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Winter IVF Thread : Bring on the BFPs!

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Please join in and share your trials and tribulations during the IVF process. It's the winter season and hopefully, we get a lot of BFPs to herald the spring.


If anybody wants their name off or put on the list , just let me know. Looking forward to meeting everyone and hoping we all will graduate soon. Let me know where you are in your IVF process by placing the information in BOLD and I will add you. Good luck to everyone and I look forward to getting to know you all!!! PS. We hope all of you graduates stick around to give advice and stalk away!!! STALKERS are welcome on this thread!!!


For those ladies from the Fall IVF thread, please let me know how you would like me to update your blurb! I think some are outdated.

Fall IVF treehugger.gif

Gathering Information/Money / In Waiting



Vegan Princess





Auraleigh - appointment 5/8



Vegan Princess






Hope4light 3/19

On Stim

Vegan Princess

GaleTX 2/3


silverbird 2/3




Trigger shot

Vegan Princess 1/10

GaleTX 2/11

Silverbird 2/18


Egg Retrieval

Vegan Princess 1/12 

GaleTX 2/13

Silverbird 2/20

Saphrons 3/12

Embryo Transfer

Vegan Princess 1/15

Blueeyezz4 3/9 (single FET)

GaleTX 2/16 (two beautiful embies!)

Silverbird 2/22

GellyBeanGrl (FET 3/28)

Kaliprincess 3/10

Saphrons 3/15 (two beautiful embies!)

Test Date

Vegan Princess 1/25 and 1/27

Auraleigh 2/21

GaleTX 3/1

Silverbird 3/8

Blueeyezz4 3/20


joy.gifWinter BFPjoy.gif

Belly - TWINS! twins.gif

Deborahbgkelly - TWINS! twins.gif

Kinza - TWINS! twins.gif

Montessortof - TWINS! twins.gif

Mole (Free baby!!) smile.gif

Vegan Princesssmile.gif

GaleTX smile.gif



In our thoughts:


Alphahen candle.gif

Laggie 6/3/11  candle.gif

Silverbird's DH candle.gif


Our Fearless Predecessors


TenzinsMama- FREE baby!!!

Renavoo- TWINS!

Inwaiting -  8-3-11

Keria - 6-13-11 TWINS

Bungalowmama - 8-5-11


graf214 - 8-19-11


Missme 3-21-11 

primipara 3-30-11 

Kewpie80 5-20-11 - TWINS!

FtMPapa 1/26/10
Paytonsmommy 3/3/10
New Mama 3/19/10
KellyTTC#1 3/27/10
Samkris123 9/21
Slylives 10/4
Ratgrl - 10/16
Maurine - 11/23
Tear - Thanksgiving Day - 11/25

Sarahcecile 1-13-11

KristinaMarie 1-24-11

Sweetdynasty 2-14-11

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rcr - thanks for starting the new thread!!  I sure hope you get some of that Thread-keepers luck.  I've never been so lucky all the times I've hosted, but I sure hope you are!!!  Hope your trip goes well and that AF maybe stays away until you get back (unless you would rather have her come while you are away).


Vegan Princess - Glad to hear your fsh is pretty good.  I haven't had to have mine checked for awhile so i forget what is normal.  I was taking wheat grass too.  What form and how much were you taking??? 


AFM - still waiting on AF! Wonder if she will be worse since I was on so much more progesterone.  Not much else here.

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Blue / Vegan - I am taking this kind of wheat grass (Amazing grass). I know that they say the pills are not as good as the actual juice, but I am not at the store every day to get the juice, and in any case, it is expensive.




I take sometimes 8 a day, but they are pretty huge, so sometimes I take a lot less.

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rcr - LOL... that is the same bottle I have too and I think I got it at the Vitamin Shoppe here in my city. I'll have to compare prices and see if it would be cheaper to buy online.  Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks for starting this RCR!

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rcr - Please take me off the Gathering/Waiting list. We are done with ART. I'll still be lurking to hopefully see a bunch of BFP this winter.

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Originally Posted by rcr View Post

Blue / Vegan - I am taking this kind of wheat grass (Amazing grass). I know that they say the pills are not as good as the actual juice, but I am not at the store every day to get the juice, and in any case, it is expensive.




I take sometimes 8 a day, but they are pretty huge, so sometimes I take a lot less.

rcr - Do you know if you can keep taking this when you get pregnant???  When it was explained to me it is supposedly just like eating veggies, but from a bottle.  I have been bad and haven't taken it for a month or two, but probably should get back on the wagon b/c I know I don't eat enough veggies.

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rcr - thanks for starting the thread! Can you change me to TRANSFER 11/25 though please? Currently it says I am having an egg retrieval in February (I sure hope not!! lol.gif)


Yesterday I set an alarm in my phone for 3 pm and 10 pm... I really have no excuse for missing pills aside from laziness. Dumb, right? I think I'm afraid to get too emotionally invested in this cycle. 

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Hi All:


RCR:  Thanks so much for starting a new thread.  I was getting sad thinking our time all together may be coming to an end.  You ladies know a lot more about what is going on with me then most people I know. 


I just want to say thank you to all of you!  You have no idea how much your advice, experiences and support mean to me.  Without you I think I would be looney toons by now!


I will try to write more personals later!

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rcr, WOW!  Way to be on top of getting a new thread started!!!!  I do believe in thread keeper's luck!  I really hope this is your cycle!!!


Laggie, glad you got your alarm set!!  How exciting, the 25th is NEXT WEEK!!!! 


Aura, I know how you feel about being here many seasons, Fall was my fourth this time around...it can be sad to think about the time lost, but I can't imagine meeting a better group of ladies.  I sure hope this is your cycle!  Is there a tentative trigger date?  (Sorry if I missed it!)


Praying, we enjoy your company and having you here with us!  I hope you are able to get started soon!  Keep us posted!


Blue, how are you feeling today?  How is Abby doing?


Vegan, great news about your FSH!!!


AFM, just anxious for my beta tomorrow morning.  I think I'll call them at 2 if they haven't called me with the results...I can't handle that stress again :) 





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Hi all,


thanks for the new thread rcr.


I'm a little better today thought still a bit low.


Blue hope your doing OK and the same to everyone else.

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belly, trigger is TONIGHT!!!  i realize that now since i'm doing IUI and not IVF anymore (so backwards!) I wasn't sure where I belonged anymore... but i love this thread and don't want to leave!  *frantically holds laptop*


i realize i shouldn't complain that this is my third season because know that other ladies have been around for many more.  i'm just so grateful for everyone here because it is really my only outlet where i can obsess, panic, cry, rejoice, and compare.  i am thankful! 


blue and rcr, hopefully AF will come so you can start the next cycle!  


rcr, can you put me as trigger tonight and "transfer" on 11/17?   thanks!


laggie, the date is coming soon! i use my iphone as an alarm for everything.  hopefully it will work as a reminder for you!


tonight is my trigger!  i've got three follicles at 18, 17, and 16.  my lining was at 7, which is way thinner than it was for IVF.  i always had about a 12.  my RE said 7 is perfectly fine but my accupuncturist made me come in tonight after work for an extra session to try and beef it up.  i will trigger at 10pm and then go in for the IUI on thursday morning.  i hope it works! 

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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  irked.gif  Just wrote a long post and hit some key and bam it's gone.  Deep breath!!!!!  Here we go again.  You would think I would have learned by now.  I used to copy my posts towards the bottom just in case something like this happens, but I hadn't done it this time.


Aura - Good luck with the trigger tonight!!  Keep us posted.  Hold tight to that laptop b/c once an IVF sister, always an IVF sister!!!!!


Silver - sorry to hear you have had some darker days lately!  I hope the sun starts to shine on your life more and more everyday!!!!  Are you windows done?  What was going on with them?


Belly - fingers crossed for your beta tomorrow.  Keep us posted.  Abby is doing good thanks.  She is missing her playing ball sessions though.  I'm so glad to have her in my life right now.  She just loves to make me laugh and smile b/c she is so stinking cute and I think she knows that she has me wrapped around her paw that little stinker!!!!  I don't think I'd would have been able to get through this last couple BFN cycles without her and also all of you guys on here.


Praying -  Did you happen to see my question about the wheat germ above??  What is next for you?


Laggie - That is how I always remembered to take my shots - setting my alarm on my phone.  I would have been lost some days without it.


Deborah - how are you doing?  When is your beta??


rcr - hope you have a good trip.  Don't know if you will get this until after you get back but where did you end up going??


Julieven - Good to see your name again. What is going on with your DH and his appts?  Anything?  Fill us in.  Hope you are well!!


AFM - Been having some weird pain type feelings, but it isn't the end of the world and just every now and then.  I think it might be AF trying to figure out if she should show up or not.  Normally I start spotting and then she shows the next day so now I'm just waiting for the spotting to come.  I think I'm still kinda in shock that this last cycle didn't work.  I just don't get what went wrong b/c everything seemed so perfect.  Who knows.  The other thing that would have been great is that it would have been a summer baby which I would have loved.  Sometimes I just wish that I had a crystal ball that would tell me if this last cycle is even worth doing and spending the money on.  Where is that crystal ball when I need it.

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hi ladies, just wanted to chime in. RCR thanks for starting the new thread!! Ooops, it looks like I didn't get to many of the changes for people through the couple months I was threadmaster. Sorry ladies!


Rcr, I hope that either of the 2 clinics were good for you! let us know what the results were.


Blue, I am so happy you have Abby too. I think she sounds like a little angel (a rambunctious one!) in disguise and it's amazing how healing a dog's love is, isn't it? So many times during this process, i wished I had my dog with me. (he passed away many years ago but I remember the love I had for him. I would get another dog but my apartment building doesn't allow it) Hey, WHEN you get pregnant this round (I'm optimistic!) you'll still have a summer baby...or an Indian summer baby. haha.


Silver,  hug2.gif You are such a strong person. I'm so glad that we get to be here with you.


Aura, I can't wait to count down with you!! Tomorrow starts your 2ww right? YAH! Let's go sperm and eggie!


Praying, I'm happy you joined us too. You definitely add some wonderful insights for us and I love seeing you through this journey. So where are you now in your cycle?


Laggie, i don't think it's dumb. First of all, time gets away from all of us! Second of all, it's hard to get invested when you're faced with so much disappointment. i think that it's just about being cautiously optimistic. However you feel, just know that we are here wishing the best for you!! here's hoping to this being your month!!! Just a little more than a week to go!


Julie, what is next on the schedule for you?


Ok, ladies, I just wanted to say that I'm hoping the best for all of you during this winter. It's the holiday season! here's to some wonderful gifts for all of you during this season!! :o)

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Blue- still having some major cramping and I completely forgot to go to my acupuncturist yesterday because of it. I have had a little more respite than in previous days, but still frustrating. My beta is Friday.

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Also, I think we would all like a crystal ball sometimes. I'm panicked about what will happen if this cycle didn't work because my RE is not comfortable doing another retrieval on me. I may be able to convince her to do it in a hospital, but even then she wasn't thrilled about it. I'm not ready yet to move on to adoption and I don't know how I feel about an egg donor. I guess we could try IUI. I know I'm panicking for no reason at this point because we don't know if we were successful or not, but no AF as of yet, so I'm very hopeful.

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Deborah - Cramping is a good sign, I think. I had it for awhile, but then it totally went away so I think that is great that it is still happening.  Also sounds like maybe pregnancy brain has set in too with the forgetting!!  Let hope!!  I'm still waiting for AF to show up even now after my BFN.  Isn't there another RE that you could go to if you had to?


Renavoo - when are you going to your boss that you are pregnant? Will you just tell him and ask him not to tell anyone or how will you go about that?? I think they really need to back off a bit and not be putting so much stress on you.  You don't want to ever regret working so hard that you wear yourself out.  You have another job now too to take care of those babes too.  I sure hope things start to slow down for you some and it's not so stressful!!!  Actually, it would be an Oct baby if we got pregnant w/ our next cycle it would be due in Oct actually which is kinda weird b/c that is when our boys were due too.


AFM - still no sign of AF. 

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Hi all wave.gif


Blue: Thanks same to you! I've had some super dooper heat keeping in duoble glazing fitted, is all done now! I love this stuff: http://www.detoxyourworld.com/acatalog/nls.html nautres living superfood it has all sorts of green superfoods, probitotis and digestive enzymes so you don't have to take a bunch of stuff.  Hope af shows up soon.


Aura: I think this may be my fourth or fith season I've not had any treament yet! But I love it here and the ladies all help me throguh dark times.  I'm hoping to avoid IVF and succed with iui but I guess I'm still in waiting encase that doesn't happen.


Juliven: hug2.gif I hope things are working out for you.  It's something I've been thinking about before I even start.  How many treatments should I attempt before I quit? For me adoption is something I'd consider so I don't want to spend to long on ART.  If it wasn't I don't know if I could ever face stopping.


Renvano: Thanks, hope all is going well with you.


Laggie good luck with your transfer.


Debhoura good luck with your 2ww!


AFM: SIL took me to see the hopsital today because I started having a panic attack last night about going back to the building where DH died.  But I managed it OK so I feel a little better now.



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Aura - I did IVF a little over a year ago, and it didn't work. The DR suggested doing IUIs, since I never did any, so we did 5 with injectibles. I stayed on this thread the whole time, like you, I didn't want to leave and have to get to know a whole new group of people, and I felt really close to the people on this thread. So no worries, stick around as long as you want. IUIs and IVF are pretty similar anyway.


Laggie - oh right, duh, transfer...


Julie - I am deleting you. Hope you still pop in once in a while.


Silver - sorry you are feeling low. Hugs to you.


Blue - I am not gone yet, and in any case I am taking my laptop with me. I am going to Baltimore and then Dayton. AF after IF treatments is always really weird for me.


Rena - I am hoping that some of your threadkeepers luck will rub off on me!!


AFM - still no AF. I found several clinics in both cities, but I don't think it will be Baltimore, I am  not feeling AF at all. On one hand on hope she comes so that I can start my cycle. On the other hand, I kinda don't want it to until I get back home - but that is a week and a half away, so I don' think it will happen anyway.

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rcr: I wanted to ask about your cycle and bloom audio.  Do you think it would be sutible for a single? I don't want to spend my money and find it says things like "now imagine your partners sperm and your egg coming together as a symbol of your love" or anything which assums I know my childs gentic father!


Hope u can get a good clinic and good timing for af.

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