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She's constantly "giving advice." I really hate when people give unsolicited advice. Ugh.

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I dealt with it. She was very defensive at first, but recognized that later and all is well.

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Deborah: Sorry about your friend. It's easy for people to say simple things like that when that have no idea what it's like to live in this 24 hour/day, always on your mind, stressful and insanely expensive infertility hell! Glad all is well again. Man you have it rough - vomiting or asthma. Tough choice! 


Renavo: Thanks for your story on traveling. Yeah, I guess i am really leaning toward using my own clinic. My guess is, if I need to do much monitoring, it would still be done at my regular clinic anyway. I know I could never deal with being in a hotel for days on end. I need distractions! A 2 hour drive doesn't require a hotel though. It can take an hour to get to my local clinic in traffic. I know my doc will do a similar protocol - we already discussed a few possibilities before my last IUI. So it pretty much is cost. Both have high stats. 


I noticed something a bit scary to me on the stats of the 2 hours away clinic. The doc reccomended transfering 3 embryos!! I told him I'm not comfortable with the chance of having triplets. So I checked their stats and their twin rate for under 35 and under 37 are both over 40%. The rate is more like 25% at my clinic here. They had 3 cases of triplets that yr but it said 2 of the cases were 2 sacs (so one split). The avg transfer rate was 2.1 or something like that - so some people had more than 2 transfered. Oddly, the twin rate was much lower for their donor egg program than for people using their own eggs! But the transfer rate was 1.8 - so not everyone doing donor egg even transfered 2. Anyway, I am totally ok with twins - I've accepted it as a big possibility. I would def prefer a singleton though. I can't help but wonder if this clinic's success rate is higher just bc they transfer more embryos? My clinic is pretty conservative - they don't want twins and they consider triplets a failure on their part. 



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I got a letter from our hospital yesterday saying they received the letter from our fertility specialist recommending us for ICSI. According to the internet, I'll get another letter in about 2 weeks giving us an appointment at the hospital which will probably be in about 2 months, and we will start our treatments probably 3 months after that! Soooo happy to be moving forward! We've been doing acupuncture for 3 weeks now, so it's too soon to know if it has done anything to help us, but I always leave feeling hopeful. I'm in a 2WW now, we'll see if the hopefullness has any foundation this month :). 


Vegan princess! yay there's another vegan on here! You weren't on here when I asked before- have you done research into which of the fertility meds are made from animal cells vs. which are from human urine? 

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Mole: Good question. I have not. Now I am curious. But I'm not 100% sure I'd decline the med I needed if it's made from animal cells. I'm not vegan anymore. I do eat eggs now. Sorry for the misleading name - it's old. Are you in Canada? Is that why you have to wait so long? Is it at least covered for having to wait so long? The waiting would dirve me insane!!! I love acupuncture!



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hello ladies!


vegan, i had the choice between two local clinics, both were great, but one was on my way to work and the other was in the opposite direction.  considering how much time i have spent there over the last six months, convenience was a big part of my decision.  i can't imagine having to take off even more time from work to travel further distances.  i'm lucky though because the practice i chose is top notch.  they are very well regarded and have a staff that i have found to be so caring and patient.  i left my iui today laughing with the PA, the nurses all know my name, and the doctors have been especially helpful with feeding my need for information.  i think having it close to home cut down on a lot of stress too, because i didn't have to plan special trips to see them.  i know some ladies have cost issues (mine was covered by insurance) or live in places where there are no clinics... just go with your gut! go someplace that makes you feel confidant and relaxed!


renavoo, what's new?  what's next on your baby agenda?  same question goes to you belly!  can't wait for us to see if it's one or two babies!


blue, still no AF? annoying!


montessortof, good luck!  


afm, i just had my first IUI!  i kept asking the nurse what meds to take, or what to do next and there was nothing!  i go for progesterone check on the 22nd, and if my period doesn't come by dec 2nd i go for a beta.  other than that, just waiting!  she said my vial had 10.5 million washed sperm.  i'm not sure how it works really... is post washed sperm all motile? or is there still a motility percentage that deducts from the 10.5 million sperm?  in either case, the dr pointed out to me it was a great number and she said she was really pleased with it.  they like between 5 and 10 million for an IUI, so i feel like i can breathe easy with my donor.  high five to him! 

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She has had fertility issues herself, so you'd think she'd be more sensitive. We did sort things out relatively well.

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Thread Starter 
Hi all. I am in an airport reading from my phone, so I can't type much. I will make changes to the first page, for those who asked, early next week when I get to a computer.
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So, my baseline ultrasound looked great. 17 follicles on one side, 16 on the other. But they want me to come back in tomorrow to have my cervix dilated because my trial transfer last month was so difficult. Has anyone done this? What does it involve?

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rcr -  hope your trip goes well.  This is a work thing?? Are you by yourself or are there other employees with you?  Is this the time where DH is taking care of DS???  Hope that goes well.


Deborah -  sorry to hear that your friend was so insensitive!!!  I'm sure she was trying to help but it didn't feel that way to you.  Glad you sorted things out.


Aura - that is great that you had such good swimmer numbers!!!  Yes, High five to your donor!!!!  Hope the tww goes by fast for you.  Keep us posted. Yep, no AF yet!!!! Who knows.


Mole - wow, 2 months!!!  I hope that the acupuncture works and you don't even need IVF.  That would be awesome if you get your free baby!!


vegan princess - interesting stats about your two clinics twin rates.  I think you just have to do whatever you are comfortable with.  We have never put in three (always 2) but if all 3 of ours make the thaw this next time we are putting all 3 back in since it is our last shot.


Renavoo - The Go big and Go home theme  you asked about is b/c this time we are going to put all 3 back in if they all make it and then we will be going home.  This is our last shot so that is why I named it that.  Wasn't sure if you were asking me what it was about when you said "huh?" or not.  That is the scoop.


Monte - wow, great numbers!!!!  If i remember right they have to dilate your cervic for a hsg or at least I think they did with my hsg.  It was just like a little prick and that was about it.  I think it is just like a little injections that last a sec but i could be totally wrong too b/c it was like 3-4yrs ago when i had that test done.  So they are going to try to do another mock transfer on you tomorrow is that what they are doing b/c the first time they couldn't get a measurement?  Am i getting this right?  Keep us posted.


AFM - still no AF here, so who knows.  I think maybe she may show up on Sat, but we will see.  I also just found out that my clinic doesn't freeze their embryos with vitrification, but with the slow freezing method.  I had no idea and am actually kinda surprised b/c they seem like they are so up on things.  Now I sure hope that all 3 of our freeze babies make the thaw in Jan.  Not much else exciting here.





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Forgot to post this link that my Mom actually told me about.  I guess it is from Red Book magazine and it is a campaign on "The Truth Behind Trying".  There are a lot of videos on there of different woman/men sharing their IF story.



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thanks for the link blue! i'll have to check it out.


montessortof, great numbers! stinks about the dilation but it can't be any worse than all the other procedures we put ourselves through.  i'll cross my fingers that it's painless!


deborah, sorry to hear about your friend not being supportive.  sometimes people can't help themselves.


vegan, i forgot to mention, we transferred 3 embryos with both ivf cycles.  i had never intended to put back more than two either time, but my clinic said that due to the state of our embryos, they wanted to give us the best chance.  both times we had two that were pretty good, and one that was not great.  in the end, none of them fertilized so it didn't really matter.  


rcr,have a nice trip! 

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Aura:  I was only doing IUI when I started on this board.  I was welcomed with open arms and so are you.  Please stick around.  Also, wanted to let you know that when I did IUI and got pregnant with DS, my lining was 7mm.  It can work, so don't worry too much about the numbers.  Good luck with you 2ww.  It totally sucks, but I hope you great the wonderful news of a BFP in the end.


Silver:  I am so sorry about the panic attack.  You have been through so much.  I am glad that you are feeling a little better.  Hang in there!hug2.gif


Deb:  Best of luck surviving the dreaded 2ww.  When is your beta?  Sorry that your friend was just not thinking before she opened her mouth.  It amazes me how insensitive people can be.  They just don't think!


Belly:  Yay for a great beta.  I know it is easier said than done, but try to relax and enjoy!


Julie:  I know what you mean about feeling as if you lost the last two years.  This IF stuff takes so much of our time and energy that the rest of life just seems to pass by.  I judge my life based on doctors appointments.  Godd luck to you.  Have you considered adoption at all?


Blue:  I did see your question about the wheat grass.  Since it is a nutriceutical, it is not evalutated or approved by the FDA.  Therefore, there really are not any good dosing guidelines.  They are actually all over the board depending on the dosage form you are taking.  Most definately, look for the comment "standardized dose".  Without that there could be (is) 100 mg in one cap and 200 mg in the next.  Also, I personally do not take things like that because, as I mentioned before, my RE satated that your FSH is only as good as your worst number.  So0, you can take the wheat grass, and your number may improve, but the underlying problem has not improved.  Please know, that I am not putting down anyone who wants to give it a shot and see what happens.  This is just the personal decisions that I have made for my self.  As far as during pregnancy, it would depend more on any "fillers" that the manufacturer may use.  I would not risk taking it in anything the the purest of forms, but again, this is just my opinion.  I have no scientific liturature backing that statement up.  I hope that helps a little.  You just need to do what you feel is safe and you are comfortable with.  you can always discuss it with your RE.  I am sure they field that question all the time!  Sorry AF is being difficult.  But if it did head off on vacation, I wish I could join it!


Montesortof:  So glad you are back with us.  I know what you mean about all of the meds.  My meds (aka: great big box of happiness, as my clinic called it) just arrived.  UGH!  Your baselines sound great.  You should feel encouraged I would think.  Good luck!  yay to getting started!


Mole:  So glad things may get started soon for you.  let us know when the letter arrives!


Renavoo:  How you doing?


RCR:  Hope you have a great trip and AF behaves herself!


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My beta is tomorrow. My problem with my friend was that her version of supportive was telling me how to do this and that or not to do such and such. After TTC for  10 months, I already know these things. Prayinghard- I have managed to survive the 2ww and resist the urge to POAS. You didn't know this, but I really hate being called Deb. Debbie or Deborah are fine. Hope I don't offend.

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Deborah: Praying for good news for you tomorrow!!!



AFM: Had my appt with my doc today. He reccomended the exact same protocol as the phone consult yesterday. Oral estrogen before AF, 5 days of letrozole then a high dose of injectibles after. So I feel really good that the 2 docs agreed on protocol. But i still have no idea who to choose. I hope to find out the financials tomorrow and find out how many monitoring appointments I'll need. Bc if I need a lot at $400 each, the savings from going out of town will be eaten up by that extra cost. I think the out of town one may be $3,000 cheaper. But I could easily spend $1600+ on monitoring. It's not realistic to think I'm going to drive 2 hours each way for my monitoring. Maybe for 1 monitoring visit, but that's about it. My guess is we'll just end up going local. The 2 hour away one has a higher success rate but I think it might just be bc they transfer more embryos. And I don't see how my success can differ a ton if it would be the same protocol at each place. 


Did anyone on here do assisted hatching for a fresh cycle? My doc reccomends it for over age 38 or FSH over 10 or repeated IVF failure. He said we wouldn't automatically reccomend it to me (I brought it up) but he said I can definitely do it. I'm only 33 but my highest FSH was over 10. Not sure how much extra it is. 


Also, as far as odds of success, he told me that conservatively he would put it at 25-30% but that it could be closer to 40-50% (which is the norm for my age). 



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hi everyone!!

Blue, ugh to not getting AF. But you still have a few days before the cycle will start anyway right? So hopefully it starts just when you need it to. :o) as for my huh, it wasn't a question. Haha it was more of a I LIKE IT huh. Things get a little difficult to understand on typed medium, especially because i use words that you're absolutely right, would sound like a question. But I love your name, go big and go home. haha you know how much I like being home. ;o) As for not using vitrification, I think it'll be fine! i really am surprised too though...I thought everyone used vitrification these days. I wonder why they don't?


Vegan, I love when the doctors agree too. I think that the doctors at both my clinics would have agreed with my protocol mostly because it was such a standard protocol. In terms of number of embies, the clinic i went to basically put it like this for me. They want to transfer as few embies as possible. If all my embies were top grade, they would prefer to have only transferred one. However,  I would have forced 2 regardless, probably. But anyway, my doctor basically said that if he has 2 top grade embies, transferring 1 will give me the same chance for pregnancy as transferring 2. The only thing that differs is the possibility of twins. That changes, however, when the embies are frozen or if the embies are not top grade. During my fresh cycle, the embies were not 1AAs (which is their best grade) so he advocated transferring 2. For him, frozen cycles also require more. As for assisted hatching, I tend to not want anything done that doesn't need to be. However, after saying that, I have to be honest...i do think that AH really helped with this FET. Nothing to back that, you understand. But I saw how the embies looked before and I really wasn't all that hopeful because they were not as far along as my fresh cycle and they needed an extra day and a half to get to that state (they were the slower growing ones). Plus they had been frozen. So, I just think that the hatching helped so much.


Aura, YAH to being in the 2ww!! i'm so excited to count down with you! And yah for a great number of swimmies. oooh I really hope this is your month!


Mole, yah for getting started! that is so exciting. I remember that you were saying that it could take so much longer so I'm glad that they pushed up the date (although i, like Blue, really hope that you get your free baby!)


Praying, how are you doing? what's going on in your world?


So AFM, not much going on here. Working really long hours because it's the busy time at my work place so of course that is putting a lot of stress on me. I just want to protect my babies but i also don't want to jeopardize my job. i just told one of my coworkers, who is this wonderful older woman and she thinks I should tell my boss about my pregnancy a little earlier than 12 weeks because I need them to lay off of me a little. I'm not sure that he will...he is the definition of workaholic but I guess I will try, when he comes back into the office after thanksgiving. Other than that, things are going well! I graduated from my RE clinic because we heard the heartbeats and they were within range (145 and 152) so things look good. I'm going to see my OB today. I hope I like her because she is really close to my home and she's in the hospital i want to be in (again, because it's close by home). Also, she apparently specializes in high risk multiple births. So all is good :o)


Now, all i need to make me happier is for you ladies to get your BFPs!!!





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Deborah, good luck today!!!!  I am hoping you get a BFP!!!  And great job not POAS :)


Vegan, great news about the docotors wanting the same protocol!!!  That should make your decision a little easier.  Personally, convenience is a huge factor for me and certainly worth some $ on it's own.  The thing I think is most important about a clinic is a lab and their embryologist.  I learned this the hard way, but I am not sure how I would go about figuring out which is better.  I suppose the one that transfers less but has the same success rate would be better. (which I think is your in town one right?)


Praying, no AFM on your last post!!  How are you doing?


Aura, is it test time yet????  I am going crazy for you already!!!  I can't wait for you to get your BFP!


rcr, have a great trip!!


Blue, hmmm...so now is it better that we hope AF stays away for you to start Lupron on day 21?  What would happen if you started your period before then, like next week.  Would the clock reset and your cycle start over?  If so, I am hoping she arrives soon!!!  I think it normally took me 3-5 days off progesterone for AF to start.


Mole, great to see your name pop up again!  I hope acupuncture gets you a BFP before your IVF next year!


Renavoo, glad you were able to talk to someone at work about when to tell your boss.  It's hard to understand a work environment if you aren't there (IMO). 


AFM, just wishing it was next wednesday already :)

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Just a quick one and I will be back to do more personals later when I have more time....



Deborah - fingers crossed for your beta!!  What time do you think you will hear??? Keep us posted.  I'll be stalking all day to see your results!!

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Thanks everyone. I am in CO, so this is in mountain time. It will probably be sometime between 1 and 4. My guess is around 3, which is when they typically call me. I will post as soon as I know, except that if it's a BFP, I will need to make a few phone calls first.

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Actually, either way I need to make calls first. 

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