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Prayinghard- sorry for such a tough week. I totally get the insurance issues.. I have a son with autism and of course the our insurance doesnt cover many of his counseling sessions for his sensory and other issues. My son didnt start real solids until 2. He is now 9 almost 10 and weighs around 50lbs and is in zero percentile although he does now eat regularly.. Now he has other issues with digestion I wont get into, but I definately feel ya and hope things get better! Congrats on the cyst being gone and starting lupron!! innocent.gif
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Praying - sorry about your DS and insurance. Your protocol sounds just like mine. I start lupron for 2 days on Friday, then I do follistim and menipur plus lupron two days later.



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I only have a quick second, so I'll have to do personals later, but wanted to say that the RE wanted to call in Provera to bring about AF.  But then I started spotting, so I'm going to ride it out and see what happens.  I sometimes spot up to a week before she shows, so I'll give it until next Tuesday before I worry about it.  They should call me by the end of the week with my AMH levels, so I will probably have a better idea then if AF is really coming or not. 


Hugs to all!!

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Sorry no time for personals as it's my first night back to work and I'm trying to get myself together enough to get ready.  The mail came a little while ago and in it was a letter from my RE's office.  Of the 28 eggs they retrieved, 18 fertilized and 2 were transferred.  According to the letter, at day 5, only 1 embryo was good enough to cryopreserve.  I'm devastated.  That means 15 embryos were discarded throughout the cycle and we have 1 left.  What does that mean for the two they transferred?  DH walked in just as I was reading the letter and, of course, I burst into tears and said I just know this cycle won't be successful.  He did his best to console me saying the two in me are the two that count and the two that are safe, but I can't help but feel defeated already.  Why would 15 of them not be good enough to save???

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Gale- im so sorry! I will say that during my fresh cycle I had 9 fertilize with icsi and at day 3 only had 4 left. I doubt any of mine would have made it to day five. But I did get pregnant, so please tru and keep some hope and know that if not one 5 day can give you one beautiful baby!! I read an article the other day that a coupke did ivf with one single sperm and one single egg and she is pregnant. Ill pray for you!!
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Hi all will try to do personals tommrow.  Replaced one day 2, 4 cell embie this am and they will try to grow the other on and freeze.  It was a difficult call.  OTD 8 march but i plan on testing 6 march.

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Gale - Don't lose hope!!!!  That is the main reason why my RE likes to do a 2 day transfer b/c he believes that embies do much better inside the body in their natural environment.  Maybe b/c they were left out of your body to become blasts they just didn't like it and that is what happened, but the ones inside of you will be going strong!!!  Try to stay positive even though I know it is so hard when you get heart breaking news like this.  The other thing that bothers me is that you got this info in the mail???!!!!  Why didn't one of the nurses call you or something?  That just doesn't seem right to me that they didn't tell you themselves on the phone so you could ask questions and get answers.  Sending you lots of hugs and sticky thoughts!!!!


Hope4Light - i sure hope that AF will show her ugly face!!!!!  I've been there and done that and i know the wait sucks so fingers crossed for you to be able to get things started.


Praying - sorry i missed you on my post.  I try to look back to refresh my memory since it's not that great and if i don't see a post sometime I forget people. So sorry to hear about the insurance crap!!!  That is what it is... Crap!!  I can't stand insurance companies either.  That is awesome that they cyst is gone!!!!  Fingers crossed things start going right for you!!!  Keep us posted on how things go on Monday!!


rcr - Yes, i guess so.  They would have to thaw the vial with 2 and then we'd have to re-freeze the one we didn't put back in. I think that just seems weird to re-freeze embies?!?!?!  I mean, i don't freeze chicken and then thaw it and then freeze it again.  That just doesn't seem right to me for some reason.  Not even sure they can do that and they do the old school freezing so who knows if it will even work.  I don't know. I'll have to talk to the nurse more about that.


Silver - Good luck!!!  Sending lots of sticky vibes your way!!! I think you just have to follow your heart, it won't let you down!!! Are you on bedrest now??? For how long?

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Gale: Someone on another thread got like 30 eggs and also only ended up with 2-3 to freeze. For both of her fresh cycles. She did some research and said that when you get that many eggs, they often aren't all good. But it could also be a sperm issue. Her husband has the issues - that is why they did IVF in the first place. I have faith the 2 you transferred will thrive much more in you than the others did in the dish!! 



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Gale - don't loose hope. Your little embies are much happier inside you than in the lab. My RE actually got her child from doing IVF. She was in her 40s, and they only retrieved one egg, and that egg fertilized and she got pregnant. It only takes one!


Silver - yay for you! I can't wait!

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only time for a quick hello


Gale:  Don't lose faith..  When I got PG with DS, I had 1 egg...and I have a beautiful little boy!  It only takes one!


Silver:  Such difficult decisions we are forced to make.  I agree with Blue, go with your heart and you will do just fine.  How are you feeling?  Things went well?  Praying for you!


Blue:  Thanks for your support.  You are truely amazing!


RCR:  I called the RE today to get a tentative date for everything.  Work is asking me to pick up extra shifts, so I kind of need to know.  It is bad enough that I will have to miss some regular days, but I would really hate to pick up extra, where they are already obviously short, and then call out.  I don't work that way.  Looking to be around the week of March 12th, but that is obviously flexible.  I start the Follistim and Menopur tomorrow.  They said then I will probably be on it for 10-14 days before retrieval.  My parents are visiting from NY next Tuesday, the 28th, until Tuesday the 6th.  Please God, don't let anything happen until after they leave.  As you all know they have know clue we are doing this, and I am just not in the mood for explanations.  As it is, I am going to have to come up with some explanation as to why I have to keep going and getting blood drawn.  Any ideas are appreciated!  nut.gif


Hello to everyone else!!!  Thinking of you all!  hola.gif

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Gale, I echo everyone else. The unnatural environment is probably more to blame than anything and hopefully, your two embies are snuggling happily in your lining as we speak. Don't feel too bad. I'm also curious about why they would send you a letter? I mean, I got a letter too but this was after my nurse called me to tell me that we were able to freeze 3. By the way, I had 23 eggs, only 11 fertilized and only 5 made it to day 5, with 3 of them being a couple of days behind (and at the time, the RE wasn't sure they were salvageable). At that time, i was also devastated. It all worked out and i think it will work out for you too. 


Silver, YAH to being in the 2ww. Can't wait until your test but the great thing is that you'll have another try if this one fails. But please don't let this one fail!


Praying, i'm hoping for a smooth ride for you! You definitely deserve it! So hopefully, things go your way. Good luck on starting the drugs. I hope you find them easy to take (I didn't suffer from any side effects from gonal F (similar to follistim) and menopur. The only one thing is that menopur stung a little but the stinging went away after a couple of seconds of rubbing it in).

By the way, I also didn't tell my side of the family that we were going through IVF. I think she would have fainted if she knew how much I spent on fertility treatments this year (I calculated for my taxes and we spent more than 30K...that's just ridiculous! everyone should be covered for at least some of this!! Infertility is a disease of sorts too, or at least a manifestation of something!!) In terms of blood tests, could you just tell them that your doctor wants to keep an eye on your blood sugar? that may require more frequent visits. Although then your mom and dad will worry that your diabetic. Hmm...so hard to think of believable explanations!


Rcr and Blue, how are the cycles progressing?


Everyone else, wave.gif







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Blue, based on my experience with thawing/freezing.  They will not refreeze your other embie if they are both thawed.  When we switched clinics the RE offered to vitrify any that were left over, but I don't think they can do it with slow freeze (like at my old clinic).  The slow freeze process is pretty harsh on the embies, so I don't think they can handle it twice.  We also had most of ours paired or sometimes 3 to a vial.  They assumed we would always transfer 2, so the third was usually of less quality.  I am pretty sure you have one vial with one excellent and one with the excellent and good.  It would be silly to save the lesser quality seperate because you wouldn't generally thaw and transfer that first, and if you thawed the 2 first, you'd want something good to fall back on worse case.  I am so excited for your cycle and all the changes made to get you a BFP!


Gale, try not to worry too much.  Clinics vary significantly on what they'll save.  My first clinic saved pretty much anything "good" or above.  Well, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy having 24 frosties, but we went through a year of FET's and had only gone through half of the embies all with BFNs (and an ectopic).  When we switched clinics the new RE thawed them all and transferred the best 2 giving us our twins.  The one they saved for you is of excellent quality and you wont waste a time and money on failed cycles and heartache.  Just my .02, but I understand how hard it must have been to hear that unexpected news via letter.  Your very best 2 are still inside of you snuggling in for the next 9 months!!


Praying, so glad to hear you are finally getting started.  So many delays, it's SO your turn!!!!  Sorry about the insurance, that really makes me mad!


Silver, wow that's great news that you got into the NHS program so soon...of course you probably wont need it!!!!  :)  Can't wait to hear about your BFP!


rcr, I am so happy you are getting started this week too!!!  I have everything crossed for your cycle!


Hope, I hope AF shows up soon for you!!

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Blue did they at least tell you what grade was in the vials? I had two vials one with two and one in the other and they where able to tell me what grades where in the vials?...
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Belly - you explanation to blue makes perfect sense to me. It is so nice to have grads stick around to tell us stuff like that.


Rena - I do remember when you were going through all of that. Funny how we all just kinda forgot about it now what you have your BFP (or, maybe you didn't forget...).


Praying - I am also hoping for a smooth ride for you. As for excuses, we also don't tell anybody. I use the excuse of my kid being sick a lot (for work). We haven't had to make any excuses for family though, because they all live out of town and don't visit much. Maybe fake some dental work - say you are getting a cap and then you had to go back the next day to have them put it on (it usually takes a few visits). Then again, its not like you can fake your mouth being numb... that is a hard one.


AFM - not much is going on. Thanks for asking about me. I am bleeding now, which I always do when I stop BCP, but it always worries me because I hope my lining builds back up. I start lupron tomorrow. I am going to do it at 7 am and 7 pm again, like last time. It is never a good time, because DS is up and I worry that he will want to mess with the needles and stuff, but I think I will buy a movie for him to watch to keep him busy while I am doing the shots - that worked well last time. Anyway, I am excited to get started. Did I tell you all that a psychic told me that I would deliver a baby in December (she didn't say what year), but a march pregnancy means a December baby!

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Rcr- love the denist excuse!!! Lol my husband doesnt get his 3weeks vacation until april 1st so he told me the other day that if I deliver before then hes going to go get his wisdom teeth pulled so he will get paid time off, we are friends with our denist. I told him if he pulls your teeth ou that week im pulling his teeth out lol, my husband is a baby with any pain!!
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I have a question for you all. Yesterday I did something stupid and lifted something really heavy (furniture). Everybody was helping move a bunch of furniture, and I felt really dumb for just standing there, so I took a side of a really heavy couch. Do you think I did something to hurt my chances? I have not started stims yet, so maybe it won't matter? What is the point of not lifting heavy stuff anyway? I thought it was just so the eggs didn't pop out or something, but if I haven't started stims, maybe it is not a big deal yet?


geez, I am driving myself cray with this IF stuff. I obsess about every little thing...



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RCR: I was only told not to lift after transfer. They limit bouncing and wierd twisting bc your ovaries get big from stims and they don't want you to get ovarian torsion or injure them by bouncing them around. I doubt you could have hurt them lifting anything heavy, even if you were stimming. But since you're not, I'm sure you're fine! I hope the psychic is right - so exciting!!



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Gale - like others said, I can't believe that they notified you of this by letter!!  That's so not OK.  In terms of those they put back - I dealt with this same thing my first time around, but none made it to freeze so I know what you're going through right now.  Take care of yourself and remember that they put the best ones back in, and they are only going to do better in their natural environment.  Don't beat yourself up about it, please try to remember that it does only take 1!!!


Silver - Man that was a hard call I'm sure.  But you followed your gut, and that's a great thing.  Hopefully we'll be hearing a BFP soon!


Praying - glad your cyst is gone.  On your parents coming in - I like Rena's thought on blood sugar, but maybe instead say Thyroid?  That's not typically as big of an issue as diabetes is, and unless they know a bunch about thyroid issues you can probably play it off as needing multiple checks.  Hoping the stims give you everything you need, but not too much!!


rcr - yeah for starting lupron!  The lining will build itself back up, your body will work hard to make sure of it.  Heavy lifting I've always heard be careful on stims (like PP said have to be careful of ovarion torsion) but since you haven't started yet you'll be just fine!!


AFM - Started spotting Tuesday night, so no provera needed.  I'm still waiting for AF to fully come, but in the next few days I know she'll be here, then I'll call to set up the HSG.  Hopefully I'll hear back about my AMH levels by tomorrow, and the meds will then be ordered (they weren't yet, wanted to wait for AMH levels).  It's getting so close!!

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Hope4light - loved reading your 100 things!!!  Kinda a neat way to get to know you when I don't really know you!!!!  Do they think you DH's MFI is caused by his flying by chance?  I think I have heard that can affect sperm.  Just thought I'd ask b/c it hit me when I read that that he is a pilot.  Glad that AF is on her way and that you are getting things moving!!!  Have you ever had an HSG before??  You prob know this already but be sure to take some ibuprofen before you go.  Hope your AMH levels come back good!!  Keep us posted!!


rcr - i don't think the no lifting thing comes into play until after the transfer.  Just like Vegan said i know they want us to be careful w/ hip thrusting type movements while stimming b/c you don't want to have an ovary twist when they are more swollen but i think you are fine!!!!  i know it is hard to just stand around and watch though so i probably would have done the same thing and jumped in as well.  I hope your psychic is right on the money w/ a Dec baby!!!!!  I personally think that Dec is the worst month to have a baby but i'll take one whenever I can get one at this point in time.  I'll be in that same boat with you and i hope that we can graduate at the same time and go down this road together!!!!!  hug.gif


Lyndi & Belly - the nurse only said that we have a 5 cell Grade 2, a 4 cell Grade 2, and a 3 cell Grade 3.  All of that is kinda a foreign language to me b/c i really don't know much about the whole grading process and it seems like everyone's grading is different.  For some reason i think she had said that the 4 cell Grade 2 was the best but maybe i'm wrong and it was the 5 cell.  I don't know... like i said the grading confuses me.  I know that w/ our last transfer they had showed us a pic of 3 that they were going to put back in but DH freaks about more than 2 so we said to just put in two, so then they froze the 3rd, so i'm thinking that it might be that one that is by itself.  It might have been the lowest one of the 3 that were pictured w/ our last transfer, i don't know and it sounds like my RE's office might not know either.  I guess i really need to talk to my nurse again.  The hard thing is that the next 7 work days i'm working full time except next Wed (see my AFM) and it is hard to call her while i'm working b/c i can't do it during the day.  Might have to resort to good old emails instead.  We will see.  Hope you both are well.


Praying - do your parents have to even know that you are going to get blood drawn?  Are you still working while they are visiting could you go like before or after work when they wouldn't know?  Maybe you could just say that you are in a program where you are donating blood for a sick child w/ cancer!!  LOL.... I'm awful!!!!  As long as they don't want to go with you to donate as well.  That would really back fire in your face.  I hate lying b/c it just makes a mess of things and can get you in trouble.  If i think of something else i'll let you know.  I know it is hard when you are trying to keep things quiet.  Good luck!!  Let us know how it goes.


Vegan - how are you doing?? Counting down the days???


Gale & Silver - how are you ladies doing in your TWW's?????  Thinking of you both!!!  Fingers crossed!!


Renavoo - all is well here.  Just on my lupron, estrace and prednisone!!!  Kinda feel like a druggie!!!  Hope you are doing well!!


Hi to everyone else!!!!


AFM - Well, the Dr here approved the intralipids and I'm going to be scheduled for it next Wed at i think 8:30am. I told them that they could even just stick me in a closet if they didn't have enough room for me in a  treatment room b/c i know that it is kinda short notice.  The girl i talked to on the phone was really sweet and said that she told the Dr when he asked if they had a room for me that I could hang out in her office.  She has been so helpful through all of this and and seems like she has really gone to bat for me that i think i'll bring her a box of chocolates when i show up next Wed.  It is amazing how some people can just be so nice!!!  Gives you a warm feeling that there still are good people out there in this world.  There are some bad people too... last night my bank called me and asked if i tried to purchase something in NJ for $200.00 w/ my credit card, which i didn't, and they blocked it b/c it was odd and out of state.  So now someone must have stolen my card number and now i have to wait for a new card to come in the mail.  What a pain!!!  I'm so impressed that my bank was so on top of things!!!!  Lets see.... what else. Oh, my parents made it home safe and sound!!!  Two of their friends showed up at their doorstep to help them unload their car too, which really makes me happy since i live out of state and wasn't able to be there to help them!!!  I guess their neighbor who is in her late 30 or early 40's came over too to check on them and my dad said she said that they are like 2nd parents to her and she wanted to make sure they are okay.  How sweet!!!  So all that good out weighs that bad person that stole my card number and can't rain on my parade right now!!!!  Okay, now i really need to start working on Taxes - yuck!!! I've stalled enough and need to get a move on here!!!  Hope everyone has a good weekend!!!



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Blue - love the new profile pic. That is wonderful that you found a great nurse. I really like bringing people treats when they do nice things. When my dog died I brought the doctor and vet student cookies for all of their help when I picked up her ashes a week later. We have chickens, so we often bring people eggs from our girls. I am excited to hear about how the interlipids goes. I have no idea what is involved, other than what you have said.


AFM - sorry no more personals. I gotta run because I am going to organize my meds tonight and I am actually looking forward to it (the strange stuff that we look forward too!). I am starting lupron in the morning, and I like to have everything sorted into bags with the needles that are used for that specific drug, etc.

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