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Hi Ladies!  We are finally starting to look at cribs.  What do you all think of cribs that claim to be non-toxic?  I think it's ridiculous that non-toxic paint and adhesives should not be standard, but realistically, the price difference is significant.  But, that said...looking ahead to when baby will be picking and teething...non-toxic may be better.


I'm looking for crib recommendations generally, really! 


Thank you!!

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I don't really have a crib recommendation, but I did have a little beaver for my second and he chewed up the side of his crib. Not bad, but still... he chewed it.


He wasn't in the crib until 8+ months and only for naps. We're using the same crib for this baby. I don't think it has non-toxic paint, I don't remember specifically looking for it so I can't be certain. After DS2 put some teeth marks in it I bought those plastic things to go over it. My first never ever chewed his crib. To this day, I blame myself. I remember hearing him up, cooing and making little sounds. He wasn't crying, so I left him be and finished cleaning up. Had I just gotten him out and tossed him int he sling like I normally would, he wouldn't have chewed it. 


Honestly, I wouldn't spend the extra if the price difference is significant... but I suppose it depends. We have never really used cribs that much and DS2 was out of it at a year, so it got a few months use, if that. 

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