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Renavoo - Holy cow!!!!!  I'm sorry that you had to go through all of that!  Will you have to see her each time you go or will you just get to see the nice one mostly?  You are going to be followed by your OBGYN and a perinatologist too right, or is that what that mean dr was in that practice???  When i was pregnant with our twin boys my OBGYN didn't even tell me that twins are high risk other than that they usually come like 2 weeks earlier than your due date and other than that she was extremely laid back (almost too laid back, I think - which is why I am no longer going to that practice).  I wouldn't let her scare you too much, there are lots of people that have no problems so just keep believing that all will be fine and it will!!!!  The power of positive thinking!!!!  hug.gif

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Renavoo:  Sorry your doc was so gloomy.  I mean, we all know the risks.  It is fine if they mention it, but do they really need to grind it with their heel!  If they mention and you have further questions, they should leave that up to you to ask.  Don't let thme get you, or DH, down.  I just know things are going to go fine and soon you will be pushing a double stroller down the streets of NYC!!!


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Belly - I ment to tell you that I asked my RE's nurse about PEO instead of PIO and she said that they have been having some issues with it lately.  I guess some people are having reactions (cellulitis) to it, so they haven't been using it and recommended PIO if I wanted to switch back to injections with this next FET.


Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!!!

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Renavoo- That sounds awful. Hopefully you won't have to deal with that particular doc very much. It sounds like someone needs lessons in professionalism.

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RCR- Please move me to Fall/Winter BFP.

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Renavoo, your doctor sounds miserable. I'm sorry you have to put up with that.


Deborah, congratulations!!!


AFM, I am officially on stims now, as of tonight! The dilation thing turned out to be really quick but painful. It was over in about a minute. I didn't ask what they actually did, but the doctor said it worked perfectly so that's something at least.

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Thanks Montesortof!

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hi ladies!


laggie, my dh is the opposite of yours.  i'm the one who researches every single possible risk and side effect.  dh likes to live his life as if he's skipping through a field of daisies.  he just assumes everything will be fine!  it kills me, especially when i'm in panic mode.  


deborah, congrats!! this is great news.  


renavoo- that obgyn can, as laggie says, stfu.  we all know the risks involved with twins, but we also know that it's possible to have a perfectly healthy pregnancy!  take care of yourself, treat your body right, and let nature do what it will.  


blue- so glad af showed up finally!  it's nice to be on your way!  i was on PEO and had that terrible reaction that they thought was cellulitis, so your doc is probably right with that one.  


montessortof, hooray for stims!  it moves so fast from this point.  what protocol are you on?


afm, since yesterday i started coming down with something.  today it is a full blown sickness.  it's in my lungs mainly so i have a nice cough and when i lay down my lungs bubble when i breathe.  awesome.  i don't usually get sick so i am telling myself that this is my body's immune system lowering itself for implantation.  iui was thursday so i am assuming today or tomorrow would be when that little fertilized egg would be latching on?  i'm trying a lot of positive thinking and meditation where i envision things happening.  the wait continues...



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Renavoo:  I'm thread crashing here to say i'm sorry that you had to go thru that on your first appointment with the OBs.  I had the same thing happen when I was pregnant with Emma.  I started cramping and spotting a lot at 5 1/2 weeks and started freaking out so my doctor sent me over to the ER where they did an u/s and found a hematoma(sp? i'm a horrible speller) anyways, they labled my visit as a threatened abortion (which i figured better put would be threatened miscarriage but whatever) and had me thinking that I was going to loss the baby.  That was on a Friday night/early Saturday morning.  I went to MY ob's office on Monday (which also happened to be my anniversary April 26th) and they did another u/s.  Yes there was a small hematoma but they reasured me that it would more than likely resolve on it's own and they were able to see the heartbeat too!! I was super excited and they said that the strong heartbeat was one thing that made them 95% sure that I wouldn't be losing they baby.  I HATE when doctors try to freak a woman out...like we aren't worried enough as it is.  I hope that your next visit is much better!!! I'll go back to the IF ONe thread now...lol..i just stock several over here and you are one of them since i know it would be a pain to re type everything you say here over on the other thread too :) 


Blue: I never got back over here to send out big hugs to you so sending them now :)  I am happy AF finally showed for you and I'm looking forward to your BFP at the first of the year!!!!  :)  


Deborah:  I hope that your BETA today goes well and i'm looking forward to seeing those numbers!  I'll be stocking this thread and the other thread to see an update as soon as you have one!!! Also looking forward to you US in a few weeks!!!


To everyone else:  I know that I don't post here because i've never been thru IVF or IUIs...but i did have to go thru fertility treatments to get our now almost 1 year old so I do understand the emotional roller coaster and I just want to say I REALLY hope you are all able to get BFPs soon!!! I think about all of you often as I'm an avid thread stocker lol...

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Thank you Aura and Brichole!

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Originally Posted by deborahbgkelly View Post

Unfortunately, Ian can't drive me to my appointment because he has to be in Boulder on Sunday morning. Oh well.

He's driving me after all (if I can get him up)!

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Hi everyone! Is everyone else excited that Thanksgiving is on the way? I'll just be happy to spend some time with my family (and away from work...) thumb.gif


Yeah, DH and I talk about that doctor a lot. I think that I may be checked in my the high risk doctors once in a while so we'll see but if she is like that again the next time I see her, i may just either request that I not see her or perhaps even talk to her. I'd hate to have other women having to deal with her attitude. I think that i have enough grasp on medicine that i know the risks involved and I'm pretty logical about it. Therefore, at least i wouldn't feel out of place telling her that she really should chill a little and try to be a little more optimistic since most people with twins have a healthy pregnancy. anyway, off my rant...


Aura, ugh to being sick (although if it is your body's way of getting ready for implantation, GO EMBIES GO!! are you eating some pineapple? haha i know it's probably an old wives tale but I just think that it was an easy way to do something else during your two week wait. When will your test be? Are you planning on testing before?


Montessortof, YAH!! How was your first night of stims? I hope you don't suffer from side effects. I found the stims quite easy to take (after my husband injected me, that is winky.gif) and I didn't really suffer from many untoward side effects. Only towards the end did I start to feel bloated with slight twitching and cramping around my ovaries. But it was minor generally. So I hope you have a nice and quick stim cycle and soon, you'll be in the 2ww on your way to a BFP!! It's very exciting!


Vegan, that's AWESOME that you are able to save so much more money! Like Blue i believe said, if you're comfortable with the practice, then it's a fantastic deal. And remember, you can also tell them how many embies your comfortable transferring so definitely, if they want to transfer more than your comfortable with, speak up. Do they usually do 3 or 5 day transfers?


Praying, I hope that your AF waited until today to show up :o) How was your weekend? Try to stay well, even with all the colds and flu flying around. it really is a bad season for them isn't it? i hear that we may not have put the right strains in the flu vaccine this year. is that true? i'm still need to get the flu vaccine although they usually give it in the 2nd trimester since i'm far enough along now that they don't want to do anything that might harm the babies. So, I have another month of avoiding anyone with the sniffles. haha As for concern about the timing, yes, that is probably the worst part of IVF. Making sure your timing it right, especially when you need to take off from work and get everything done, is really exhausting. I hope that the timing falls well for you so that it's less stress. This is all for the greater good and therefore, if anyone does start to get in your way, it may be best to just let them know what your limitations are. I actually plan on telling my boss a few weeks shy of the end of my first trimester because i don't ever want to ever feel regret, in case I have a miscarriage. Ugh, enough debbie downer stuff. I'm so excited for you!!! I hope your cyst goes away and you get started soon!!


RCR, just thinking of you as your traveling. I hope that all is going well with work and with everything fertility related!!



P.S. Brichole, awww thank you for stalking here! I'll say more at the One thread :o)




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Aura and Renavoo, I am on 150 units of Follistim. I have monitoring appointments on Tuesday and Wednesday to see if they need to change my dose. No side effects so far, and I am hoping it stays that way because I have a bunch of relatives coming here for Thanksgiving dinner!

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Hi all,


I'm not really feeling up to doing personal but will try to soon.  My surgery went OK and they freed up my ovary but I'm now in a lot of pain and feeling pretty miserable.  They found that the tube to my remaining ovary is blocked so I have no chance of iui or natural conception.  My next trick is to try and convince my hct to fund my treamtment and count me as being on the list since Oct 2010.  Let's see if I can pull that off!


Hope your all well and I'll try to catch up when I'm feeling brighter.

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Blue:  Wanted to say that I love the new picture.  That pup sure is adorable!  How are things with you?


Montessortof:  Yay to getting stims under way!  It always makes me feel like I am DOING something.  I will say a little prayer for no side effects.  That would stink, especially with a house full of guests!  The dilation just sounds painful.  Sometimes, it is better to not ask what they are doing down there!  It might freak us out even more....


Aura:  In your description of you and your hubby, you could have been describing me and my DH.  You totally nailed it!  I am so sorry to hear that you are sick.  As if you need one more thing to think about!  Go little embies!  Yup..typically implantation takes place 5-10 days post IUI so the little babes could be implanted as I write this!  I sure hope so!


Brichole:  Thank you for your very kind words.  Please come visit often!


Renavoo:  I agree...I am excited about Thanksgiving too.  Not really sure why as it will just be the 3 of us.  Our families do not live near us.  But I love to watch the parade and to just spend the day home with yummy smells and my two favorite "men" will make me happy.  I want a baby desparately, but I still have a lot to be thankful for!  Hopefully you can see a regular OB mostly and just pop in with the high risk doc intermittantly.  No one wants to be around someone who is so miserable!  I have not heard anything about the flu shot having issues this year.  I highly recommend getting one.  There are 2 kinds, one ok for pregnancy (in any trimester) and the other is a big no no.  It has to do with the preservative and not the virus itself.  I got mine when pregnant with DS at 10 weeks and had no issues at all.  They gave it to me right at the OB's office, to make sure I was getting the "right" one.


Silver:  I wish I had the right words to say to make you feel better.  I pray that you can get on the list with the correct date.  Try to hang in and know that I am thinking of you!  hug2.gif


Kewpie, Keria and Belly:  How are you feeling?  Anything new????


Laggie and RCR:  What's going on with you these days?


AFM:  No AF yet...no sign at all even.  Just waiting for nature to jump in here!  I appreciate you all asking about me.  I tried a lot of other boards before finding this one.  They all seemsed that people got on and wrote about themselves but never asked about others or answered the question others have posed.  I am just so blessed that I found this board!  You guys are great!

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Prayinghard -   Love your name by the way!!!  How long are your normal cycles as in what CD does AF normally show up for you?  Do they think it is all bc of the cyst that she is so late?  I'm doing fine.  My AF came but now I think she is kinda finishing up now.  Kinda weird to only bleed like 1 day and then just have brown spotting.  I thought it would be worse this time since I was on Estrace and progesterone but who knows. Hope things start moving for you so you can get the ball rolling!  Keep us posted. I was exercising on the elliptical this morning and Abby was watching me closely as you can see!!!!  After I work out I try and run her on the treadmill to try and get some energy out.  She is getting better at it each time.


Aura - I have heard of several people that kinda got sick right before they got their BFP so lets hope this is a good thing. I sure hope you start to feel better soon!!!!


Renavoo - Yep, i'm ready for Thanksgiving.  We are going to my parents house and then we invited my  MIL/FIL to come there (2hrs  away) so that might be interesting. Everyone gets along fine but still.  I always like it when it is just my parents and DH and I b/c then after we eat our meal we can all take a nap and relax but this yr with the in-laws there that probably won't be happening.  Who are you celebrating with?  Did you already tell your whole family?  What  a great Thanksgiving it is for you!!  You have lots to be thankful for!!!


Brichole - Thanks for all your kind words and supporting all of us.


rcr - hope your trip is going well. I keep trying to remember when you are coming back!  Hope all is going well and you got the whole outside monitoring figured out.


Silver - I didn't realize you were having your already!!!  Sending lots of prayers your way that you heal fast and well!!!  Is your mom still there with you?  Take care.  hug2.gif


Monte - glad to hear you aren't having any symptoms yet.  I really never had any problems at all.  Kinda always makes you wonder if it is working when you don't have any symptoms but I'm not complaining.  Keep us posted.


Deborah - glad DH was able to drive you. Will you find out today what your number is or do you have to wait until Mon?


Laggie - How are things with you??


Hi to anyone I missed and all the graduates too!!!  Hope all is good and it is fun to follow you all on the grad thread as well!!




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Well. Apparently I was wrong. They did not have any blood work scheduled. They said they won't do anything until they wean me off the progesterone, so I don't have to have anymore appointments until my ultrasound on Dec. 8. So, long drive for no reason, but we had a nice morning anyway. We went and got DH a video game he wanted, we had lunch and then we went to Barnes and Noble and got a pregnancy book and pregnancy journal.

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RCR- Please move me to BFP section.

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Originally Posted by deborahbgkelly View Post

RCR- Please move me to BFP section.

Deborah -RCR is out of town on a business trip and I think she said she would do all of her updates when she gets back to her computer.  I think she is running on just her phone right now, so I'm sure that makes it hard to do thred-keeper updates.  Bummer about not getting your blood work done, but at least you had a nice time anyways.

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Thanks. Somehow I missed that, sorry about that.

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