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deborah - Hoping for great numbers today!

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Ultrasound was this morning - lining looks good so I just keep on keeping on until next Friday. Of course DH asks "if it doesn't survive the thaw, then you will call us and then she doesn't have to take any more meds?" I don't know why, he always wants to explore all of the worst case scenarios with the doctors. Like when I was pregnant (miscarried) and we were going for first trimester screening, he wanted to know, if we decided to abort, exactly how and where would that happen. bigeyes.gif I wish he would STFU sometimes. I know he just wants information, but I find it a bit upsetting.

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Laggie: LOL. Sorry to laugh. Couldn't help it. Glad your lining looks good!


AFM: I just got off the phone with the finance coordinator 2 hours away. They are charging me for a minimal stim IVF fee - not their normal fee! So it is only $4950 plus the fee for icsi and hatching for a total of $7100!!!! Plus med will be about 2k. She said I might only need 2-3 monitoring visits. So if I do one with them and pay for a few here, it is still WAY cheaper than my clinic. I have yet to talk to my clinic about fees but I don't think they offer a cheaper package for minimal stim - I think it will be either 11,500 or 12,500 inlcuding icsi and ah! So I guess there is my decision made for me. A 5k difference (or 4k if we pay for monitoring here) is definitely worth the drive!!!!




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laggie - Sorry to hear about DH.  Mine is just the opposite.  He thinks everything will just work out on its own.  I'm somewhere in the middle and have probably asked some questions that made DH cringe.  

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Thanks everyone. Anxiously awaiting results. This wait sucks! Laggie- Men just don't understand us sometimes.

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BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Numbers at 148. Yay! I have my first ultrasound in 3 weeks :-).

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OMG!!!! Yay!!!! Congrats Deborah. That is flipping fantastic!!!!! I'm thrilled to see someone have success. :-)



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joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif Congrats Deborah!!

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Deborah:  Congrats!


Vegan:  So glad that you found this clinic with the cheaper IVF price.  A savings of $4-5 grand is not too shabby!  Hope that it all works out for you.  A 2 hour drive is not so bad.  Glad that your decision has been made and now you get move forward.


Laggie:  Maybe your hubby just is trying to prepare himself in case the news is not good????  But I see where you are coming from.  My DH is more like Kewpie's.  Always thinks it will work out for the better.  This is good most of the time, but sometimes it would be nice to have someone to discuss my concerns with.  Your comment made me giggle.  I hope everything works out for you!  Best of luck!


Kewpie:  I just love your new picture!  I am such an animal lover...with 7 cats of my own.  They started out as rescues and then never went anywhere..  So adorable.  How are you doing?  Next week DH is home with you, right?  That will be so nice for you!  Let him wait on you hand and foot!


Renavoo:  Yay for 2 beautiful hearheartbeat.giftbeats!  banana.gifMusic to your ears I am sure.  How did the OB appointment go?  Did you like her?


AFM:  Thanks to all of you who asked about me!  I am doing fine.  No AF yet.  I have another appointment on Monday to monitor what is going on with the cyst.  Just waiting for AF.  If cyst still there when she arrives, we will probably have to wait another month to start the lupron.  If it is gone, he plans to start me on the lupron on day two.  I am nervous and excited to get started.  I almost would not mind waiting another month.  Just because bedrest and constant monitoring right here with the holidays is a lot.  I can barely keep up this time of year as it is.  Work is really busy.  All the snowbirds are down and they all bring their illnesses with them.  The ICU is hopping!  But I like my job, and it has been so busy that I do not have time to obsess too much about my upcoming IVF.  I just have to leave the timing in God's hands and pray that what is supposed to happen will.  I just hope that AF does not arrive today or tomorrow, as then I will have to call the RE service and be seen this weekend.  I have to work 2 10 hour shifts this weekend, so that would mean coming up with ANOTHER excuse to leave in the middle of the day.  I HATE lying!  So...please AF....have a heart... wait to Sunday!


Have a great weekend all!!!!!

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Thanks everyone!

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RCR- I'm excited to be moved to the Fall BFP section!

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In case anyone is wondering, I got my official due date. It's July 25, 2012.

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Deborah - Congrats!!!  broc1.gif  carrot.gif  banana.gif  Do you have another beta set up?


Prayinghard - Praying that AF stays away until Sunday!!!  I know making excuses is a real pain when you are going through all of this IF stuff. Thanks for the info on Wheat grass. I'm not taking it for FSH issues, more for egg quality was what the TCM book recommended.  Keep us posted on how things go for you.


Vegan- Yeah that does kinda make the decision a little easier as long as you are comfortable with that practice.


Laggie - Good to hear that your lining looks good!!!  Sorry to hear about DH being so blunt!  Wow!!!  Has he always been like that or is it getting worse as he gets older?  Keep us posted.


Belly -  5 more sleeps until u/s!!!!!!!


Renavoo - How did your appt with your new OBGYN go?  Hope well.  Maybe you update on the graduate side.  I'll have to take a look over there. 


rcr - hope your trip is going well.  Any sign of AF yet?


HI to everyone else!!!



AFM - Well, I think AF showed up officially today. Not sure if i can count this as day one or if tomorrow will actually be day one.  I'll have to see how things are tomorrow and figure it out.  I didn't call my RE's office b/c the nurse said if she shows up on the weekend to just call on Monday.  I think they will end up telling me to just start Lupron on CD 21 so we will see on Monday what they say!!  Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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I go in on Sunday for the 2nd one.

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Deborah, congratulations!  Glad you got this thread off to a good start!  Can't wait to hear your Sunday results.


Blue, glad to hear AF arrived.  So this is what confuses me about your protocol...if you start lupron on day 21 isn't there a chance you already ovulated?  And if that's true, doesn't your lining transition with the progesterone that is made when the egg releases?  I think that's why I have always been supressed my entire cycle (at both clinics).  Do you know how that works with your cycle?  I am glad you reminded me of my "sleeps" countdown!  It made me smile :)


Laggie, that totally sounds like something my DH would say.  He seems to always ask "obvious" questions and he isn't very emotional so I think sometimes he says things before he thinks about how I might feel about it.  He is always well meaning, but he just doesn't think/feel the same way as me.  I am glad to hear your lining looks great and you are all set for transfer next week!!!!  I am sure your frostie will thaw well and his question will be for not :)


I hope everyone else is doing well!!!





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I'm glad to get the thread off to a good start too. I will let you know as soon as I know on Sunday. The bummer is that I have to drive over an hour to get the bloodwork done and driving is really uncomfortable for me. Maybe I can convince hubby to get up in time and drive me.

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Originally Posted by BellyBean View Post
Blue, glad to hear AF arrived.  So this is what confuses me about your protocol...if you start lupron on day 21 isn't there a chance you already ovulated?  And if that's true, doesn't your lining transition with the progesterone that is made when the egg releases?  I think that's why I have always been supressed my entire cycle (at both clinics).  Do you know how that works with your cycle?  I am glad you reminded me of my "sleeps" countdown!  It made me smile :)

Belly - I guess I would start Lupron on CD 21 of this cycle and then  AF would come for me like on Dec 17ish and the protocol says that on CD 1 I start the Estrace and then lower the lupron dose.  Then on CD 18 of this cycle we would do the transfer.  That is about all I know from the protocol.  So my lining would build back up.  There is one u/s in the middle that they check the lining too.  So if all goes as planned then my transfer would fall on Jan 3rd-ish.

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Blue, thanks for explaining!  That makes so much more sense!  I am so excited for your FET!!!

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Unfortunately, Ian can't drive me to my appointment because he has to be in Boulder on Sunday morning. Oh well.

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Laggie, oh my gosh, your DH was like the OB I met yesterday! More on that later but wow, that would be disconcerting for me too. It's ok though...intentions are the most important thing. Just think...he just doesn't want you to suffer from too many drugs and if its unnecessary, he wants you off the drugs as soon as possible. it really all comes from a place of love. I'm so happy your lining looks good! When is the transfer going to occur. And I have all faith that you will have embies to transfer so I can't wait for you to get a BFP soon!!!


Blue, ooooh that clarified the schedule for me too. yah! So I hope that you have a wonderful new year's present :o) It'll be a great way to ring in the new year anyway! i'm glad you finally got your AF but i wish that you were getting your transfer TOMORROW so we could be following you to your BFP sooner too. haha but I'll be patient if you can be. ok, never mind, you be patient...i'll be here waiting impatiently for your BFP.



So, just a quick update on my ob visit. First, it took like 3 hours with all the waiting, which was annoying because I had to go back to work. (not that it wouldn't have been annoying either way) but whatever. We got our sonogram pretty quickly and it was great. The babies look great, are growing at the right rate and the heart beats are just where they should be. The technician was fantastic. So things were going well till then. Because we're "high risk" due to twins (and probably my age) the technician needed to show my US scans to a high risk doctor. This doctor looks at the scans and insists she sees a hematoma. The technician says that it really isn't anything because the dark spot disappears when you move the wand. The doctor wants to see for herself, which I'm happy about because i'm worried now. So she looks and she says that ok, things look ok. Then she gives us what DH and i call the death stare...she says that multiples are high risk and that with IVF, the goal is one anyway so if we end up losing one baby, it's fine. DH and I looked at each other like, she is NOT saying this...Anyway, she then goes on to wax more about how bad things can happen. I started tuning her out.


After more waiting...and now i'm anxious and annoyed...we finally see the doctor that i made an appointment for. Well, she was nice (although she seemed a little young, which DH was a little worried about) I asked her the question about the hematoma and risk involved and she said that she would speak with the other doctor but she didn't see anything really bad and hematomas often resolve on their own so they will just keep an eye on it in case something happens. I mean, that was the answer i was looking for. i'm smart enough to know that there is some risk involved but doom and gloom doesn't work for me!!!


ok, sorry for the rant. Anyway, I'll go back in 2 weeks for a blood test and then 4 weeks for my next visit. Hopefully all goes well with both!


I hope everyone is doing well!!

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