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Gale - I hope you start to feel better soon and hopefully you won't get ohss at all!!! Fingers crossed for you.  So glad to hear that your IM shot went well!!! Yes, I tied to talk to AF but she just isn't listening at all.  Such a stubborn woman she is!!!!!  I don't think the spot bothers her but she does seem to be shaking her ears/head a little more.  I think today is the last day of the cream and it really doesn't look much different but who knows.  Sometimes I wonder if she will really need it removed if it isn't bothering her.  Good luck at the ER!!!  Keep us posted and just plan to go home and sleep the day away after you are done.  You might want to take some tylenol after too if you are a little crampy or sore.  I'm normally just dead tired.


rcr - glad things are getting closer for you.  Hope your DS starts to feel better soon too!!!  You didn't get it did you?  Hope not.  It's good and bad for my parents to come home actually.  They will be coming home to snow and cold and that isn't good.  I think the warmth and sun is better for them, especially my mom when she will be coming back to reality and it may be a bit of a shocker when she is back home and not able to do certain things.  Hoping all goes well there.


Silver - why is it you are drinking so much water??  Is it b/c of your cold???  Hope you get feeling better. 



AFM - still no AF just some spotting a couple times today and last night, but then there are times where I don't get anything.  We will see. Today is CD 51.  Hope everyone has a good week!!!



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We're all doing well


Originally Posted by prayinghard View Post

Kewpie:  So glad to see your name pop up.  How are you and those  beautiful babies doing?





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Blue - I did get sick, but only for a day or two, and I don't think I had a fever.

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Hi Ladies,

wow, next month is going to busy and I hope very very successful! 

Rrc, Silver, and Blue, can't wait to cheer you all on!


Gale good luck at the retrieval today! I have to say that I was so excited to get the eggs out of me because i felt nervous about everything i do affecting them. I hope it's an uneventful retrieval and that you get a lot of rest before the transfer...and start to feel better soon!


Praying, yah for a good follie and a 7.6mm lining is still really good. For IVF, they only require a 8mm before they go and as your RE says, it will continue to grow a little. Let's hope that it's a successful month for you and Gale! I love that we have a cycle buddies for everyone. As for the waiting, I totally understand. I would get really upset when they couldn't see me according to my schedule because I just wanted it to happen (I had to wait 3 extra weeks for my FET and I remember when we first discussed it, the RE mentioned that FET scheduling was MUCH easier. Apparently not)! But anyway, it will happen and after you get your BFP, you'll feel like it didn't take (that) long. haha actually, if you're like me, you'll just feel like it was worth it. ;o) Seriously though, I spent all year doing fertility treatments last year and I have to say, the year flew by in a blur. I can't believe it.



Blue, ugh to your parents not being able to catch a break. :o( I hope the treatments help provide some relief and prevent your parents from getting worse. At least you will see them soon! Yah! Abby is soooo adorable. I watched a little of the Westminster dog show last night (last year's dog show since i think this year's starts today). It's a pity too because i wanted to bring my mom to Westminster for Valentine's day but she and I both can't make a weekday showing. But anyway, back to fertility stuff, I hope your bleeding still didn't start to come in fully. I said in the other thread that I believe breakthrough bleeding is seen sometimes with Lupron so hopefully that is all it is.


Silver, wow, you're a rockstar for doing this all by yourself! Good for you! I'm so amazed. haha i'm also the biggest baby about the shots. i had a doctor and nurse practitioner couple come over before we had to start administering the shots to give us pointers. I intended to do all the shots myself but then ended up shaking too much. I'm such a WUSS! As for your boss, she's so horrible. Is that even legal to stop someone from having to go to the bathroom too much? If that's the case, I'd be in a lot of trouble because I drink a heck of a lot of water too and I go to the bathroom a lot. Heck, I go before and after every meeting so I don't get caught needing to go to the bathroom, if a meeting runs over. So, GOOD FOR YOU and stick with it. So silly to criticize your bathroom breaks. She the oddest and most unsympathetic woman i think i'm aware of!


Laggie, let us know about the job situation! I hope it all works out!






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Silver - are  you planning to give youself the HCG and progestrone shots (in the butt)? I give myself all my own shots because DH is gone most of the time.

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Blue and rcr: I’m glad we’re going to be cycling so close together.  We’ve all been on this thread so long, it would be amazing if we could all leave together!


Gale: Oh I hope your family gets better.  I’m still coughing away and resting up.  I’m very excited to be finally getting started!  Glad your trigger went well good luck for your ER.


Blue: I’ve read in several places to drink 2l water and 0.5-1l milk per day when on stims to avoid OHSS.  My clinic doesn’t specially recommend this but says if you are developing OHSS to drink 3l water and milk.  I’m not at a high risk of OHSS but I feel I might as well as I am on a high does of menopur.  Are others not drinking lots of water? I’m trying to get my water drunk early in the day so I don’t wake up needing to pee.  It’s actually not much more than I’d usually drink if I’m out and about but it’s a lot when I’m just lying on the sofa watching bad TV (thanks Mr Drinkwater!).  What on earth has happened to your AF! Thinking of your parents.


Renavoo: thanks I’m pretty proud of myself for managing the shots.  My boss didn’t actually stop me from using the bathroom but said I couldn’t take TOIL for some overtime I needed to do because I’d been to the loo twice in the last 20mins.


Rcr: I hope you and ds are feeling better.  I’m planning on doing my own HCG shot, I’ve got virginal pesserises for the progesterone (so definitely doing that myself!).


AFM: I’m still coughing loads so just resting up.  I don’t seem to be having any side effects from the drugs although it’s hard to tell with my cold and being emotional anyway.  I take it this is a good thing? After saying I had got the hang of the drugs I got all confused yesterday and injected my suprecur into my meopur! Luckily I only had a few drops of menopur in that vial but I’ve wasted a dose of suprecur.  Hope your all having a good week.


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Home and doing well.  They got 29 eggs.  I was evidently moving too much during the procedure, so they had to give me extra sedation, which took a while to wake from. I also had a bunch of pain when I was waking up (I don't remember any of this) and they had to give me pain medication, so I vomited the entire way home. Yay! Now just vegging out on the couch with a heating pad and Gatorade.  They'll call in the morning with the fertilization results.

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Gale thats alot of eggs!! Hoping all fertilize or many and you never have to do egg retrival again!! Your almost to your tww!! Im excited for you and sending sticky vibes, and lots of baby dust!! joy.gif
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Gale: Great news! Sorry you had a rough day. I hope you get a great fert report in the morning!!


AFM: I had my ultrasound today. One baby, measuring exactly right on in one measurement and 3 days ahead in the other. Heart rate was 131 and I got to hear it too! :-) I go back in 2 weeks. I'm still nervous bc I saw a heartbeat at this point with my miscarriage preg, though I think I was measuring a few days behind. Hopefully all will continue to be well this time around!



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Vegan  - YAY! Congrats on the baby! Adn the HB is wonderful.


Gale - Way to go with all the eggs! I am excited to hear the report tomorrow. HOpe you are resting well and avoiding OHSS!


Silver - I don't know what suprecor is, but I use follistim and I do inject it into the menipur to save a needle poke. Anyway, sorry you got confused and wasted a shot, but good thing you caught it before you injected it if you were not supposed to. As for the HCG shot, what I do is sit all the way to the edge of the couch and lean my butt up to the side of the couch (lovely, huh?), so I can turn around enough to see where to do the shot. I also draw a circle with a pen on my butt to show where I am planning to give it (because it has to be in the top outside part). That way I don't miss the right spot when I am turning all the way around to do the shot. I can see enough so that I can pull out a little to check for blood, as the RE said to do. I also ice it a little first.

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Gale - Awesome numbers!!!!!!  Can't wait to see an update tomorrow on the fertilization report!!!  Sorry to hear the whole thing was a little rough, but hopefully things calm down and you feel better tomorrow.  Keep us posted.


Vegan - joy.gifjoy.gif Yay for a good heartbeat and good u/s!!!!!  Keep your heat up and I'm sending you lots of positive vibes!!goodvibes.gif  Keep us posted.


rcr - hope you are feeling better and that DS is doing better too. 


Silver - Sure you that cold goes away!!!  I've heard of drinking lots of water after the ER to prevent OHSS but didn't know anything about before.  Keep us posted.


Renavoo - might be break through bleeding, we will see. My RE said not to freak out if I start AF, so I haven't said or done anything to my nurse about it yet.  Sorry to hear you can't spend the day with your mom, but hopefully you two can maybe go together on the weekend.  How close does your mom live to you?

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Gale: What a great number of eggs! Hoping you get great fertilization and a BFP!


Vegan: Glad your little one's heart beat is good and your scan went OK.  Hoping for a great 9 months for you!


Rcr: Thanks for that info.  I haven't been shown how to do my pregnal shot yet, maybe tommrow.


Blue: hope things are going well with you.


AFM: Started what I hope will be my last preconception vitamin tablets! I have a scan to see how I'm doing tommrow.


I've got the results from my hair test to see what minerals and heavy metals are in my system.  My selnium levels are now good but my zinc is still a little low.  My alimunim has now been lowered to a good level but my lead level is actualy up.  I've been reading that high does of zinc on the long term aren't safe and that high does of zinc can be dangrous in pregancy.  I think I'll keep taking my zinc up untill tww wait then lower it.  I don't know how to get my lead down as it's the pipes outside the house are lead and I'm already filtering my water.

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Silver - Wow, that test sounds really helpful. Is that standard for your RE? I have never hard of it, but I would be really interested to have it.

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rcr: I didn't get it through my re but independantlty from Foresight http://www.foresight-preconception.org.uk/ . There is some debate about whether hair tests can accuratly give mineral status but I can't see why not.  The difficulty is that they want you to wait untill you have perfect scores to conceive so I'm concenred their recomended levels vitaims could be too high for pregancy.


I don't seem to be having any symptoms from the drugs but then it's hard to tell with my cold and usual insomina and crying jags.  My re has said I can take cough medicen so hopefuly I can get some sleep tonight.

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Vegan:  Congrats!!! I'm so excited for you! Here's to a happy, healthy nine months! Were you surprised to hear the heartbeat at your appointment?  I think hearing it was what made it real for me.


RCR: You are one heck of a woman doing your own IM injections!  I did the SQ, but even towards the end of those I would anticipate sticking myself and have to psych myself out to actually stick the needle in.  DH gets the honors of doing the IM - there is no way I could do it myself!


Silver:  That's really interesting about the mineral levels in your hair.  Like you, I don't see why there would be controversy about the accuracy - they use hair to test for so many things these days.  What does your RE say about the levels considered adequate for pregnancy?


AFM:  I got a call back from the nurse today.  Of the 28 eggs they got, 18 fertilized.  No ICSI, just "natural" fertilization (lol, as if anything about this is natural at this point!).  Transfer is Thursday at 11:15.  I started the antibiotic, steriods, estrogen patch and PIO today.  Whew - that's a lot of drugs!  I'm going to attempt to go to work tonight even though I feel like I did 3000 or so sit ups yesterday.  The nurse told me it was fine to try to go and if I need to leave early they can write me a note.  I'll probably take tomorrow and Thursday off, then I'm not scheduled to go back until next Wednesday.

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Gale - I just popped on b/c i was starting to wonder how everything went today for you.  So glad to read your good news!!!! Hope work is easy for you tonight and I'm sending lots of healthy growing vibes your way.  How many are you planning on transferring back?? Keep us posted.


Silver - interesting about your levels.  I had some hormone testing done through my chiro years ago but they did it through saliva testing and then had me take all these vitamins.  I hope you can get it all figured out before too long.  Glad you aren't having too many symptoms from the meds.  I never get anything, but then I start to wonder if maybe I'd have, I'd have better luck - who knows.  Hope you get some sleep tonight after taking some meds.  Your body need to heal so you can start this next big journey of getting that BFP.


rcr - only a couple more days of bcps!!!!!  How are you doing?


Praying - how are you doing???  Just checking in!!!  Hope you are well!!


How is everyone else??????

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Gale, WOW!! That is fantastic! i hope that they continue to grow well and that you get some beautiful embies (and frozen embies at the end of the day too!) This is so exciting. Sorry that the retrieval was so difficult but hopefully, you get your nice BFP at the end of this cycle and it's all worth it!


Blue, how are you doing? How is the Lupron treating you? Did the spotting go away?


Silver, Cool about the minerals in the hair. I've never been tested that way. haha although when I first read what you wrote, I did think, wait, isn't that how they test for certain drugs like marijuana? it's amazing what hair can tell you! Hope you're feeling better!


Vegan, hug2.gif It'll get better and hopefully, you start to feel more comfortable with this pregnancy soon. We're here for you! And yah to a great heartbeat!


Rcr, how are you doing? 


Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day!!






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Renavoo - Lupron is fine.  Last time at this point I think i was starting to have occasional mild chest pains and that hasn't started yet so hopefully I won't have it this time.  Never had it before that last cycle b/c my Lupron was bumped up to 20units instead of 10 or 5 units.  I find these shots pretty easy... just have to remember to take them every night.  I have an alarm set in my phone to go off every evening to remind me.  Still spotting, but a little less today so who knows.  I am feeling a little crampy so I'd like to say that maybe that is AF knocking on my door.  Who knows. I think that if she doesn't show up by the 23rd I'll have bloodwork and an u/s.  Hope you are doing well.  I'll have to check in on you on the other side too to see if there are any updates.  hug.gif  Hope you and your DH had a good V-day!!!!  stillheart.gif  What did you guys do????

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Gale - WOW! Nice numbers!  I hope everything continues to go so well.

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Gale, great numbers!  So excited for your transfer on Thrusday!!!!  Have you made a decision on how many to transfer?  I think it sounds like a BFP cycle!!!


Blue, your AF is really starting to get under MY skin!!!  Ugh, show or go away!!  Can't wait to hear how everything goes and I am SO SO SO excited your RE is on board with transfering 1 at a time and doing it for free next time if needed (but hoping it wont be!!!)


Silver, that's cool about the hair tests, but sounds a little confusing trying to get all the levels right!  I hope your RE and you can get everything "perfect" :)


rcr, yay for being towards the end of BCP!  That was such a mental part of the process for me and once it was over I felt like I was really moving forward on the cycle!


Vegan, fantastic news about your little bean!!!!!!!!!  So happy for you!  I hope you decide to check out the grad thread so we can keep up with all the pregnancy details too :)


Thinking and praying for everyone!!!

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