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My u/s is Thursday, Dec. 8. DH is taking the whole morning off :-).

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Hi everyone!! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving or a great end of the week!


Silver, we're here for you too so please please please lean on us when you need it. It's so hard to go through this without you dh but I like to think that your DH is watching out for you anyway, especially since you dreamed about him. It's not the same but sometimes, I think that my dad is still watching out for me and trying to make sure that I'm happy from afar. The funniest thing about that is that I'm not particularly religious or even spiritual but sometimes, I just can't shake the feeling that someone from beyond is watching out for me...and i'd love for my dad to be that person! As for my IVF, the doctor gave me an estimated schedule but it was wrong because I didn't respond as quickly as they expected me to. I had my first bloodwork at day 3 after starting treatment. Then it happened in 2 day intervals until towards the end of my 12 day stim cycle, when i went in daily for bloodwork and US before my retrieval. It's wonderful that your MIL is going to support you through this as well. I can't wait until you get started and announce that you're pregnant! It's going to be a wonderful day for us here on the forum!


Belly, yah for the announcement! Was everyone over the moon? I am happy that you waited until your more comfortable to tell everyone about the twins. How are you feeling about it now? Are you less apprehensive? As for the doctor's prediction, I just wish that the doctor was a little more positive about it (that doctor reminded me of the one i saw!) I mean, I know that there is a risk but come on, just say, we're going to keep close watch and see what happens!) Isnt that enough? sigh. Sorry, I wish that medical professionals had to take a course on bed side manner... how are you feeling anyway?


RCR, Yah to a better FSH number! I think under 6 is normal so you're doing ok, right? Did you doctor say anything to you about it? I am so excited for your cycle to begin! i hope that you're home resting from your extended trip!!


Aura, oooooh a lot of those sound like good signs...I'm looking forward to your testing! I know how hard it is to wait but December 2nd is right around the corner! haha although i myself would probably test a day or two before but I'm a bad influence :o) I'm glad it sounds like you're feeling a little better although i'm sad you're still not feeling 100%. what a time to get sick! Although if it means that you get a baby, hey, it'll be worth it right? :o)


Laggie, How did it go? i hope it was an uneventful transfer and that you got a lot of rest to help with implantation. Was it a 3 day or 5 day embie?


Vegan, Praying, I hope the early 2ww is treating you ladies well and that in 2 weeks time, you're announcing your pregnancies to us!! I would be over the moon about it!!


Ok, everyone, have a wonderful weekend! i can't believe that thanksgiving is over and the weekend is beginning (and soon to be over...) My, how time flies!


Big hugs everyone!!





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hey renavoo!  how are you feeling these days?  it's nice that at least because of thanksgiving you get a little rest from work.  


i'm starting to go into panic mode that any of my symptoms before were either imagined or maybe signs of early pregnancy that just didn't make it any further.  always the pessimist!  i keep waiting for soreness in my chest to start but so far nothing.  i had some weird bumps on my nipples the other day but today they are gone.  i'm 9dpo and still have six more days to wait to see if AF comes, or else i go for a beta.  i still have mild cramping but no more of that weird pulling twinge in that one spot.  i'm obviously driving myself insane.  i am trying to stay distracted, i'm actually pretty relaxed now that i am feeling better.  the cough is hanging on but last night i actually slept for five straight hours. a miracle! 

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POAS this morning, 11 DPO. negative. I know better than to test, but every freaking month my optimism wins out over my common sense.

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Blue:  Thanks for the info, I one book I read said that you needed tests everyday or twice a day, so glad to know it’s not normally that often.  I hope you get some good results from those tests.  Hope you had fun in NY.


Laggie: Good luck for your FET.  And good luck to your dh for his job inverview.


Aura: Your quiet right I do have an infection, I worked it out a little before you posted.  I kept thinking it couldn’t be because I did everything the nurses told me to.  I’ve got some anti-boitics, cream and a dressing now.  I feel more comfortable since having the dressing on.  I hope you feel better soon and your tww is not to agonising.


Rcr: glad your FSH is good this month.


Belly: hope everything goes well with your twins.  Glad you could give your family some good news at Thanks giving.


Debohra: Good luck for you u/s.


Renvanoo: Thanks, I like to think dh is watching out for me too.  Your very sweet, I do hope I bring you some good news sometime soon but you’ll all have to be patient.  I guess we’re all pretty good at that in this forum although I’m feeling pretty impatient at the mo!


Mole: Sorry for your BNF.  Fingers crossed it’s a false positive. hug2.gif


AFM: As I said I’ve got some anti-biotics for my infection and am starting to feel a little better.  I spoke to my sister in Australia yesterday and it was just hard you know? She was just talking about surfing lesson and camping in the bush etc.  It just seems so easy and remote from my life.  I can hardly remember being that care free.  Anyway I’m trying to cheer up a look forward.


Hope all you Americans had a lovely Thanks giving and Black Friday.  Did you all go shopping? On the news it said 50% of American’s go shopping on Black Friday.

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Thanks Silverbird! I do not brave the crowds on Black Friday. I am considering participating in Cyber Monday. Nobody to trample me there.

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smile.gif I can't say I thought shopping with half the country sounded fun! My dh used to have it time so well so he could shop during a rudgby match while everyone was wathcing it or avoiding town while it was busy and get home before the crowds came out.

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The transfer went well, I didn't drink so much water this time (about 20 ounces an hour before) so it wasn't so uncomfortable. Last time I had to pee so bad it hurt, so this time I was smarter about it and didn't guzzle an extra bottle of water in the waiting room.


The embryologist said the embryo was starting to rehydrate, about 25% of the cells were plumping up already and that hopefully the rest would recover in the next day or so. She said it takes an extra day or two for the cells to rehydrate before it will start to grow again, so implantation can take longer with a FET than with a fresh embryo.


It was frozen at 5 days, we did a SET last time so they waited until day 5 so that they could pick the best one. IIRC correctly there were 4 still growing at that point but the embryologist said that only one was good enough to freeze. I hope she's right and that this means this one is a tough one!


I'm thinking of it as a girl, since FET is more likely to produce girls.


My beta is December 5th - DP thinks that is lucky since he is Dutch, and that is the day when Dutch Santa (Sinterklaas) visits and leaves gifts for the children.


Sorry for not doing personals, I'll catch up Monday!

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Good luck Laggie! Hoping Sinterklaas brings you a BFP!

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laggie - I did the same thing at my transfer. I was worried that I haden't drank enough water, so I guzzled like two bottles in the waiting room, and I had to pee so bad it was horrible. Glad to hear that the transfer went well.


Silver - shopping on black friday is a nightmare. I don't know anybody who does it unless they are out to get one of the really good deals on something expensive like a computer or TV, which can be found really cheap as soon as the stores open. I haven't been shopping on black friday since I was a teenager, when I actually liked shopping. We are actually done with most of our xmas shopping already. We don't have much to buy, not much family, and DS has way too much stuff already. We are getting him a violin as his big gift because he is taking lessons. I sent you like 10 emails this morning, so let me know if the attachments worked. Glad I could send it to you - they were so expensive I would like to to get as much use out of them as possible.


Mole - sorry for the bfn. I hope it is wrong.


Aura - Don't trust the symptoms, whatever they tell you. Unless they tell you something good, then they are right :)


AFM - I started BCP, so I am officially starting my cycle. I am also home from vacation. I am so happy to be away from the inlaws. They are nice and everything, just a lot to take for 24 hours a day since they never turn off the TV.

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Hi all - I updated the first page.


Belly - I added you to the winter BFP list, even though I guess you were officially in the fall thread. It totally made my day to be able to add you, but let me know if you don't want to be up there yet, or if you want me to delete the "twins". I know some people don't want to be added for a while, so I was not sure.


DS is taking a nice long nap, so I can finally catch up.


Blue - I don't really understand all those tests. If they were important, why in the world did they not want to do them before?


Deborah - how ya feeling? Any pregnancy symptoms?


Belly too - how are you?


Laggie - why is a FET more likely to produce girls? I have never heard that before.





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Thanks again for your e-mails rcr!  I've done a little xmas shopping but am a bit panicked about it.  I don't even know exactly who to by for as dh shopped for his friends and family and I don't who he brought for.


I have read that using frozen sperm is more likely to produce girls because female sperm are more hardy and robust.  IVF is more likely to produce girls and fresh iui boys.  But thats just my recall.

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HI everyone!

Mole, I hope that it was just too early to actually test. Day 11 really is early and i know that we all are armed with the early tests these days but a good percentage of people using those tests still get a false negative at day 11. Hope the next few days show something different!!


Silver, hug2.gif i'm so sorry that speaking with your sister made you a little down. It's sad because you're so far away from your sister too so she can't be there to give you the support that i'm sure she would give you. I just hope that one day, you'll feel carefree again (although your loss will, of course, change the way you're carefree). Until then, I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and wishing you to best possible in the near future and beyond. 


By the way, interestingly enough, I read in a couple of studies that it's more likely during a fresh cycle to get a boy. They say that this is probably because the male embies develop faster and are heartier. Here's a link to an Australian study.




And here is another study: www.rmany.com/pdf/blastocystembryotransfer.pdf


I am curious about the rate differences with FET. if speed is the reason we see more male embies, the FETs would probably be more likely to give girls. My frozen embies were really slow developing so I'm thinking i'm having two girls but who knows :o) I just want two healthy babies!

I just think all of this is so interesting...


by the way, as for shopping, UGH. I would never go shopping on black friday. No deal is worth the hassle. What I hate most, though, is how bad it makes Americans look. i mean seriously...pepper spraying people to get a video game console? trampling others? It's really pathetic. I wish that people would just CONSIDER others a bit. The world would just be such a better place. Ok, off my soap box. As for presents for your family, i don't think anyone would be upset at not receiving a gift (at least I hope not!) so please don't stress yourself out. If it makes you feel better, maybe buy a few gifts that could be for anyone and if someone gives you a gift that you didn't expect, just say that you forgot the gift at home. It'll be all ready and wrapped so it will feel like you really did just forget ;o) 


RCR, yah for starting!!! How long are you on BCPs?


Laggie, I'm hoping Santa brings you a BFP this year!!



hope everyone else is well!!








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RCR- Oh yes. Many. I already have m/s, but at least I'm not actually vomiting (not sure if that is better or worse to be honest). I have had growing pains (literally) and totally freaked out thinking it was ectopic because it was mostly on the left. A doctor and a nurse confirmed it was nothing big. So, phew. Today, I am paying for eating way too much popcorn at the theater yesterday. Major gas pains. You asked, so you get all the details. LOL. Oh and talk about mood swings. I'm bouncing off the walls one minute and cranky about everything the next. I also notice that if I don't nap during the day I can't stay up past 9:30. So, I'm going to start instituting nap time at the same time every day if I can.

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Rena and Silver - wow, that boy girl stuff is really interesting. I didn't know. I am hoping for a girl or twins, since we have a boy. Of course I won't be picky though!


Rena - I don't know how long I am on BCP for. Since I did my baseline u/s and bloodwork out of town I was not there to get my calendar. They said they they are sending it to me, but they always take like forever when they send stuff. I wish I knew. I like things all planned out ahead of time. Also, I am off work starting the end of this week until the first week of Jan, and DS is off school for most of that time. So I need to plan for babysitters when I have monitoring, etc. because he won't be in school. We don't really have a lot of regular babysitters, and kids are not allowed past the waiting room of thw doctors office (although they did make an exception for me one time at the satelite office but that was because it was only the nurses there that day and the doctor was not in. They said that they can't make those kind of exceptions when the doctors are there).


Deborah - I never actually puked when I was pregnant with DS. My morning sickness consisted of just feeling yucky and feeling like I was going to vomit but not actually doing it. It was strange, since I usually vomit even at the thought of vomit.


Blue - a whole page has almost gone my without seeing you! Hope you are enjoying your thanksgiving weekend!

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RCR- That sounds about right. I'd actually welcome vomiting I think. Could make me feel better in the long run. OTOH, I'm in a concert next weekend and wouldn't want to puke on stage. LOL.

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I've been off the boards for days because of Thanksgiving. We hosted for 10 people, which is not huge but still a lot of work. I had a great time, though!


So, apparently I have very slow-growing follicles. I'm on Day 9 of stims with no end in sight yet, and they keep increasing my dose of Follistim. I started at 150, then up to 225, and was instructed to take 300 tonight. I've gone through so much I actually will have to buy more at the specialty pharmacy tomorrow. I didn't get the numbers today, but yesterday there were nine follicles, all 10 mm or less. They actually wanted to add Menopur to my medication plan on Friday, but there was not a pharmacy open in town that had it in stock, so they had to cancel that plan. But the doctor says it should be fine with just the Follistim, only slower.


Laggie, good luck, I hope the transfer worked perfectly!

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RCR- We can add one more big symptom- dizzy spells. I'm not quite 6 weeks along yet, but the dizzy spells are common around this time in a pregnancy and I think I get to have every symptom. I checked the book again and that actually starts at 5 weeks. Makes sense since I am about half-way through my fifth week.

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Hi ladies, I have been quietly stalking the last day or so...I am so sick with m/s I can barely do much but lay on the couch.  We had some family pictures taken today which was a nice "break".  It was so distracting I actually forgot I was pregnant for a minute :)  We went to a park with DD and just played.  It was really nice and just thinking about it makes me emotional, I love my family so much!


Laggie, sounds like everything went fantastic at your transfer!  I am praying you get your BFP soon!!!  I know all of my frosties have always just started expanding when they put them back in.


rcr, yay for being on BCP, it has started!  I wish you had a schedule, but I am sure you will get it soon, and it's so nice you have so much time off to spend with DS (and working on the baby!)


Blue, hope all is going well with you!!


Montessortof, ugh for having to buy more drugs.  Keep us posted!  Hopefully you wont need to stim too much longer.


Deborah, I feel you on the m/s.  Sometimes I wish I could vomit because I think it would really help.  Have fun at your concert!


Renavoo, do you know when you'll get to find out genders?


Silver, sorry things have been rough lately.  I am hoping next year you get your BFP and everything looks bright again.


Mole, so sorry your HPT was negative.  I am praying it is wrong and you get a surprise BFP later!


AFM, guess I already talked about myself above.  I am starting to get used to the idea of twins and I am not quite as paniced about it.  Still worried, but better!  My friend (unbelievably fertile) called today to say she was expecting her third...they get it on the first time every time.  At first I was upset by the news, then I thought to myself...me too :)

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Rcr - glad your trip went well! Why did I think you were on a work trip? Good luck w the bcp's and this cycle. Fingers crossed for you. Sorry I've been mia but it's been a busy weekend w all the travel. See update below.

Monte- wow, it seems like they started you on a pretty low dose to begin with so I think it is good that they are bumping you up.

Renavoo- I don't get those studies even though I like reading about them. I thought that the male determines the sex depending on the chromosomes the sperm carry. I just don't get how it can be one way or another especially when you do icsi. Hope you are feeling well! When is your next appt? I know you said it was a little ways away!

Deborah - glad things are going good and yay for symptoms.

AFM- Hi to everyone else! Typing from my phone right now in the car on our way home! So tired of being in the car right now, so I prob won't do too many personals bc it is hard to look back on my phone so I'll have to fully catch up tomorrow. We left NJ this morning I think around 9:45am and now it is 7:30pm. We did make one stop where we let Abby run around bunch. She has been such a saint in the car this whole time (2 hrs Wed, 8hrs on Fri and now almost 9hrs) and she hasn't made a peep. Just plays w her toys and sleeps the whole time or watches other cars go by to entertain herself. We are so lucky that she is so good in the car! Tomorrow morning I have my "private spot" biopsy w my OBGYN. Still don't understand why I have to have a spot down there?! If I have to have a spot why can't it be on my arm or leg or somewhere less private. I know, it really shouldn't matter bc so many people have seen those parts lately, but it's just a pain. Let's see what else.... Oh got a call from freedom and I told them that my insurance changed and they wanted my Rx bin number and group number to see if my insurance will maybe pay for any of my meds this next time and when I looked at my card there was no numbers so I told freedom that and they said I'd have to call the insurance company to find that out and then call them back. So I call the insurance comp and they transfer me to the pharmacy portion to get that info. The lady there tells me that she can't give me that info bc it would be against HIPA rules. I was like that is ridiculous "I'm the patient!". So no luck. I call freedom back and tell them they said they would have to call bc they couldn't tell me the info bc it was against HIPA. The freedom lady also thought it was crazy and said she would try to call and let me know if they didn't have any luck. Crazy! So I'm suppose to get my meds delivered on Friday so we will see. That's about it. Have to run!
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