it to a nurse and my midwife came and checked me. It was 3 am. I was hoping she'd say I was almost 8 cm. Instead she said I was complete! I had went from 6 cm to 10 cm in 45 minutes! Baby was at zero station so she said the next few cntx would help move her down more and then I could try pushing if I wanted to. Awesome. I figured I had about 30 minutes left. There was a light at the end of this labor tunnel! 

The next cntx I started feeling knotting pressure in my back which I remembered from when I had Maia. I gently pushed a little to see how it felt. The next cntx I found my body suddenly pushing with strength that I didn't know I had. It was like a jackhammer. I pushed 3 times in that one contraction. First push - I felt her head go into the birth canal. Second push - her head came out. I felt her body rotate quickly. Third push - and Aria came flying out. She started screaming immediately. My midwife caught her and immediately put her on me. I was totally shocked. I had no idea what had just happened. It happened within about 30 seconds or less! No one was expecting it, let alone me. My sister didn't have time to record the birth and my midwife didn't even have time to get gloves on! It was 3:06 am. I had no tears or rips which was surprising for how fast she came out. I also lost very little blood. I might just have to credit the super fast transition phase and little blood loss to the red raspberry leaf tea I had been religiously drinking.  I remember after Maia was born I had tried doing a kegel. It was like super slow motion attempting it. This time, my vagina feels completely normal and just as tight as it was before delivery. I find that weird, but I'll take it!

I feel fabulous, empowered and blessed to be a mother to this beautiful creature. Aria is very mellow and she is a wonderful breastfeeder. She is worth every second of pregnancy & labor pain & discomfort that I experienced.  I'll edit this post later with some pics! I can't wait to read all of your ladies stories!
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Yay!  Congrats!

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