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Blue - no, she didn't seem too concerned about the cyst. She said it is not too big, but it did grow. Seemed a lot bigger to me. But, I got my instructions tonight, and they said everything looked fine, and to continue with meds. I have to go in to the office again on Sat. Which is a pain because I have to go to the main office which is a 3-hour drive.  Are there any side effects from the interlipids treatment? Are you going to a new local doc? Why the new office? Maybe you mentioned that, and I missed it.


Aura - like belly said, I hope you are suprised.


Praying - I said it before, but you never know, hopefully some start really growing in the next few days. When is your next appointment?


AFM - funny how everybody elses TWW seems to go so fast, but when it is my own they seem so slow. Gale's beta kinda sneaked up on me. I can't believe it has been so long.


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gale - joy.gif Congrats!

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yay, gale! joy.gif

rcr, I'm sorry the cyst is getting bigger, but hooray that your ovary is still putting out despite it! I hope you're right and there are some hidden ones! goodvibes.gif

blue, glad the intralipids went well! C'mon, fatty cells, flush those NKC right on out of there!!! fingersx.gif
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rcr - Don't really know of any side effects of the lipids.  From what I found online people just say maybe a little tired but that also might be b/c you have to sit there or lay there for several hours.  I have to go to the new office b/c the local place here that I normally do my monitoring that sends the info to my RE is being remodeled and they have moved to this brand new building.  It is really nice but round trip just to get there is like 70 miles and in rush hour that sucks.  Oh well.


Tear - thanks!!!



AFM - my lining check this morning went okay, but it was only at like 7.5 so now my RE wants me to go back again for another u/s on Monday now!!!!  Grrrrr!!!!!!  My RE also wants me to now start taking at least one of my doses of estrace vaginally instead of all orally.  My first ever IVF i took it orally and had a really good lining and then the other cycles i took it vaginally and it wasn't as good, so that is why i've taking it all oral so far, but i guess we will mix it up some.  That is about all i know.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Off to our nieces school talent show we go.  Should be cute. 

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Thanks everyone, I'm super excited!  I go back on Monday for a repeat beta, and as long as the levels have doubled, they'll schedule me for an u/s two weeks later.  I don't remember if she told me what my progesterone level was but she told me to continue taking the 1ml/day.  My estrogen was 4500, so she told me to take off the patch and discontinue using them.  I told my DH the nurse probably thought I was the most underwhelmed recipient of PG news ever, lol! I ended up getting called into work the night before, so after my blood draw I went home and tried to get some sleep before they called.  I was constantly being interrupted (text messages from inquiring minds, calls from my DH and mom) and had just finally fallen into a deep sleep when she called.  I couldn't really focus and when she told me she had great news, that the test was positive, I just said, "oh, okay, thanks."  She kind of paused, then went on to start explaining when I needed to come back, etc. and I finally said, "I'm sorry, can you hang on a second? I need to grab a pen and write this stuff down because I'm half asleep and will probably not remember a single thing you said once I hang up."  She laughed and said she thought I sounded half  asleep and said to go back to sleep and she'd e-mail me all the info.  Of course, once I hung up and called my DH, reality set in and I was wide awake! 


Thanks for all your kind words and helping me get through the tww!



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Hi all. My cycle was canceled again. I'm on my phone so I will write more later.
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rcr, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i'm so sorry, that just sucks.  was it the cyst?  what did the dr say?  how soon can you start back up?

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rcr - No!!!!!!   WHAT is going on????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Fill us in when you get a chance!!!!  hug2.gif


Gale -Can't wait to hear your number on Monday.  You transferred 2 right??  Are you thinking twins, I am with that number!!!!  Loved your story about being sleepy.

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RCR: NO! Oh my gosh! That sucks so bad. I'm so sorry you're facing this yet again!! Big hugs to you. I hope you're doing ok.



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oh rcr, mecry.gif I am so so sorry hug2.gif I hope you were able to get some information from the RE and he has a new plan for next time. 

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aaaaargh! rcr, I'm so sorry! greensad.gif
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hug2.gifrcr - I am so, so sorry to hear that! So not fair! (Of course, if the universe were FAIR, you'd have had a baby years ago. greensad.gif ) Hugs and prayers to you and your family!
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Hi ladies...


I was here back in the fall and we are back...we are doing a FET March 23rd...I'm currently on Lupron, BCP, baby asprin, Pre-natal vitamin, and dexamethasone. We are using SIRM~ Sher Institute in Peoria. Here is hoping for great things. I am reading along and catching up...


Great to be back,


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Originally Posted by Tear78 View Post

aaaaargh! rcr, I'm so sorry! :(

hug.gif  Yes, me too!  Hugs from this end as well.  Thinking of you!

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Thanks. I am still on my phone. The problem was that I was trying to o again. Same as last time. I am triggering tonight and doing an iui Tuesday so that it is not a total loss of a cycle. THe re. Said that this high dose of drugs is just not working for me because they can't seem to stop me from o'ing. Maybe we will get lucky and this iui will work. I do have 2 nice follies and 2 smaller o.es plus another 4 that are a lot smaller. If not we will just try again with a different dose of med. Not sure if they will want me to take a month off or not.
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OK I am back on my computer now, so I can type longer.


Gelly - I remember you. Congrats on starting. I have been thinking about going to Sher if this IVF fails (which was just canceled). If you have any thoughts about your experiences there, I would love to hear them.


All - thanks for the nice thoughts, all. I am pretty bummed about it. What happened was the same as my last IVF cancelation, though it happened 3 days later this time. My progestrone started rising, so it looked like my body was trying to O, even though I have been on gannirelix and lupron. The Dr that I spoke with yesterday (who is not my Dr., but the one that was on call on Sat.), said that it looks like these high-dose cycles are just not working for me, so she thinks we need to switch back to a low-dise cycle. She looked back to when I was doing IUIs, and said that I did have a few good cycles on 150 follistim, even though I had a few cycles on that same amount and my progestrone also started to rise. Anyway, I still have to have a appointment to talk about all of this with my regular dr., but I think that she will suggest a low-dose IVF cycle instead of doing another high-dose.


Hopefully this IUI will work and we won't even have to go there.


I asked why I have to trigger tonight, since the follies are probably not ready, and she said that it is because my progestrone is rising so if I don't I will just O anyway. So now I a triggering at 9 om tonight and doing the IUI on tues. morning. If we do it that way, hopefully we will catch a mature follie. If we wait then we could loose them all before we do the IUI. Like I said in an earlier post, I was excited about this cycle (despite the cyst), because it looked like I had some follies that were all growing together. Two on each side, with about 4 more that were smaller and would hopefully catch up.There was one that was 1.6, so hopefully that will be mature when we do the IUI.



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RCR: I'm so sorry - how frustrating! I hope the IUI is all you need! But you know the low dose cycle worked for me - I have faith it could work for you too!! 



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rcr, argh! I'm so sorry that you're being forced to wait AGAIN. I really hope that this iui works, though. I think the trigger shot gives the follies an extra boost to mature so hopefully you'll get some of those smaller ones to catch up. fingersx.gif I'm going to hope, hope, hope with you!!!
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Thanks, Tear, Vegan.


Waiting, waiting, waiting. It feels like all I ever do is wait for a new cycle because the last one got screwed up. I started TTC when I was 34. I will be 38 in a few weeks. Not only do we have IF, but it also feels like I am also running out of time. Whatever problems I had at 34 are only magnified now that I am 4 years older. ugh. This just sucks.

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Oh RCR, I'm so sorry. I can't believe it. :o( hug2.gif i really hope the IUI works for you!


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