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Vegan - I'm sending sticky bean vibes your way!!  goodvibes.gif  Good luck, hang in there, you will make it to the other side this time!!!


I just had to pop in (again!!) to say that the nurse called me with a brief overview of dates (I'll get the actual cal next week at my appointment).  But, if my cycle stays on track (they don't do BCP's) then my tentative ER would be April 7.  That would mean implantation would be right around April 14, which just happens to be my birthday.  I'm gonna take it as my sign, even if my cycle does get off track - the initial timing of it is what I'll remember thumb.gif

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Vegan, sending lots fo positive vibes your way!!!!  Keep us posted, I am sure everything is fine!


Kewpie, are you a saint?!?  Wow, 2 sets of twins would be exciting to say the least!   My FETs were very different at my 2 clinics.  First clinic was super easy like Renavoo's.  Just a baseline, some estrace for a couple weeks, lining check, progesterone, transfer, and done (3-4 weeks)!  My second clinic really drug things out with BCPs, lupron, delestrogen (becuase my lining was an issue in the past on estrace), blood draw, lining check, blood draw, PIO then transfer...took 8 weeks there.  So at least a baseline and lining check, possibility for blood work too if your clinic is super strict.  Do you know if they are frozen together or seperate?  That might make a difference for me, but I can see not wanting to leave one behind if you were moving.  I was able to transfer mine by car, but the clincs were only a few miles apart...it might be super expensive to have them shipped.


Hope, I think it's great you guys are going to do some counseling with treatment.  It is a very emotional process and can easily creat a lot of strain on a relationship, and to catch it before it becomes a problem is brilliant!  Yay, for AF!


Thinking of everyone!  Those in the 2ww, just before, and about to get started!!!



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Aura: thanks, I went to the sea side today which was nice and I’ve booked in for some reki and acupuncture this week.  Getting out of the house seems to help.  Good luck for you iui!


Rcr: thanks.  Glad you’ve started stims and your dog is starting to get house trained!


Kewpie: exciting that your thinking of more already!


Renavoo: thanks I hope work goes well.


Hopeforlight: Thanks.  Good luck with your tests.  Good idea with the counselling, does your clinic provide a counsellor, all UK ones have to.   I guess that’s the only advantage of doing IVF as a widow, I can skip the chapter in books on keeping your relationship together through IVF.  Glad you like your timings.


Vegan: thanks I’m thinking of you too.


AFM: I’m doing a little better today.  I went to the seaside and had a cuddle of my friends baby so hopefully that will give me some baby dust.

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I had my u/s this morning and it went well! Baby measured a day ahead and heart rate was 174. I'm 8 weeks 4 days. The doc showed me the spine and where the arm and leg buds were forming and where the placenta is. All so cool to see. He even sent me home with a DVD of it all. Especially nice since my DH did not come along. :-) I let out a huge sigh of relief when I saw the heart beat!! I got released from my RE. I see my OB a week from Friday and will have another u/s then. I am just so thankful! Still scared, but thankful!



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Wow, lots going on here again today!!!!


Silver - glad you are feeling some better and got to take in some baby vibes.  Hope it brings you good luck.  I just have to say that I'm very impressed at what you are doing and how strong you have been through all of this!!!  Your baby will be so lucky to have you as his/her mom and to have your DH looking down on you both as your special angel in heaven!!!!


Hope - I think that is a great sign!!!  Fingers crossed for you!!!  Glad to hear you and your DH are going to be working on things to make sure you can both be there for your little one now and the one to soon be on the way!!!  I'm sure it is a hard step, but it will all be worth it in the end.


Vegan - thinking of you and hoping all went well today.  Let us know when you get a chance.


Renavoo - hope that your week isn't as crazy as you are expecting!!!  Hope you are feeling well!!


Kewpie - I have found that all of my FET are so much easier than my fresh.  So many less meds, less monitoring checks, and less expense.  It will all depend on your RE and what protocol they use for their FET's.  I have done one just like Lyndi (since we both go to the same group/practice) where they stim you w/ a really low dose just to get like one good egg, but i know not many RE's do that.  This new protocol I'm on now is just Lupron, & estrace  basically.  A FET will be a walk in the park for you compared to a Fresh.  Any more questions just yell.  Love reading your updates and seeing the pics on the other side.


rcr - yay, for your doggie not pooping in the house. Glad your first night of stims went well.


aura - I hope your trigger went well and that your IUI goes smooth tomorrow!!!!!  Thinking of you!!!


Gale & Praying - Hope you are both doing well!!!!



AFM - So annoying.... I got up 3 times last night in the middle of the night to pee.  Who knows what it is causing it, but i'm sure one of my hormones is all thrown off and causing it.  I just am looking forward to getting this week over with.  Hope everyone is having a good week!!


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Work and sleep has kept me busy the last few days – I have a lot of catching up to do!


Silver:  Congrats on your transfer and here’s to a short tww!  Ha! As if the time doesn’t drag (for me anyway). Sorry you’ve been feeling low.  My emotions have been all over the place since we started IVF, but the last week and a half have been the worst.  I go from happy to said, optimistic to terrified at the drop of a hat.  I think it’s probably normal to have such a broad spectrum of feelings and probably all the hormones we’re injecting, wearing, taking, etc. aren’t helping! 


Blue:  How exciting for your intralipids!  Did they say how long it takes for a dose to infuse?  And do you have to go back for follow-up doses or is it a one-time thing? Boo to an appointment during rush hour; though.  Talk about stressful!  I’ve really lucked out with appointments being either 7:30 or 7:45 and all falling on mornings when I have worked the night before.  I usually just finish up at work and take the tunnel to the office and get there when I get there.  No matter what my appointment time, they’ve always taken me right back as soon as I get there, which I appreciate.  Having to deal with traffic is one more stressor you don’t need!


RCR:  Wow, that is one long list of medications!  The things we’ll do to reach our goal, eh?  I went for an eye exam when I was on all my meds and the eye doctor asked if I was taking anything.  I rattled off the list and after he picked his chin up off the floor he said, “yeah, so it’s going to take a little while to put all that info into the computer.”  LOL, I don’t think he knew what to say!


Aura:  Congrats on triggering!  Wow, it seems like that went by way too fast!  Though, I’m sure it wasn’t fast for you!  Good luck tomorrow!!


Vegan:  Yay to the heartbeat!!  That’s really awesome they sent you home with a DVD so your DH can see.  Here’s to another 32 weeks of happiness and health!


AFM:  STILL in the TWW, lol.  I’m not nearly as down as I was last week and have accepted that we only have one frozen embryo.  I asked the nurse when she called to let me know about my estrogen and progesterone levels and she said it’s very common for people to not get any worth saving by the lab’s standards.  She said there is no correlation between the number worth saving and the odds of pregnancy with the ones transferred, so I’m choosing to be cautiously optimistic.  I do plan on bringing it up with the RE when I see him about the fact that I was notified via letter.  I just feel like that’s pretty personal information to be just communicated via mail.  A phone call would have been preferable so I could ask questions and get answers.  Beta is Thursday.


Sorry if I missed anyone!


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Vegan - I can imagine the huge sign of relief at the HB. Congrats! I am so happy that it is all going so well!


Gale - that is great to know that there is no correlation between pregnancy rates and the number of embryos left to freeze. Glad you are feeling better about it,


Blue - Hmm, I pee a lot more since starting fertility meds. I have no idea why.


Silver - glad you are feeling better.


Hope - good for you for going to a counselor. DH and I were seeing a counselor for a long time too. We are doing a lot better, and stopped going. Although we still never have sex. I mean, like, never. TTC and 4 years of IF  has taken the fun out of sex totally. I am just hoping that we will get back to normal after we are successful. But other than that, we are doing much better, and the counseling helped.


AFM - not much. Another day of meds. Everything went well.

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Belly - They are frozen together.  They're from the cycle my current twins are from.  All fertilized last mother's day! :)



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gale, congrats on the tww being almost over! fingers crossed! 


rcr- i feel your pain.  dh and i have had a hard time since starting the whole ivf process last june.  sex on command just isn't as enjoyable, and it's stressful, and kind of depressing (because of the retrograde ejaculation issue).  i've been trying to make more attemepts that are in no way baby related, but mentally it's a struggle.  dh is so supportive, and so thoughtful, and he's been there for me in whatever i need.  our communication is great.  it's just another hurdle to get past.


silver, so glad you had some time by the sea!  it sounds like a wonderfully relaxing trip.  


vegan- hooray to a heartbeat!  i'm sure it's hard to not be fearful, but you are doing great!  we always have to look forward.  


hope- a counselor is a great step!  the more you communicate, the better you will feel.  


blue- good luck with the intralipids tomorrow!  peeing at night is annoying, but it's good practice for pregnancy.  


renavoo- sorry to hear about your tough work week... don't they know you need lady rest??


afm, just got home from my iui.  we think i had at least two eggs release, but possibly a bunch more (if the slightly smaller ones had time to catch up).  the sample had 19 million motile sperm, which was the best one so far!  (the last two iuis were 10 and 14).  and i had a male dr this time who i have only just met on sunday at my last ultrasound.  i thought i'd be weirded out, but he was so gentle.  in fact, this was the first iui where i didn't even feel the catheter go in.  i was in shock, as during the last one i jumped about three inches off the table it hurt so bad.  and because he was so gentle, i haven't had any cramping (and i've always had cramping after).  my beta is march 15th if my period doesn't come first.  i am not holding my breath.  in fact, i think i am so tired of these iuis that i am going to try to not even test.  i say it every time, but i don't feel as invested in this as i have in other cycles.  essentially, i am just working towards my next ivf in april/may.  my best friend has her c section scheduled for march 15th though, so maybe it's a lucky day for both of us!

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aura - I found that my male doctors were always extremely gentle and I had the least amount of pain or cramping atferward.  I brought it up with my dh one time and he said it's probably either because they dont have lady bits and dont know firsthand what hurts and what doesnt.  or... being in a field where women prefer other women, they may make up for it by being extra gentle and comforting.  Either way, it's a win for us ladies!  Good luck during your TWW!

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Vegan: So glad everything is OK!


Blue: thanks your very kind.  Tell me about the peeing! I have hormones and drinking 2 liters per day!


Gale: thanks, excited to hear from you on thur!


Rcr: glad your doing OK


Aura: it was a typical British trip to the sea with drizzle and wind but I enjoyed getting some sea air.  Surprising how many people were wandering about the seaside in the rain on a week day!  That iui sounds very good! I’ve herd of people getting their BFP at time like this because their not stressing about it.  Hope that’s the case for you!


AFM: No news and not much in the way of symptoms.

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Silverbird: Symptoms or no symptoms doesn't mean anything. I had zero symptoms! 


Gale: Will you be waiting for your beta or testing before?


Aura: That sounds like a perfect IUI! I hope the third time is the charm! I know what you mean though. By my 3rd IUI I felt like I was just getting it over with so we could move onto IVF. I spent my two week wait planning out my consults with IVF docs. 



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Someone had posted once a site that listed the success rates and average number of embryos transferred for each clinic in the US.  Does anyone have that link?

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Kewpie, that was me...here it is




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Kewpie - looking for a new clinic?

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Thanks belly!


rcr - yup... researching the clinics out in Utah where I'm moving (either october or april)  It looks like the clinic I'll be going to has even better success than the clinic I go to here in NC.  62.1% of transfers resulting in live birth vs 30.6%. (can that really be right???)  both have an average of about 2 embryos transferred.  We're hoping they will be able to ship our frozen embryos out there.  If they are, we'll move in october and do the FET next january.  

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blue, good luck today!
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Blue, thinking of you!!!  Keep us posted on your intralipids transfusion!


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Thanks all! On my phone so i can't type much w/ only one hand. I'm here sitting in a recliner chair w the iv in my arm now. All is well as of the first 15 mins. Thanks for thinking of me.
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Silver - going to the seaside sounds like it was great for your soul!  Even if it was rainy out.  And for the baby cuddle - always have to love that!!!


Vegan - great HB, I imagine it's like a sigh of relief for you.  Still sending sticky vibes your way.


Blue - Good luck today at the intralipids appointment!  Let us know how it goes.  Peeing in the middle of the night - yep, just preparing for pregnancy :-)


Gale - The crazy emotions are very normal, especially in the TWW.  Hang in there, it's such an insane roller coaster.  Glad that they said there's no correlation!  I think it's a great idea to talk to the doc about notifying you via letter instead of phone call.  I still think that's crap, and what if there hadn't been any to freeze?  I can't imagine getting that information via letter.  How heartless.


rcr/aura - DH and I had this problem the first time around, sex just wasn't the same.  The intimacy was gone, in a sense the love was gone.  It was just for procreation.  It did get better for us after we had our DD, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I think it's difficult to make it better when you're still in the thick of it.


Aura - I've always had male RE's and they are always very gentle.  I do wonder why, very strange how that goes.


AFM - Have my yearly today with a new OB/GYN since I moved at the end of November.  Hoping I like her, since I'm hoping she'll be delivering a baby for me at the end of the year!!!  That's it though, just waiting for next weeks HSG appointment.  I talked to the pharmacy and all the meds are going to be shipped on March 15.  I do have a question though, has anyone ever taken the medrol tabs?  I've never taken them before, but the pharmacist mentioned that it is supposed to help the body from rejected the embryos.  Just curious as to your experience, if any.  Same with Novaril, I've never used/taken it before, but I can't remember what the pharmacist said about it.  I will check with the doc next week, but just checking.

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