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hi ladies!


i have a question... looks like i've now got a fever and chills.  a little achy, bad dry cough.  ugh!  i'm taking tylenol to keep the fever down because i'm afraid it could mess up implantation.  one of my best friends actually got a terrible cold when she got pregnant and had it for 10 weeks... the whole "body lowering the immune system to prepare for implantation" thing.  could it be?  or maybe i just have the flu?  in any case, how terrible would it be to take nyquil?  i looked and it only has acetametaphin in it, which is the same as tylenol and that is okay to take...  i should have called the office today but i was distracted.   any advice? stories of success despite fever/illness?


renavoo, my beta is dec 2nd if my period doesn't come before then.  a close friend begged me not to poas because she is superstitious.  her friend had gone through 3 failed iuis where she had poas and for the fourth she didn't and it was the winning cycle with twin babies that were just born.  i'm feeling very laid back about things so far, and as of right now i don't intend on doing it.  talk to me a week from now and my opinion may change though...

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Auraleigh- If it helps, I refrained from POAS and I got a happy result. I don't think it makes that much difference, but I was glad I did not POAS. It made the news that much more exciting.

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Auraleigh: Sorry you are sick! Tylenol is fine. I wouldn't take nyquil though until you can ask a pharmacist. Being sick while prego totally sucks. I had a horrible sickness/sore throat/cough my entire 2 week wait of my last pregnancy. I was taking tylenol round the clock and my throat still hurt so I even broke down and took a couple advil. Baby still implanted. 


I just don't think I'll ever be capable of not POAS. We'll see. I know myself too well though. LOL. I like the idea - but I just have zero patience. I don't think I could handle the suspense on that 1 day either. Seeing a series of BFNs and finally accepting that it's truly BFN is easier on me, I think. But that's just me. 


Had a nice wine tasting weekend. Hungover today. First hangover in god knows how long. I hadn't even had a drink in weeks before yesterday - thus the hangover. I'm ready to be off the booze again until after my IVF cycle - and hopefully 9 more months beyond that. 



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aura - I got sick right after each transfer, both times.  I have no idea if that has anything to do with implantation or not.  When I got a fever, the doctor said it's only a concern if it reaches 102F. 


I just looked at my safe list for meds and nyquil isn't on it.  For congestion, it says mucinex and for cough, it says robitussin or delsym are ok.  It specifically says to avoid anything with pseudoephedrine until past the first trimester. (actifed, drixoril)  If I were you, I'd probably call before taking anything other than robitussin or mucinex.  If you just have a fever, I'd stick with just tylenol.  I hope you feel better soon.

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Aura- I had a low-grade fever shortly after implantation. What is your temperature right now? Kewpie is right that it is nothing to worry about if it stays below 102.

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Silver, hug2.gif I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well. I'm happy that you got your surgery done and hopefully, recovery is fast but I wish that I could give you a hug in real life because I know that sometimes, when you're feeling lousy, you just need a hug. Just know that we are all thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. Good luck getting the funding and being counted as having been on the list earlier!! I hope that it works out and you get a nice person overhearing your case. haha i know if i was a case manager, you'd be getting the first spot available on my list!!


Monetessortof, yah for no symptoms so far. I was on 300IU of gonal f plus menopur and had very little symptoms so I'm hopeful for you, especially during the holiday season. they also had to increase my dose after my first check in and it still didn't really impact me so I hope the same is for you, if you have to increase the dose :o) It is so exciting that you've started. How are you feeling about it? Are you nervous? Excited? Around when are they predicting your retrieval and transfer?


Praying, thanks for the advice!! i forgot to ask about the flu vaccine the last time i was in the office. Must remember to ask the next time! But anyway, ugh to your AF not coming yet! it's so annoying. haha AF should come when we need it to so we don't have to go through the inconvenient waiting...it's inconvenient enough! Are you having signs yet of it's impending visit? I prefer the small family gatherings actually so your gathering sounds perfect :o) We will be seeing DH's family for Thanksgiving and my family on Friday so it should be fun!


Blue, oh my gosh...i just want to hug Abby!! i could never resist that face!! That nose just makes me swoon. I don't really know why but puppy noses just makes me happy. do you know of that art where the photographer gets so close to the animals and he has the nose perspective so the noses are large and it looks like they are sniffing you? Would you believe I have a MONOPOLY that features that type of art? haha


How did Abby heal? Is she all better now? She is just such a sweet joy!


As for AF, you know after my stim cycle, i barely had any bleeding too. I actually called my nurse many times in a panic because I just didn't know how I could have built up a thick lining and then had like 2 moderate days and 3 spotting days as my period. they said that it was normal so i didn't worry. I am hopeful that this means that your FET will bring you a BFP!!


Aura, ugh! I'm sorry you've gotten so sick. :o( it is a bad season and yeah, your lower immune system will probably do that to you. I'm so hopeful for this month because you really shouldn't have to suffer this needlessly. come on BFP! As for nyquil, I'm with the girls...I wouldn't do it. To be honest, I don't think it would harm you...too many women wouldn't be aware of their pregnancy at this point and would probably have taken nyquil and been fine. However, after all we went through, even a little increase in the probability of harm is too high. Although, that probably doesn't help you right now. I'm just hoping for your quick recovery!!


Vegan, AAAAAAAH Nice!! It sounds like a wonderful way to spend a weekend and prepare for a dry spell. :o) I used to drink a glass or 2 of wine with dinner and whenever a cycle failed, I always looked forward to drinking some wine (or sometimes, something harder) haha. I'm glad that you had a great weekend (although not glad that you have a hangover)...haha I remember that since TTCing and limiting my alcohol, my tolerance became really quite low and my propensity for hangovers much higher. Ugh! Ah, to be young again. ;o)


Hope everyone else is doing well!! Happy Monday of a short week (YAH!) and i hope that there is a lot of holiday cheer where you all are. I'll be hoping really hard that these next few months bring a lot of happy news to this thread!!




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irked.gif Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!  I have to go get another beta drawn!!!  I'm not a happy camper right now (and i know it 's only for my safety, but still I feel like it is a waste of money).  I called the nurse to let her know my period started so she could order my meds for the FET.  She asked if my period was normal and I told her it was not even 24hrs long, so now they want me to get the 2nd beta to rule out a possible chance of an eptopic just to be safe.  I told her I wasn't having any pain, but she said it would start later not right now if it could be an eptopic.  They are just concern b/c I really didn't bleed very long at all.  I really don't think it is an issue, but I will do it b/c with my luck if I didn't go get it done it would happen to me with my luck.  I'll do more personals later when I get back from the lab and the rest of the stuff I have to get done today.

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I'm sorry you have to go through that Blue.

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oh blue! I sure hope it's not an ectopic!!!  You just can't seem to catch a break.  I'm so sorry

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Blue, so sorry you are going through this.  When I had my ectopic I had several negative HPTs then a negative beta.  My period was normal (about 2.5 days) and then about 2 weeks later I was having VERY intense cramping and spotting so I went to the ER in the middle of the night.  It is definitely much better to catch early!  Surgery and waiting to heal before trying again sucks!  I have a feeling you are okay though and they are just being extra extra cautitous.  I wonder if your beta was low (like 4 or 5) and they considered it negative.  Seems like they are being super careful.  Let us know what you find out!!!



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Blue I really hope it;s not an ectopic. Did you do the beta today?



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Belly - thanks.  I'm sure it will be fine.  Thanks for refreshing my memory of your situation. 2 more sleeps and then the big u/s!!!  Excited for you!! What time do you think you will post and let us know


Kewpie - Would love to catch a break some day. Maybe next year will be my "break" year.


Deborah - thanks.  I still can't believe they wouldn't do a second beta on you?  That seems really odd?!!


Renavoo - Thanks!  We think Abby is pretty special too!  Yes, i have seen those pictures and she has a big nose already so I'm sure a pic like that of her would really be funny.  She has healed up well.  We actually took her out back to the baseball fields to play ball for the first time yesterday and she did fine.  She seems to not be having any more pain so that is good.   Hope you are feeling well.


Keria - hope you are well.  See below.


AFM - Well, they didn't get any results yet (the story of my life I'm starting to think - LOL), but i'm not too worried b/c I really think all is fine.  I went to an outpatient lab this time instead of the hospital just b/c 1 or 2 days won't be the end of the world I figured.  I'm sure I'll hear tomorrow.  Not much else going on just need to get pack and organized for Thanksgiving since we are leaving on Wed after work.  Hope everyone has a good one!!!

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Blue: Hoping all is fine! What a pain!


AFM: Had my saline sonogram and it looked fine. So I think I've got everything crossed off my list. I finally head from the financial lady at my current clinic and they don't discount for minimal stim so it would be $12,700 with them!!! I'm going to pay $7100 at the clinic 2 hours away. So Yep, my mind is definitely made up! I guess DH and I will drive up in a couple weeks and meet everyone in person and sign consents and then we'll be all set!



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Is headache a side effect of Follistim? I started it on Saturday night, and I have had a headache ever since Sunday morning. It's not terrible, ranges from moderate to barely noticeable, but it will not go away completely with Tylenol. It could be just a coincidence, but the timing makes it look suspiciously like a side effect.

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Montessortof - Yup yup yup!  I had the WORST headache while on follistim.

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montessortof- headache is definitely a side effect.  as long as it's not crippling, keep taking the tylenol and hopefully you'll be done wzith stims soon.


blue- so crazy!! i am glad they are cautious but it is a pain in the butt.  i'm hoping it's nothing, but please keep us posted.


vegan-  nice!! looks like $$ is a great decider.  that's a LOT of money between the two, i think you made a great choice.


belly, i can't wait to hear about the us!!!


afm, i am sick as a dog.  fever is ongoing, and this dry cough has made my neck, shoulders, chest, and back SO SORE.  plus i have asthma so the fact that the virus is in my lungs and not breaking up at all makes it hard to breath.  fun times!  i worked a full day and then went with my mom to costco and the supermarket for thanksgiving groceries.  by the time i got home i wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out.  my fever so far has peaked at 99.7 so i'm not TOO worried, but it just stinks.  also, i've had a weird twinging crampy sensation in my "uterus area" but for all i know it could be gas.  hahah!  i hope i feel better tomorrow because i have bloodwork at 7am.  ugh.

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Blue:  I really hope it is not an ectopic.  I think you would know it if it was.  We women know our bodies quite well.  Glad to hear that Abby is back to her old self.  I am sure she was thrilled with going to the baseball field with you.  Where are you headed for Thanksgiving?


Aura:  I would advise you to stay away from the Nyquil.  I know that you feel like crap, but tylenol is really all you should be taking right now.  I looked through my med books from pharmacy school and they say Nyquil is a big no, no.  I really hope that you feel better soon.  Come on BFP!!!


Montesortof:  Follistim can absolutely be the cause of your headaches.  All this stuff messes with our hormones setting the body off balance.  Try some tylenol and lay down and rest your eyes.  Cold packs on my forehead help me as well.  Hope that you feel better.


Vegan:  That is an awesome price!!!  So happy for you!


AFM:  Saw my RE this AM....you are not going to blieve this.  My body is such an enigma.  RE asked me if AF here yet, said no, and body acting more like ready to ovulate rather than bleed.  So, they did the US, and guess what???  I have 4 (yes 4) mature follicles in there.  I have never had 4 even with medicated cycles.  duh.gif  I just can't believe it.  We discussed all of my options...wait, retrieve them, try IUI...  So, IUI it is....  Go back tomorrow and will probably trigger with insemination on Wednesday and, if I have not ovulated, will repeat on Friday.  Oh please God let this work.praying.gif  My head is spinning!!!!  What do you all think????


Hope everyone is well! 

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Praying hard: Is that an unmedicated cycle?? Wowsers!!! My OB looked at my ovaries today and saw 3 decent sized follicles and a 4th bigger one. She didn't measure them so I don't know if the 3 are mature enough to come out or not but they looked kind of big to me on the screen. I'm not on any meds this cycle. But I wonder if having taken femara for the last 6 months has just taught my ovaries to make more than 1 follicle? JUst guessing here - I have NOTHING to base this on. Anyway, I hope the IUI works!!!


Auraleigh: Is tomorrow your beta???? Good luck if it is!!!!



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Prayinghard - Wow, that is really weird, but maybe it is all ment to be.  That would be great if you got a BFP this time around b/c just think of all the money you would save as well!!!  Keep us posted.  So what was the reason the RE didn't want to just go with a IVF cycle??  It is really hard to know which way to go in that case until you know all the info.  I just hope and pray that this will be your cycle!!!  Keep us posted.  I told the nurse that I thought everything was fine and didn't have any pain, but she said that you don't normally have pain until like 6-7 weeks and that's when it can be too late and have bigger problems.


Aura - Sure hope you start feeling better soon. I'd follow kewpie's orders she had gotten from her Dr especially since she is pregnant or just call your RE and ask them what you can take at this point in time. Sounds to me that you should just be staying home in bed resting if you are that sick.  Take care of yourself!!!!   I had the same question about your blood work tomorrow... is it just progesterone or what?  Keep us posted and get better soon!!!


Monte - are you also on Lupron?  I know I got some headaches from Lupron more so than follistim.  Hope it gets better.  Sometimes it take a bit for your body to get used to it and then hopefully you won't get them for long.


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Blue- I don't get it either. Maybe they only do it on people they're worried about?

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