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Desperately need advice--weirdest labor EVER

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So I never post here, but I read obsessively ever day. I need to turn to all of you, though because things with this pregnancy have gotten so completely weird that I really could use some advice.


I was due on the 1st. Yeah, the one that happened two weeks ago. It's baby number five, and I've gone late (around a week) with all of them, so I wasn't expecting anything until last week anyway. I have prodromal labor for months, so contractions and I are really good friends. When my previous labors have kicked in, I go FAST--like under an hour.


Lst Thursday night i started contracting big time, two minutes apart for hours and I had that really intense, inward, labor-y kind of mindset. Call the mw. Birth team, doula, sisters all arrive and setup. I'm at a six, but the baby was still pretty high. By1am, contractions have stopped, everyone goes home around three.


Friday and saturday I have acupuncture done.


I took castor oil Sunday morning--first time mw has recommended it in ten years!


 Sunday night mw came over to do the borage oil capsules around my cervix for a second time. Strong, regular contractions for six hours. At a SEVEN. Labor fizzles AGAIN at around midnight.


This is my third day in a row taking castor oil. Long walks, birth ball, cohosh, essential oils, visualization, homeopathics, and on and on.


I don't know what else to do!! Had a NST and ultrasound--baby and placenta and fluids look perfect. I know whenever this actually starts he'll just fall out of me, but I don't know what else to do to get this really going. My kids have been with my mom all weekend, since we're all just waiting.


Of course I wake up every morning and cry. The mw isn't concerned and I don't have to transfer care, which is good. Oh, and I don't have health ins right now, so I really don't want to have to go tothe hospital unless there's a really good reason.


any advice? I feel like I'm at the end of my rope.

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Maybe next time you get those contractions, have your mw break your water? I hope labor kicks in for real for you soon. hug2.gif

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Ugh, that sounds really, really frustrating!!!  Looks like you've tried a lot of the typical home induction techniques. 


How have you been taking the cohoshes?  A mixed blue/black tincture?   Just one or the other?  How often?


Have you tried nipple stim?  Like serious, sit down with a breast pump or over the shirt twiddling for hours?  I know... no one has that kind of time, but maybe when the contractions get going, that could be something you try if they start to fizzle again.


Has your mw done a membrane sweep and stretch?  Borage is just a ripening agent isn't it?  Seems like you need more.


I wouldn't do AROM until that baby absolutely had to come out due to dates, fluid, etc. because without insurance I would worry about the increased risk of a transfer if your labor didn't progress.


((HUGS)) mama!

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Just wanted to lend some support. It sounds like you're doing so much already! That baby seems to be pretty content in there. With the labor I just had, I personally noticed that I needed to be alone for labor to really kick in. When I was around people, contractions were little dumb annoyances, nothing major. The minute I went away from everyone into a dark room, they kicked in full force. I went back out after a while and they died down. I spent about a half hour by myself in the bathroom and they kicked back in again. I personally need silence and darkness to be comfortable. But this is baby #5 for you, you're an old pro at this. I'm sure you know your own labor pattern. Just thought about this, how is baby's position? Check out spinningbabies.com because I remember seeing an inversion on there that women have done that kind of stretches lower uterine ligaments and aligns them to the right position so baby can be in the most optimal position. Anything is worth a try at this point. I'm sure that baby will be here like any second probably! Keep us updated.

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Good point, Faith.  Since you are on number five, it wouldn't be surprising if baby was a bit transverse.  Do you know baby's position?   It might be able to put enough pressure on your cervix to really get things going.

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Thanks so much for the support! I knew all of you would have ideas.


Ive been doing the cohoshes every two hours, every other day. BAby is LOA, so is really in the perfect position. He's still high enough (-1) that I'm not comfortable with AROM yet. Maybe the NEXT time I pretend to go into labor?


Ive been doing a bunch of the spinning babies things to bring him down lower. I really think I just have to be patient and wait, but oh, it's hard!!


Thank you all for listening and not hounding me to just go get pitocin, already. I swear, if one more person tells me that...grr. But he can't stay in there forever, right??

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He can't stay in there forever! You're right! That probably doesn't make it any easier though. I think it's amazing that you are doing what you're doing and that you're able to be patient about it. You're my new hero! What about some fear releasing exercises or something? That's the only thing I can think of. Good luck! It will happen!

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My midwife just talked about a labor she'd recently had where mom went to a 5 and stalled, so she sent her home. She came back 3 days later, went to a 7, stopped. She sent her home again. A few days later, she came back and had her baby in just a couple hours. But the whole thing took nearly a week! O_O


Personally, I'd relax, stop taking the cohoshes, stop trying to force it and plan some fun things and try not to think about it. All that stress on your body to try to get baby out could be what's keeping him in!

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BIG HUGE HUGS!!  I'm in a veeery similar boat myself, tho not as past-due yet.  Also baby number 5, also have had numerous, convincing false starts of labor, also stuck at about 6-7cm for the past few days.  It's SO maddening--I really, really understand how crazy-making it is.  


My 3rd babe also came like that--prodromal for two months, walked around dilated to a 6 for at least a week, membranes sprung a leak and resealed, and finally had her at 43 weeks. 


The best advice I can give you (and myself!) is to turn inward, listen to your body and your baby, and try to release any attachment to the outcome (dates, times, etc).  Just know that your body is nurturing your baby and that he/she will come at the ideal time.  Know it, trust it, relax into that knowledge and be unafraid.  You've even got NST results saying that baby's healthy--which is awesome knowledge.  Embrace that, relax, and let things unfold.


ALL easier said than done, I KNOW! ;)  But i believe deeply that these sort of prolonged pregnancies with multiple fake-out labors are very much a product of mental/emotional blocks and stress....as obnoxious as that probably sounds!  :(  


I send you peaceful calming energy--and hope that very very soon, we are both holding our sweet babies in our arms!



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