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Aura, I haven't temped in about 3 years, but Blue is right, you have to take your temperature first thing in the morning before you get up.  If that's what you did, generally a one day temp drop indicatess implanation!!!  I hope that's what you saw!  I also hope you are starting to feel better!!


Laggie, great news about your DH!  I am sure he will pass their tests with flying colors!!!  Yay!  Only 2 more sleeps till transfer!


Praying, I like a double IUI.  I never got one, just a single, but I always wanted one :)  Good luck today!!!!!


AFM, about 6 hours till my u/s.  I should be able to update everyone around 3 pacific.  I am excited/worried/anxious basically every feeling at once....which makes me sick to my stomach. 

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Belly: I'm so excited for you! :-)


Aura: I had an implantation dip with my daughter, back when I charted. I agree - first morning temps, without moving. And without having a coverline, etc I'm not sure you could make a ton of sense of temps. Mine were my normal, post-O temps, then on day 10 I had spotting and my temp dipped back to the coverline. The next day my temps went back to my normal post-O temps - they didn't seem horribly high when I got my BFP at 14 dpo. 



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i think i'm too lazy to do temping every single morning!  and i had definitely gotten out of bed before i temped.  ah well.  i am just trying to make sense of everything.  today has been one long baking, sweaty, hot flash.  my palms and face are bright red so i am assuming this is all hot flash related?  my temp is normal today but i feel feverish!  

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Well, the results are back..........TWINS!!  They are measuring a little small.  One is 6w0d and one is 6w1d...they should be 6w3d.  On the plus side we got to see and hear their heartbeats and they were both around 115.  The RE said that since they are small he wants me back in a week.  He said there was a chance we could loose 1 or both and they want to monitor them closely at this point.  I am still soaking in this news...


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Threadcrashing to say CONGRATS, BELLY!! Praying for a healthy outcome for you and your beans!!
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Belly: Wow, twins!!! I so hope all is well with both. I doubt a couple days is really cause for concern - especially if you see a heartbeat. How exciting!


Aura: There's one way to find out if that fever means anything...I'm just sayin'...;-)


AFM: Got more labs done today and picked up my saline sonogram results to bring to my new clinic. I am going up next week to get my calender and learn all about my meds and meet everyone. But for now, I have a super super positive OPK! So DH and I will be busy trying to make a baby naturally and save ourselves 10 grand! It's nice to not be giving myself a trigger shot this month.



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Posting from my phone @ my parents:

Belly- Congrats! Not sure if this will make you feel better or not, but with our twins @ 6wks they told us that one twin might disappear or it might catch up and be fine and @ 8 wks he caught up just fine. We have friends that have twins and they have an older daughter and she is fine with it and has adjusted well. Whatever is ment to be will be and you just have to trust that it will all work out. I know it is easier said than done! Thinking about you and sending hugs! Keep us posted!
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BELLY- Wow, congrats that is amazing, what a great Thansgiving present. 

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Belly:  Twins!!!  Wow!!!  I am so excited for you!  Think about what the doctor said but stay positive.  I believe that everything will be fine.  I am praying like crazy for you. 


Aura:  Hope that you are feeling a little better.  That stinks that you still feel so lousy.  Hopefully it means good things!


Vegan:  Good luck on working on the "free baby".  Enjoy trying!


Blue:  Your Thanksgiving plans sound lovely.  Hope you have a wonderful time!


AFM:  Had my IUI today.  Everything went well.  I have not ovulated yet so I was glad about that.  My RE always does 2 inseminations with each cycle.  Usually back to back days so this will be different missing a day in between.  I asked him if it would be too late and he said no.  Gonna try on our own the next two days too.  Might as well!!!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  God bless.

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Vegan, YAH to a positive OPK! Get to babymaking and I hope that in 2 weeks, we get another BFP! or two, because O'm going to hope the same thing for Praying!

Praying, definitely BD as well...Typically, ovulation occurs 36 hours after trigger so if you're waiting an extra day, it's best to BD around 36 hours after the trigger. Then you're covered in time for the 2nd iui!


Belly, I'm still dancing a little dance of congrats for you...not only are you only 2 weeks behind me but now we're both carrying twins. you're my pregnancy buddy! yah!!!thumb.gif



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Yay belly!!!!!
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Yay belly! I'll let you know in two weeks whether I'm joining the twin train.

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Hi all wave.gif,

I’ve finally gotten around to personals so I might be going back a bit! I just wanted to say thanks for being here guys grouphug.gif.  U really help when I’m feeling blue.  So here we go:


Blue:  I’d defiantly love a crystal ball! It’s so hard not knowing if we’ll get anything out of this, if we could just be promised a result at the end it would be worth it! I have to think that I’m doing this to be in the casino so to speak, I’d love the result but I have to do this so I can enjoy the hope of a bpf even if I can’t guarantee the result .  Good luck with the “go big and go home!” Glad it wasn’t an ectopic. I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the tests.  I’m on another website called fertility friend and some of the ladies there have a lot of info on immune issues in fertility.


Julieven: I didn’t see you already had a little one that makes it a whole different decision.  I hope you carry on being happy the three of you or that you get a free baby!


Vegan: Thanks for thinking of re panic attack, it was pretty scary but I knew that’s what it was so I just let it pass.  If I can’t persuade my pct to pay for my IVF I’ll have to choose a clinic.  In the end though I think I still with my clinic that’s about an hour away (by bus).  It’s difficult for me to choose because this clinic has been only been open a year so they don’t have stats with the hefa or live birth rates so it’s hard to compare to other clinics.  But I just can’t face travelling to far.  And it’s more complicated for me as I don’t have a partner and would need a friend or in-law to come with me for ET and I don’t want to drag them too far.  It’s interesting everyone talking about  no.s of embryos transferred.  In the UK under 40’s can only have one embie transferred and over 40’s 3 in exceptional circumstances.  The HEFA is really leaning on clinics to reduce their multiple birth rates.  Good luck with your free baby attempt!

Montesossorf: Welcome and good luck!


Rcr: Hope you had a good travel.  Thanks for  circle and bloom info, I emailed you.


Mole: Hi Mole, I’m a vegan too! Unfortunately I haven’t done any research on vegan meds I was hoping to get away without them.  Glad things are moving  forwards for you.


Aura: Well done to your donor! How are you? Hope your feeling better.  I’ve spent five years temping! You take your temp every morning at the same time before getting out of bed.  Taking charge of your fertility (book) of fertility friend (website) can help.


Renvanoo: In the UK employers have to look after your health and the health of your unborn if you notify them there is one, and that includes stress.  So your colleague might be right about letting work no.  Sorry to hear about that horrid OB hope you don’t have to see them again.  Congratulation on your twins! joy.gif  

Debhourah: congratulations on you BPF! joy.gif


Praying: Good luck with your iui


Laggie: Good luck with your transfer.


AFM: I'm finally feeling a little better.  It helps that I've got my stiches out so I'm not in agony when I where clothes.  I'm still feeling pretty washed out though.  Three of the incisions are healing nicley but one still hurts and has started to smell.  Do u think thats a problem? I've got to admit I was pretty upset about my tube.  I had hoped to have a couple of cycles low tec without the drugs.  And i had thought that if I ever remarried I could have free babies.  Being a 30 year old infertile widow was never my plan.  I've written to the NHS clinic and said I'm on the waiting list, I still me the crietea, when will you treat me? I'm hoping that if I assume they'll treat me and count me as being on the list from when dh was refered they'll agree! We'll see.  I'm not happy about waiting a few weeks to hear from them but with so much money at stake it's worth it.  I've got say I am a bit nervous about going into all this with no dh for emotional back up but I think I can do it.  I had a nice chat with my MIL who was very supportive and said she'd come with me for EC. Can anyone help me get a bit of an idea what to expect? How often do people do blood tests and scan's while stimming.  Do you know excatly what day ET and EC will be or is it variable?


Thanks all, I'm sorry to have to be officaly joining you but couldn't wish to do it with a nicer buch of women.  Happy thanks giving to all the yanks!  

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Thanks Silverbird!

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Typin from my phone on our way to NJ now so this will be short:

Silver- with my past 3 ivf's I had to go in for bloodwork and u/s's like every 3 rd day and then when it got closer there was one that was on like a wed and then again on thurs bc they just wanted to make sure they got the trigger right. They usually can kinda give you an idea of when the transfer will be but it's not always 100%. Hope that helps some. I'm glad your MIL is so supportive. Glad we can also be here for you in this process too!

Belly - how are you adjusting to the thought of twins? Did you tell the family al the details or just that you are pregnant? Hope it went well! After your experience now I'm starting to get cold feet about us transferring 3 this next time?! Hummmmm?

AFM- as of yesterday I was still having spotting for some reason. Who knows. Hoping it's just bc this last AF was weird. Also my RE said I could get those 2 test done and he'd check my regular thyroid levels too just to make sure all is well. That makes me feel better too just to make sure I know everything is perfect or so to say in my body before we go through w this last FET. Hope everyone is well. We are on our way to NJ right now to meet up w DH triplet sister and then sat we are going to see our fav band play in NY so that should be fun. Then we drive home on Sunday. We are such groupies! Lol! Can't beat free tickets...perks of being friends of the band! redface.gif). Hope all of you had a great thanksgiving and those of you not celebrating a good Thurs!
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My FET is at 1 pm today and I'm super nervous. I'm terrified they're going to call and say that the little frostie didn't make it. Now I'm kicking myself for not listening better when DP asked his "what if" questions, because I don't remember what time they said they would call.

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belly- TWINS?!?!!!  Hooray!! This is amazing!!  i am thinking healthy growing thoughts for them!  now you and renavoo really are pregancy buddies.  i'm ridiculously happy for you both. 


blue- yay for nj!!  i'll wave to you as you drive by.  i hope you have a great vacation!  i'm also so glad your dr is willing to do those test for you.  if anything, it's peace of mind.  


silver, you're not alone, you have all of us to talk to.  we will do our best to support you and listen when you need to vent!  also, sounds like you have an infection, i'd get that checked out asap.  nothing healing should hurt or smell.  you probably need antibiotics.


praying- good luck with the IUI!  i figure bd'ing is just an extra opportunity.  i'm excited for you!  


afm, i'm still coughing up rainbows.  still some light cramping and yesterday my mid back hurt worse than i've ever felt.  not sure if i pulled something coughing or if it was something else, but today that back pain is miraculously gone.  the dreams lately have been insane.  they're so vivid, and violent, and i wake up 100 times a night.  i seem to be peeing more at night but not like it was when i was on progesterone supplements, so i don't know if it means anything or not.  still playing the 2ww waiting game.  today is 8dpo and i don't know if i can hold out until december 2nd for my beta... if AF doesn't show up first.  i may slowly be losing my mind.  

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Laggie- how did it go? Thinking g of you.
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My fsh Was 7.5. I think that may be a little higher than last month, but it is still a pretty low number for me. I think maybe the dhea is working.
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Laggie, I hope everything went perfect for you today and your little embie is snuggling in for the long haul!!!!!!  I am thinking tons of positive thoughts for you!


rcr, great news on the FSH.  I need to find my paperwork, but I think mine was around 7 when I did my fresh cycle. 


Blue, enjoy your vacation!!!  And don't get cold feet cause of me.  I was secretly bummed we didn't get twins our first time around, but it's causing me more worry this time because we are going from 2 adults on 1 child, to outnumbered!!  Just thinking of how I am going to get a toddler and 2 infants anywhere by myself is a little overwhelming.  Also, my DD has been rather spoiled with attention (rightfully so), and I don't want her to feel pushed out in those early days of chaos.  I really don't want it to sound like I am complaining...I am just trying to figure out how it will work.  I tend to over think everything and work myself into a panic.  We are very grateful to have a family no matter how crazy it is going to be :)


Aura, it sounds like everything is going great this cycle!!!  Both of my pregnancies have been filled with wild vivid dreams!  I really really really hope this is your cycle!  Hmmm..8 dpo, and your test isn't till next Friday.  I'd probably test a little early, but I really do hate those things.  I was sobbing and shaking in bed when I POAS this cycle.  I was just way too scared to even look at it!


Deborah, when is your u/s again? 


Praying, hoping all the BD'ing and IUIs did the trick!  Maybe your body will have another big surprise soon!!


AFM, since both babies were a couple days behind they are having me go back in on Wednesday for another u/s.  I am not really sure what to expect since DD always measured on track.  My google searches haven't really come up with much.  It seems like they usually catch up, but I guess there is no way to tell.  It's just a waiting game.  We told both families yesterday that we are expecting.  I really need more help already and our families are so supportive.  We didn't tell them it was twins since the RE was kind of negative about one or both even making it.  He said we would have a better idea in a few weeks.  So maybe more exciting news for everyone for Christmas. 



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