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Our baby foster daughter's bio mom and bio dad signed conditional relinquishment over to me and DH yesterday. They have a 7 day period to change their minds, then baby girl becomes eligible for us to start the adoption proceedings. A conditional relinquishment means that only if we adopt are their rights released, if we didn't adopt, they retain their rights. We will adopt.

I go back and forth from being over the moon happy for us and super sad for them. The case was being recommended TPR so I do think this is a good thing overall versus going through the TPR hearing. 

We are going to go for an open adoption with quarterly updates/pictures and twice yearly visits. I am anxiously optimistic how things will go. Sure I will have loads of questions.

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So glad your family is entering a new chapter, but I do understand how bittersweet it is.  Try as best you can to focus on how luck your family is to have found each other.  You are committing to an open adoption, and that is best thing for both your little girl and her birthparents smile.gif

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I feel like congratulations are in order, but I do understand your mixed feelings.  We did not foster-adopt, but I do feel pain for J's birthfamily.  We maintain an open relationship and I do think that helps, but their pain is palpable.

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Congratulations again, Carly. I know that this was unexpected in D's case but I'm happy for your family (and sad for her birth family.) DS's birth mother did a conditional relinquishment and I remember how long those seven days seemed.

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Thinking of you, Carly. 

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